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Posts Made By: Kenny Jones

November 26, 2005 12:37 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Newbie DOB opinion please?

Posted By Kenny Jones

Hello Everyone

This is my very first post here. Two years ago I was on the verge of kumping into Astronomy but taking car of the house became more important. I've now been bit again so I'm looking for ideas, alittle help, and reading "The Backyard Astronomers Guide" once more. With a budget of around $500 I've picked several scopes to look and check on Some are Newts and Refractors (Orion and Celestron). But I've two DOBs at the top I'm really considering.

One is the Celestron Starhopper and the other is the Orion XT8/XT8i.

I've read and seen that the 8" DOb is an excellent choice for a "nooB" as me giving great performance for the $$$$. The main question is about the "Intelliscope" feature on the Orions? For an instance.

The XT8 can be had for about $350 or so withshipping extra. The "Intelliscope" featur adds another $120. Shipping extra.

The Celestron can be had for about $370 with free shipping. If I wanted I can go throw in the Eyepiece and Filter set for another $100.(is this really worth it?)

I don't know much on the technical and build quality side of either one. I basically need to know if the "Intelliscope" is really worth it or should I invest the extra $$$$ in more eyepieces/filters? I dodn't think I can go wrong with either unit but I rather have more expert opinions. Thanks for your time and help.

**Update 11/26 8:45CT - Two questions
(1) Is the XT10 a better "value" in term of getting more and for the long term? Reason why I've seen someone selling a XT10 that I can pickup for about $425. Has two eyepieces(25mm & 9mm),shorty 2x, moon filter

(2) Just how much advantage a 2" over a 1.25" eyepiece is there?
Kenny J.
Nashville, TN.

March 16, 2006 10:08 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

After 5 days-still no response from seller!!

Posted By Kenny Jones

I normally don't put up a fuss but in this case I am. I figure if someone is putting something up for sale (in this case a 8" Hardin Dob) that at least they would check on the status after posting. I can understand a few hours or so but ...5 DAYS!!!

I'm actually doing this for a friend here. I saw the add 3/11 and was like the 35th hit. I e-mailed the seller and informed them about a friend in his area looking for what he was selling. Being a pickup and only 30 minutes away you couldn't ask for anything better. I e-mailed my fried who in turned e-mailed the seller. Since then there hasn't been a e-mail, call, pending, sold, nothing, ziltch, nodda!!

I mean I hope nothing bad has happen but is there a way for someone to make a call or something? By the way the same person has the Orion 4.5 Starblast for sale and I'msure there are a few upset at that as well.

Kenny Jones

August 9, 2006 04:37 PM Forum: Celestron

Upgrade Ultima fork/base or get Atlas?

Posted By Kenny Jones


I was lucky enough to buy not one but two older 8"sct's ($900 for both)one being a Meade 2080 and the other a 1989 Ultima. Both with all original equipment and in pretty good shape considering their age. The Ultima has the super wedge, 8x50 RA Polaris, and JMI Mini Max DSC. It's also the "non-PEC" version with the rechargable battery and not the 9 volt. But no Dec motor or hand unit which I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not.

For a hand unit and Dec motor it'll run me about $230 or so. The Meade does have all that but it's even older than the Ultima. I'm pretty much certain I'll end up selling the Meade later on. It's just if it's worth "upgrading" the Ultima. I'd like to get a bit more into astrophotography later on. Right now I'm working on piggybacking and staying with film. But if I decide on "autoguiding" will the Ultima mount work say with GuideDog or some other guiders? Some have suggested getting the Atlas and using the ota with it till I get another one (refractor or 10" sct) then moving it back to the original forks. I really hate to part with it since when it's all up it really does look impressive even if it's just an 8". What's my best course of action?

Kenny J.
1989 Ultima 8"
1981 Meade 2080 8"
Orion XT8 Dob

March 29, 2007 12:07 AM Forum: Celestron

Autoguide with Ultima possible?

Posted By Kenny Jones


We have a 1989 Ultima that I've done a upgrade "mod" by adding a new PEC board and motor from Tangent. The old board didn't have PEC nor I had a hand unit. I've been trying to get info if it's possible to use the hand port for autoguide using an adapter like from "Shoestring". I e-mailed them and they're not sure of the pinout if it's ST-4 (SBIG) compliant. I even tried "Google" and came across one person using a Ultima 11 with a ST-4 Autoguider. Anyone knows if this is possible?

Kenny J
Nashville TN

January 20, 2006 08:31 PM Forum: Star Parties

TSSP 2006

Posted By Kenny Jones

Being in Nashville this looks like a go for us. It'll be our first major S.P and the fact it's at Fall Creeks Falls makes it even better. I know of a few in mid Tennessee area on this board so I hope to see them there.

Kenny J.