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Posts Made By: Andy Sedlacek

July 14, 2014 03:25 AM Forum: Bad to the Bone Autos

Maserati Music

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

Hmmm....Lines on this are still not as inviting as the 3200GT or Quattroporte of later years. What ever happened to the Bora?!

July 14, 2014 01:59 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Filter or Filter Set suggestions (2")

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

The very best filter you can buy, if you can only have one is the Astronomik or Lumicon Ultra High Contrast. I say this because it is an "all-rounder" filter. It will work on many types of nebulae as well as function as a primary light pollution cutter. If you are intending to make a set, I would go as follows (price not considered yet)

Variable Polarizer
Dark Blue
LPR or SkyGlow
Yellow and Green
(not listing in priority a Contrast Booster or Semi-apo-style filters)

The filter you will use most will be based on the object you will look at most OR type of object you will look at the most. So if you're totally obsessed with planetary nebulae study, an OIII or UHC would be your most important filter and should be your top priority to acquire. And yes, the age-old skool law DOES apply here; you really do get what you pay for. Lumincon, TeleVue, Astronomik and most of the Meade and Orion filters from Japanese manufacturers are going to be the most pure in performance and durability. I teamed-up my Kson OIII to a Lumicon and a DGM. The Lumicon had the best view of M57 in my 18-inch Galaxy Optics mirror...No contest no matter the eyepiece being used.
The others were close, but I did see a difference. If you are just starting out, you would not see the differences.

I didn't list the standard and advanced colored filter sets high on the bar because up here , half the time the planets are WAY too low in the sky to even care about looking at. Mars and Saturn are so low in Spokane, WA, they cannot escape horizon dust and skyglow. So I won't even be looking at them the rest of the year. I listed the H-beta as low on the totem too because it is limited to a select few deep sky objects. And trying to use it on other objects will not work.

And lastly, it is NOT necessary to collect all one billion filters out there. A good 4-color set and a nebular style filter will probably fit your bill for years; especially if this is for strict visual applications.

All the best,

August 17, 2014 04:29 AM Forum: Mounts

Help wanted with identification

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

100% Vixen Super Polaris. The dead give away is the star bolt near the base which locks latitude adjustments. The motor drives are original to that mount.

Looks very clean. How'd you come across it?

Best all!

August 21, 2014 02:46 AM Forum: Antique/Classic/Vintage Optical Instruments

My new insane Cave project

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

Ah, HA!! Just what I though; a Cave Richest Field 8!

September 8, 2014 03:37 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

I have lost two ratings (92 to 90): what happened?

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

Same here buddy,

I was at 699 and now down to 687. When members expire on their membership, disappear, or are kicked-off the site, ratings that we received from them disappear as well. In some cases, if these individuals refresh their membership (via payment), these ratings will reappear in our profiles.

Best all

September 15, 2014 04:33 AM Forum: ASTRONOMY

Re: back to your roots

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

That was a REALLY cool Sears!

October 11, 2014 07:13 PM Forum: Bad to the Bone Autos


Posted By Andy Sedlacek

Swear Corvette is going for a Pagani look these days. Photos don't do it justice. Must be seen in person!

October 25, 2014 01:46 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Older Meade Series 4000 Eyepieces

Posted By Andy Sedlacek


What a nice eyepiece family photo!

You have good taste. I have yet to acquire a 40mm SWA. If I do go for one, I'm gonna hunt down the smoothie-style.

I have the TV 40 Widefield and a rare Axiom 40 (the original). It would be entertaining to see how the original SWA 40 butts barrels with them...

Those 14mm UWAs will always be a work of art in my eyes.

The 56, also simply lovely when placed on Orion's Sword, M45, M31, and The Veil.

Take care,

November 13, 2014 02:32 AM Forum: Reflectors

6" Dobsonians

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

I would say "no" unless it is of unusual thickness. Most older 6-inch mirrors are still at an inch or less in thickness and, really, they cool quickly for their size.

You get into some of those Starhopper newts and the primary mirrors are virtually streamlined they are so thin!

Best all!

November 14, 2014 12:33 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Outreach EP Suggestions?

Posted By Andy Sedlacek

The Edmund RKE 28 has a very generous fov and are still "low cost". You could also try some of the Rini and Siebert wide fields, although some of the Seiberts are entering collector's status now. Both of these offer huge fovs for fraction costs and still work VERY well. I've used them in rich newts and in a C11.