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Posts Made By: Dave Wagner

April 15, 2008 02:39 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Errors when trying to become a sponsor

Posted By Dave Wagner

Sorry for posting this here, but I couldn't figure out where/how to do it otherwise (the Help & FAQ link in bottom left leads nowhere). I just tried (twice) to sign up as a AM Sponsor, and each time received the following error:

POSSend error '80040003'

Error sending the data. Error -2147221500, Failed to connect

D:\INETPUB\VHOSTS\ASTROMART.COM\HTTPDOCS\SUPPORT\../common/lib_pos_partner.asp, line 356

I have three questions:

1) did my sponsorship go through (i.e. my CC get charged?
2) if it DID go through, did I get charge twice
3) if it didn't go through, how do I actually become a sponsor?

Herb: if you respond via my Inbox, that'd probably be best.

Thanks in advance.


October 9, 2008 04:29 PM Forum: Politics

It is Clinton and Bush's Fault

Posted By Dave Wagner

I've been trying to uncover various perspectives on the root cause of the housing bubble/financial meltdown from the "BLUE" perspective, in the interest of distilling something resembling the "truth" in this complex mess...

So here's an interesting backdrop (from August 5th), and hardly from what ANYONE would call a "Red Kool Aid" source (Village Voice!). They're about as BLUE as it gets...

Pretty much agrees with some other research that I had also done from the RED side of things...

Namely, the government, with the knowledge and participation of both parties, intentionally created this as a cynical way of buying votes and simultaneously generating immense riches for all those involved. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are at the root of this entire evil, and all those that enabled them, took money from them, and/or ignored the calls that they were the problem, must, MUST be taken out of government this November.

Its not too late, folks... but after this election it will be. Washington is DEEPLY corrupt. The boil must be lanced.

October 14, 2008 06:08 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Re: Global Warming/Climate Change; Advocate/Denier

Posted By Dave Wagner

Judson Mitchell said:

Unfortunately this forum is starting to resemble the religious forum, and in some ways has surpassed it. It is my hope that we become refocussed on issues that have come to the forefront because of the publicity.

We have created a global society of consumers of resources and are continuing to create massive infrastructures to support our excesses. Many consider it their right to consume as much and as rapidly as their resources will allow with no consideration for the consequences. Then they tailor their beliefs to support a lifestyle. When circumstances push gas prices over $4, we blame politicians, not our choice to commute 50 miles a day in a large SUV. There are a multitude of parallel examples. Folks face it, you are part of the problem and can play a part in the remedy.

My attention to environmental issues started in the 8th grade when my science teacher presented the status of coal reserves making me believe that we would run out in 20 years. It has helped form my attitude about life activites and how at least I behave with respect to resources. (That was in 1954)

Perhaps it may be more fruitful if we stop the bickering about whether it is global warming or climate change and start doing a little more to reduce our excesses.

But first you must stand up in front of everybody and say, "I am an excessive consumer!". I'll give you just one example and then shut up. The other day my cell phone disappeared. To make a long story short, it had fallen out of my car unnoticed at an astronomy club meeting and subesequently got run over. Since it didn't work, the solution was to get another. I went to my drawer of used cell phones and selected the best one which was replaced by the freebee that came with a renewed contract. Now mind you it is just a "PHONE". Not a video camera, music player, typewriter, etc.

We are rapidly approaching the time when we max out our ability to maintain what we have. We are outgrowing our ability to support our infrastructure and are causing havoc in our trail. Wake up folks!

I'll venture one observation ONLY, since I don't want to start a "food fight"...

I submit the problem isn't that we are "excessive consumers"; rather that that which is being consumed is being provided at a "subsidized" cost versus its true "lifecycle cost"... and so have incented "excessive" consumption.

If when we bought things, we ALSO had to pay for all the hidden (downstream) costs directly associated thereto, well then consumption behaviors would most certainly be different, and more closely aligned to true need (by definition).

The problem is the level of indirection built into our supply chain for just about everything (from food or medicines, to frivolity).

To me, that is the only sane way of addressing the problem; else-wise you are simply substituting one power-groups "morality" for anothers, and imposing such belief systems on others via force. Which ALWAYS leads to screaming, shouting, and ultimately... violence.

I, for one, don't want anyone telling me what I "need" (or don't), or whether I "deserve it" or not. One man's vice is another's life-saver. Who can presume to have that right? By what authority?... Which "animal" is more equal than the others?

What if it were scientifically shown that a certain genetic, racial trait, actually caused all members of that race to become "excessive consumers" (of something, say, a certain need for medical care that nobody else needed). does the majority then decide that providing such medicines (with all the resources needed to do so) are "excessive"?

Would we then BAN it? Clearly (I hope!) not! Problem is: how do you draw that line? Who gets to draw it? By what right?

Only right way IMHO is to have total, and realistic, lifecycle costs as part of the equation. So that consumption is no longer "excessive", but rather directly tied to value and price.

October 17, 2008 01:21 AM Forum: Politics

Is it time for Atlas to Shrug?

Posted By Dave Wagner

So, here we are in 2008, with a demonstrable (and proud of it) socialist apparently about to win the US presidency, touting his "tax the rich to fight for the poor and middle class". The only alternative being an economically illiterate, aged Republican in Name Only... And either way, a congress dominated by socialists (in both parties).

Our reality:

The top 1% of earners already pay 38% of all federal taxes
The top 5% of earners already pay 59% of all federal taxes
Almost 50% of all workers pay NO federal taxes...

The cycle is obvious, the trends inevitable. Socialism at the point of a gun is already here, and getting worse.

Obama proudly claims he'll give even more in "tax credits" back to the "poor and middle class"; this will most certainly result in a situation where less than half the earners are paying ALL the taxes.

Is it time for those of us who actually work, earn, create companies, products and services... and who are continually taken advantage of, continually and increasingly taxed (at the point of the government gun)...

to simply say: "you are right, being rich is evil, earning money is evil, so we quit, we earn no more, we employ no more..."

and quit playing their game?

What say YOU, Astromarters?

October 17, 2008 12:04 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Why Ayn Rand?

Posted By Dave Wagner

Chris Myers said:

I have a question. Why are so many people still taking their lead from Ayn Rand's second rate philosophical obsessions and rants? She was hedonistic to a fault, forced her husband to watch as she got it on with dozens of other men and women. She showed major evidence for serious bi-polar and compulsive disorders, she was -- by any definition -- a sociopath, and her relentless attack on the ghost of the theory of socialism was a bizarre waste of time. I'm not trying to pick a fight here. I'm not trying to make false accusations. All these points are easily found in any one of a dozen articles and books on her life. I am just puzzled as to why we keep raising the spectre of socialism when no one can really agree on what that label actually identifies. David Wagner, on this forum, equates socialism with such disparate people and ideas as Obama, Bush, liberalism and neo conservatives among others. Even though these are diametrically opposed to each other ideologically and usually in practice.

Might we better spend our time acknowledging that we are all part of a social body? And that this is a good thing?! Taking care of one another has incredible benefits. Even financial ones. What is more useful than the latent anarchy and sociopathology in the 'Ayn Rand' approach is a balanced, rational, considerate and intelligent blending of private enterprise and social conscience. It doesn't have to be like Rand says. Nor does it have to be like Marx often argues. We should be able to rise above the bipolarity of these extremes.

I am interested to see what those like you, David Wagner, have to say on this. I followed the thread you started with interest. But it was interesting to note that after laying out the "Atlas Shrugged" POV you remained curiously silent as many very useful and more or less balanced points and questions were raised by people from both sides of the divide. I saw a lot of common ground. Maybe Atlas only shrugs when things tip a little too far out of balance?

1. I "remained" silent because I went to bed to get some sleep so I can be wide eyed and bushy-tailed to work for a living and generate yet more taxes to support those of you who somehow think you're entitled to an ever increasing share of MY efforts. So, you should be thankful for THAT wink At least those of you who are receiving government checks (from me) right now!

2. I disagree with MUCH of Rand's objectivism, having learned a lot in the 35 years since I was first exposed to it.

The part I do NOT disagree with is the fundamental EVIL of forceably taking wealth, at the point of a government gun, from one "selected target group" to redistribute to "another target group".

Having now lived it; from working my way 40hours a week through college, to where I am now 30 years later, I've seen it get worse and worse, and seen the naked power politics of interest groups - on both ends of the political spectrum - get ever more ugly, ever more naked, in their power lusts.

My point on this thread was not about the totality of objectivism; which I think has many fundamental flaws, primarily in it's lack of recognition of social issues and nature, as you bring up (correctly in my view).

But there are ways to solve "social issues" that do NOT involve the point of a gun. (and in fact I participate very highly in them).

My question on this topic is simply, what will liberal/socialists do when those of us who produce, and work, and support ever increasing numbers of "privileged, disadvantaged" simply decide to say "we're taking our balls and bats, and going home".

WHAT will you all do? Who will support all of you then?

April 3, 2009 06:07 PM Forum: Politics

It used to be "who is John Galt", now maybe today.

Posted By Dave Wagner

we should all sign off, or initiate conversations with...

"Got ENOUGH Change?"

Because I for one, have had MORE than enough in the last 3 months (of precisely the kind I predicted BEFORE the election)...

And LESS (Change, as in MONEY), than I had BEFORE the election...

My taxes are going UP
My property is worth LESS
My investments are cut in HALF
My Children have just had their debt basically doubled in a nano-second, and

Soon, all too soon, we're going to have hyper-inflation...

Yep, I've "had ENOUGH Change!"

BTW: how come we've seen no liberals/democrats calling for Chris Dodd to be arrested and put in jail, hmmmmm?

March 19, 2010 06:44 PM Forum: Politics

Given all that is happening NOW... isn't it OBVIOU

Posted By Dave Wagner

Tried so hard to take away as many guns as possible from the People?

This is the ugliest time in American Politics since the 60's.

If the Socialist/Communist/Statists (Democrats) ram this one through, there WILL be a rebellion, it only becomes a question of WHEN, and what kind. Don't be too fooled that the Republicans (as they exist now) are the saviors in this, though! Oh no, they are just conveniently AGAINST it because they know it is hugely unpopular. They are almost as much to blame for this as the socialist/progressives of the last 70 years (maybe in some ways more, they knew better, but cynically pretended to not be socialists/statists - at all - when in fact they were just the same, but slightly less...).

I sincerely pray that rebellion is manifested by November 2010, and that real CONSERVATIVES (not RINOS of the last 8+ years before BHO) or better, true patriotic Libertarians - win enough seats in Congress and Senate to:

1) Immediately and completely repeal this turd - if it should pass and
2) Begin to completely and totally dismantle Social Security AND Medicare/Medicaid; has to be gradual, but has to be done
3) Eliminate the huge federal bureaucracy who have entitlements, benefits and pensions virtually no working American has

The only "crisis" going on here folks, is a DEBT crisis; and 70+ years of Ponzi-scheme vote buying SS/Medicare/Medicaid and now this - turd - is finally coming to it's VERY ugly head... There ain't nobody left to steal (borrow) from anymore. Look up the unfunded liabilities of the US Government sometime folks!

If this bill passes, and the elections in November are not sufficient to immediately repeal it, I propose that EVERY taxpaying/working American simply QUIT paying taxes to the feds altogether, and completely disobey this law... A truly non-violent, Ghandi-like approach. It is economically, ethically, and morally wrong.

Because otherwise, the ONLY other alternative is... assisting the Leftists/socialists in fixing their precious global warming problem through rapid acceleration of their assumption of room temperature (in order to eliminate their conversion of O2 into CO2).

Folks, it is going to get this UGLY if this bill goes through, don't pretend otherwise. The Lefties are really deeply pissing off a VERY broad segment of America right now...

Case in point: don't EVER forget that the Democrats LOST a Senate election in freaking Peoples Republic of Massachusetts over this very issue... If that doesn't tell you what MOST people REALLY feel on this issue... then you are a "denier" - as in denier of REALITY. Most voters and taxpayers in Massachusetts voted for Scott Brown BECAUSE he boldly stated he was vote #41 to stop this insanity. This is the most LEFT leaning and Democrat party controlled state in the country folks! There are fewer than a handful of "republicans" in the state house of senate... they are outnumbered here in government by 8 to 1.

And don't ever forget we - here in Massachusetts - KNOW what will happen, because we started down this road over 2 years ago... We just yesterday had the DEMOCRATIC state treasurer state that our state will be bankrupt in 4 years because of this type of medical plan. Our rates have gone up faster than ever the last 2 years. This is what happens when you throw "government" money at fixing a "problem"... the problem gets MORE expensive.

Ahh, but isn't it morally comforting to know that the 10's of 1000's of illegal aliens here in Massachusetts now have "health insurance" (paid for by OUR taxes), so they can compete for the same health resources with folks who actually PAID for their own insurance - AND theirs! Driving UP wait times, reducing "access", and driving UP costs! Freaking LOVELY!

(And yes, we DO know it was pushed by a so-called Republican - Romney. Bah... a pox on that RINO, he, and much of the Republicans of the last 10+ years are virtually interchangeable with the Democrats)

Me, I'm gonna find as many like minded folks as I can, and initiate/join a legal challenge and class-action suit against the very concept that the government EVER has the right to force ANYONE to purchase ANYTHING. Screw THAT.

I don't know whether to believe the voting Left actually understands where this is all leading (and it's been their PLAN all along, that they really do hate every principle this country was founded on), or that they are so truly intellectually and economically clue-less that they'll only wake up when moderates and conservatives simply either stop enabling them ("Atlas Shrugged"), or simply just eliminate them altogether.

yep - I guess they WERE right all along to fear the citizens having guns, huh?

The Left leadership KNOWS this is their LAST chance to destroy our system (because as many of us that can ever "wake up" and "call them out" are doing so right now), and that entitlement programs once put in place cannot be eliminated. These entitlement programs BIND people to the state, which is their plan! This one officially puts them "over the top" on their 70+ year agenda, because it will officially mean that more Americans are getting money FROM the government, than are paying FOR it. And then, there are no more electoral chances to stop the slide into socialism/statism.

Oswald Spengler was right 90 years ago... we are now in the Winter of Democracy: (this from Wikipedia):

Winter: Coming fissure in the world-urban civilization. Exhaustion of mental organization strength. Irreligiousness rises.

* Religion: Materialism: Cults of science, utility, and luck. Ethical-social ideals: philosophy without mathematics, skepticism. The last mathematical thinkers. Decline of abstract thinkers, and the rise of specialized academic philosophy. Spread of the last ideas.
* Art: End of symbolic art. All art becomes meaningless subjects of fashion.
* Politics: Democracy, the rule of the rich, followed by caesarism and bureaucracy

"Philosophy without mathematics" - yep that's Obamacare folks!
"all art becoming meaningless subjects of fashion" - sounds like our so-called culture of 15 seconds of fame, Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, you name it...
"Politics: democracy the rule of the rich, followed by..." - sounds like our Retain, purchased and retained representatives doesn't it?

Pretty prescient for a 1918 German, huh?

Yes, indeed...

We now know why they don't want us having guns... don't we?

August 31, 2010 08:39 PM Forum: Politics

Obama's Bureacrats taking unethical sides

Posted By Dave Wagner

So now we have the Obamunista's ENCOURAGING government employees to go to Sharpton's rally... The secretary of Education telling employees to leave work and attend a rally!!!!

(sorry couldn't figure out how to post a URL as a link, so you'll have to cut/paste it)

You can BET if Bush (or any other Republican administration) had EVER done this the "main stream media" would be ALL over it and calling for investigations and firings...

Absolutely shameful... typical, and not unexpected from the statist/socialist/progressive class... but nonetheless SHAMEFUL

September 29, 2010 06:36 PM Forum: Politics

The Leftists are getting crazy desperate!!! Admitting the truth about themselves!

Posted By Dave Wagner

Obama's own website "Organizing for America" ( just sent out an email blast to ALL their contacts!!!

And, you may ask: what did it say?

Simple! "... the Oct. 2 One Nation, Working Together rally is 'the biggest progressive demonstration in decades.'"; and strongly encouraged all Democrats and 'Obamunists' (my word) to attend!

Only one problem... check out who "One Nation Working Together" REALLY is comprised of...

Why, the shock...

They are outright communists and socialists... among them including:

Communist Party of America
International Socialist Organization
Detroit Democratic Socialists of America
Democratic Socialists of America
Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
New York City Democratic Socialists of America
Progressive Democrats for America NYS and NYC
Progressive Congress Action Fund
Gray Panthers
Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)

and hundreds more lefty fringe groups... Every fringe/wacko outfit you can image is there!

It's a veritable who's who of socialists, statist, leftists, and communists... all trying to save the Democrats and Obama's butts in time for November 2nd!

Why did "Team Obama" do this?

Simple, because they know this is their last chance! The GIG IS UP. Their socialist progressive lie has been exposed... And now they aren't even trying to HIDE it!

Anyone with any doubts, just go to their website and do your OWN research:

It's too crazy to make this stuff up...

Anyone that sincerely thought that Obama was not a Socialist, now's your chance to verify that you were wrong before it's too late...

Anyone that STILL claims otherwise is either hallucinating, in a mental fugue state of denial, or is simply lying.

Ya just can't make this stuff up!

Yes indeed, they are panicking, folks! Rahm Emmanuel leaving is no "coincidence" wink

October 4, 2010 06:36 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Do what we say - or we KILL YOU!

Posted By Dave Wagner


Seems the greeniacs and AGW nuts have sunk to a new LOW... check out this new "campaign" in the UK, from your friends at

Seems they are saying the same thing that fundamentalist Wahabist terrorists are saying:

"Do what we require, or we KILL you."

I've a better idea, that would cut far more "human caused" Carbon, than any of this nonsense (if - and only if one presumes it's somehow morally OK to actually KILL people that is - which is after all rather what this video is suggesting, terrifyingly enough)

Just kill everyone who believes in AGW and Global Warming... there'd be a one-time spike caused by a large amount of decomposition, but then just think how many fewer humans there'd be around to "cause the crisis"... Cut down on car emissions by at least 2/3; power plants, etc...

No pressure! If you believe in man-caused climate change, just kill yourself! Problem solved.