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Posts Made By: Russell Cole

March 11, 2008 12:57 PM Forum: Religion

Thoughts on Creation and Original Sin

Posted By Russell Cole


I thought I would unbury this discussion and start another thread.

My original comments are normal, Doug's comments are in bold, my new comments are italic:

First of all, I think the Bible is always correct, it is my understanding of the Bible that needs work.

This is an excellent starting point!

So here goes...

I don't think that the Adam and Eve story is the story of the first sin and the beginning of death and decay. I think that Cain murdering Able was the first sin. I see Adam and Eve as the story of man acquiring intelligence and therefore losing innocence.

Well yours is a viewpoint I have not heard yet. How do you support this biblically? Romans 5 says that sin and death entered through on man, Adam. Further, don't you think that when God created the Universe and called it good, that it was without death, decay, and struggle? The bible is quite clear on the origin of death and knowing the definition of sin, its source is also clear. How do you argue for your claims?

No, sin entered the world through one man, Adam, and death through sin. I think it was the ability to distiguish right from wrong that gave us the ability to sin, and death here is our soul not the earthly death.

Yes, God did create the world and call it good. I do not think that it was without death, decay, and struggle.

I don't see the Garden of Eden as an actual place, but rather a representation of the state of innocence of man. The Earth had existed prior to the Adam and Eve story, for millions of years going through the creation process, to get us to this story. Death and decay were definitely a part of this.

I can certain see this argument from a naturalistic standpoint, but from a biblical/theological standpoint it seems a bit if a stretch.

Who did Cain marry? There was more of a world out there.

I do not see the immortality of man or any other creature or plant prior to the "apple incident".

Well most argue that God is immortal and since man was created in his image, man in his inital state was created immortal. Then of course there is the fall that brought death in to the world that God described as 'good' and man as 'very good'.

Yes, God is immortal. No, man never was.

I do not see the Biblical creation process as taking a literal seven 24 hour days. On version I like is where the creation is being explained to a person writing the story and each day so much was explained, thus we have the seven days and it all fits really well into a week.

I like the biblical version, the narrative of the creation events documenting the order and the days. Seems logical.

I agree, both narratives (maybe three?). I like the one where God commands the earth to bring forth life. It seems like that support evolution (granted man is created separately even here).

At this point evolution is very easy to reconcile with the Bible's version of creation and as the work of God.

I don't think you have it right nor reconciled anything

Oh, me either, and I don't think that I ever will.

March 18, 2008 07:51 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Wrong user email

Posted By Russell Cole

Is there a way to notify a user that their email is wrong?
Maybe it is something on my end, but Thomas Shinal email keeps getting rejected.
It is ad 553618:

March 27, 2008 11:05 AM Forum: Lost Contacts and Personal Messages

Thomas Shinal

Posted By Russell Cole

Maybe something is wrong on my end, but Thomas Shinal email keeps getting rejected.

It is ad 553618:

August 8, 2008 08:52 AM Forum: Religion

Live in harmony

Posted By Russell Cole

This was Air 1's verse of the day. It made me think of this group (me included), and is sage advice for all of us.

"Live in harmony with each other.
Don't be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people.
And don't think you know it all!"

Romans 12:16

October 1, 2008 11:04 AM Forum: Religion


Posted By Russell Cole

There probably as many posts, on this subject in this forum, as there are views on this in the real world, but since it has recently come up as a topic in a recent thread, I thought I would start another thread about it.

My two cents.

I think both predetermination and freewill exist. This means that God "knows" all the people that will be saved before time existed, and yet all people have the choice of being saved or not.

It is probably viewed as a "cop out" since I cannot explain this, but I cannot do more than offer ramblings.

So the thread is started. (again?)

October 24, 2008 08:41 AM Forum: Religion

What would Jesus brew

Posted By Russell Cole

I dunno, but it made me smile.

October 31, 2008 10:20 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Warm fingers

Posted By Russell Cole

I just had to post this, it is hilarious, and maybe even useful.

November 5, 2008 08:24 AM Forum: Religion

The Creator and the Cosmos

Posted By Russell Cole

I am currently reading this book by Dr. Hugh Ross, PH. D.

He has an associated web site:

I don't know if this man's ideas have been talked about here or not, but they are interesting.

I am currently trying to understand why he believes in the Big Bang and part of God's creation process, but does not apply the same logic to evolution. I would just say evolution is the Big Bang of Life.

June 15, 2009 06:51 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

I need to post a rating, but one is not open

Posted By Russell Cole

I purchased an astrozap tray from Tom Danei, for ad 631520, I would love to give him a great rating, but I do not have a rating option for Tom. Maybe I deleted it while cleaning up my unused ratings.

Can I get one opened so I can give Tom a positive rating for this transaction?

December 14, 2009 05:35 AM Forum: Religion

Answered prayer

Posted By Russell Cole

I had a very simple answered prayer this weekend. Just so one does not read on hoping for something bigger, all it is was, I made my credit card payment without late charges. I know the alternative explanations are also simple and many obviously much more important prayers go unanswered every day. Still, I feel this was not only an answered prayer, but God reminded me of a task I had forgotten to perform.

So here is the story...

This was a busy month, not even counting the holidays. My contract was awarded to a new company so we have been in the process of "changing hats". So I kind of of forgot my beginning of the month duties, which include paying off my credit card each month. I like to use the plastic to get the piddly little cash back. But to make that worth while, I can't get hit with stupid charges. Once the balance is not paid of in time, well, we all know the drill.

So this Sunday during a prayer in Bible study, the thought hit me that I had not paid my credit card off this month. My OCD took over, and I was a wreck all the way home. Nothing I could really do until Monday, as the banks only have limited weekend support. I still worried, because that is my nature.

Once I got home, I logged in to check on the situation. I prayed for it to be paid and I had forgotten, or at least give me time to pay it. I had little hope, since it is never due past the 12th of the month. But I did try to have faith, and I prayed, for if nothing else, the ability to accept the consequences.

When I got logged on, I had indeed forgot to pay off the balance this month, but the due date was not until the 15th. I felt warm and tingly all over.

It did cost me $15 for a quick payment fee, but that was much better than $39 late fee, a chunk of interest charges, and the hassle of switching plastic for a month or two.

Yes, there is a simple, non-supernatural explanation, but for me and all my "brainwashed" ways, it as an answered prayer. Very simple, but very cool. A holiday gift, that I felt needed to be shared.