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Posts Made By: Dave Snope

March 4, 2015 07:49 PM Forum: Politics

Clinton's Email Problems

Posted By Dave Snope

The video of her calling Repubs "unconstitutional" for having "secret emails" is priceless.

March 5, 2015 06:23 PM Forum: Politics

Clinton's Email Problems

Posted By Dave Snope

Although Hillary Clinton and her allies may be claiming that her private e-mail system is no big deal, Hillary’s State Department actually forced the 2012 resignation of the U.S. ambassador to Kenya in part for setting up an unsanctioned private e-mail system. According to a 2012 report from the State Deptartment’s inspector general, former U.S. ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration set up a private e-mail system for his office in 2011.The inspector general’s report offered a scathing assessment of Gration’s information security practices — practices that are eerily similar to those undertaken by Clinton while she served as Secretary of State […]

The inspector general’s report specifically noted that Gration violated State Department policy by using a private, unsanctioned e-mail service for official. In its executive summary listing its key judgments against the U.S. ambassador to Kenya who served under Hillary Clinton, the inspector general stated that Gration’s decision to willfully violate departmental information security policies highlighted Gration’s “reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions.” The report claimed that this reluctance to obey governmental security policies was the former ambassador’s “greatest weakness.”

March 10, 2015 07:17 AM Forum: Politics

French Police Woman In On It...

Posted By Dave Snope

Curiouser and curiouser

March 15, 2015 05:06 PM Forum: Politics

They'll Kill Him...

Posted By Dave Snope

The article begins badly: Citing a section of the Justice Department's scathing report of racial bias within the Ferguson Police Department.

Despite Holder's naked attempt to smear the FPD as racist and foment unrest among the black citizens of Ferguson, nothing in his report proved racial bias.

John Lott: In other words, the numbers actually suggest that Ferguson police may be slightly less likely to pull over black drivers than are their national counterparts. They certainly don’t show that Ferguson is a hotbed of racism.

The Department of Justice concluded that Officer Darren Wilson did not violate Michael Brown’s civil rights and acted in self defense when he shot Brown dead.

March 17, 2015 01:04 AM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

more scientific predictions :-)

Posted By Dave Snope

For as long as there have been experts, experts have been predicting calamity and doom.

It's funny that in the article he links to an NCDC surface temperature chart that is utter BS. Fantastical fabricated data that shows the 1930's as cooler than now.

According the the experts, snow was supposed to be a thing of the past by now.

Now they are saying that snow is caused by global warming. Because, what else can they say when they have been wrong 100% of the time?

Now they are saying that cyclone Pam was caused by climate change because it was big. The biggest in history, some say. Which is a big fat lie. Apparently one cyclone is enough for these geniuses to see a climate change signature. Or one tropical storm like Sandy. If climate change caused more and bigger cyclones, and there is climate change, there would be more and bigger cyclones. But there is not. So cyclones cannot indicate climate change. They'll have to go back to snow as an indicator because there is still snow.

Find the global warming signature in cyclone frequency:

Find the global warming signature in global hurricane frequency and/or major hurricane frequency:

Find the global warming signature in U.S. hurricane landfalls:

Find the global warming signature in the number of extreme tornadoes:

If you can do it, you're as smart as a government climate expert. If you can't, you're an ignorant denier, and Al Gore urges people to “punish climate-change deniers". So find that signature fast!

March 26, 2015 07:24 PM Forum: Politics

Obama vs. Israel

Posted By Dave Snope

Amazing. So they cannot argue that a time statute has allowed them to release the docs, because they only released the Israel secrets. Israel must be furious. Americans should be, too. Children are running this country.

March 31, 2015 04:15 PM Forum: Solar System Observing

Sun is crazy active!

Posted By Dave Snope

Thanks for the tip! Now if only the morning clouds will dissipate...

April 3, 2015 04:36 PM Forum: Politics

Dean, "Walk"

Posted By Dave Snope

Mel Maki said:

Iran should have a choice. A nuke or an economy. Obama is giving them both. The sanctions can ruin their economy.

Iran should have a choice. A nuke and terrorism or an economy.

The sanctions should stay on the basis of Iran's sponsorship of Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthi's, and Sadr's militias. And on the basis that they hang gays from cranes in public squares. That they stone women buried in the ground. That they imprison Christians and American visitors. That they threaten to annihilate other nations. The sanctions should stay on the basis of who they are and what they do, not what weapons they are working on.

April 3, 2015 04:39 PM Forum: Politics

Difference between Repubs and dems

Posted By Dave Snope

“And You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it’s my fault.”


April 6, 2015 06:28 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

Curvature Of The Earth Failure, Geez....

Posted By Dave Snope

That curvature claim has to be BS by the LAT or whomever they talked to. It's a ridiculously stupid claim by a writer who must not know anything. That would be like a sportswriter saying that the Dodgers lost because they didn't know where home plate is. Why do you think we have spent so much $ on satellites to detect launch phase ICBMs? It's curvature of the earth. Any MDA graphic diagram for 50 years shows that they understand curvature of the earth as a factor in early detection of ICBMs.