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Posts Made By: John Hopkins

August 15, 2003 01:10 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Orion Astroview 8" -- need info

Posted By John Hopkins

Anyone have the specs for this? Picking one up secondhand from a coworker, curious about the FL, f/ratio, etc. Couldn't find a review or anything about it on Orion's site.


August 20, 2003 12:45 PM Forum: Religion

Mystic Meg strikes back!

Posted By John Hopkins,,5-2003380897,00.html

At least she admits astrology is a "belief system." Then there's this gem: "But dont you find that the best things in life are those you cant explain?"

No, Meg, I don't. And couldn't you have fixed the eyes in your pic, since the rest of it's been digitally airbrushed? Or is looking spooky part of the act?

Original article on the scientists she's reacting to awaits you here:

August 26, 2003 05:06 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

GEM/tripod for 8" reflector

Posted By John Hopkins

The used Orion (Astroview? Skyview? I forgot already) I got from a friend has a few problems. One is that the tripod legs have never been extended and one is missing its thumbscrew; but a bigger one is that it's kind of not-terribly-stable anyway.

The OTA is very nice, though. So I'm soliciting recommendations for mounts/tripods. Anything decent under $500 out there?

August 27, 2003 11:13 AM Forum: Religion

Count - Pointercount

Posted By John Hopkins

Another interpretation of the constitution re: 'state religion.' This one argues that the federales should butt out.

August 28, 2003 01:43 PM Forum: Religion

Retaliatory "lose the statue" strike

Posted By John Hopkins

NOTE: this link provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to reflect on any posters to this forum or religious people in general.

The Short Fuse Dowsers of America thank you. And now...

September 16, 2003 05:49 PM Forum: Religion

Wesley Clark (D)

Posted By John Hopkins

It's been 'leaked' (to several news outlets) that Gen. Clark is planning an announcing his candidacy for prez as a Democrat.

Here endeth the democratic drought. (I hope, anyway)

September 23, 2003 01:17 PM Forum: Religion

Re: An Observation...

Posted By John Hopkins

>>probably leaves you very little,
if any, time for astronomy<<


It's probably coincidence that I never look at Amart at all from home. Only between support calls at work. But then, there are probably a few nitpicky details that get in the way of sweeping generalizations. Mayhap.

BTW, did you know that all astronomers are pocket-protectored geeks with economy sized No Life?

Whoops, work is interrupting again...

September 24, 2003 06:43 PM Forum: Religion

Weapons of Mass Diabetes

Posted By John Hopkins

I want one of them robots.

September 24, 2003 07:23 PM Forum: DVDs and Music and Books That You Recommend

Apollo 8 & 11

Posted By John Hopkins

I hadn't heard of these. 3-disc sets, containing what seems to be ALL available footage from these missions. They're $50 apiece so I only bought the A-11 set, but it's awesome so he A-8 won't be left behind for long. Highly recommended.

September 30, 2003 12:13 PM Forum: Religion

To battle!

Posted By John Hopkins

I'm sure some of you have seen this, but I'd forgotten about it and on a re-read somehow the first forum I thought about was this one.

Considering the name of this forum, I think the "grenade" entry is the most apropos...