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Posts Made By: Dave Wagner

November 9, 2012 10:10 AM Forum: Politics

Couldn't say it any better

Posted By Dave Wagner

Charles R Genovese, Jr MD said:

The only other choice is to shrug

November 14, 2012 10:12 PM Forum: Politics

The majority speaks..again.

Posted By Dave Wagner

Tony Aguire said:

Dear Republicans, get your party in order, or it will be gone. Obstructionist policies, hateful rhetoric, inflammatory lies, and fear mongering are not working in your favor anymore...time to get a grip and be "reborn".

Thus proving, as if we needed ANY whatsoever after Obama's re-election, that we have now officially entered a period where the majority of voting Americans:

1) feel it is correct, moral and right to forcibly take money from others for their own benefit
2) are economic illiterates
3) Have no grasp of facts or reality. It is well documented, by that paragon of "right wing" journalism Bob Woodward, that it was OBAMA that didn't compromise a bit in 2011... Boehner had a compromise all lined up that Obama rejected at the last minute, thus prompting all this latest "crisis"

Ergo, the majority of Americans are now officially and demonstrably idiots. They believe they can keep on getting freebies from "uncle sugar" while the wheels fall off

Again, I'll say it one more time. Republicans should simply rubber stamp EVERYTHING the democraps want by voting present...

The wheels ARE coming off, and that way the correct party gets the blame.

Obama and the Democrats own this mess due to their class warfare BS. Screw em.

November 15, 2012 02:49 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Dave Wagner

Russ Carroll said:,0,1008291.story

hahahahahaha...gasp...hahahahahaha.....someone call 911- I am literally laughing to death!

I'm putting this in my time capsule and opening it in 10 years.

I'm thinking more like 2 years will be more than enough... ROFLMAO

November 16, 2012 07:19 PM Forum: Politics

Barbour: GOP Needs Proc Exam

Posted By Dave Wagner

Rod Kaufman said:
Perhaps they ought to start with the conservative posters on this forum...

Ahem... Conservatives (last time I checked) aren't the part of the population that *like* rectal stimulation...

November 21, 2012 04:40 PM Forum: Politics

Liberal Gloat

Posted By Dave Wagner

I am rather surprised the Times would even print it...

All should read it carefully

November 21, 2012 10:42 PM Forum: Politics

No Obama Bail-out for 18,500

Posted By Dave Wagner

david elosser said:

Maybe because the company is only 1/3 union?

David E
Obamageddon is here

Here's an excellent and seemingly very well balanced examination of the Hostess debacle...

December 10, 2012 06:28 PM Forum: Politics

How Tax Increases Will Work For America

Posted By Dave Wagner

Dave Snope said:

They'll follow the example set by California just after passing new Prop 30 tax increases to deal with the state budget shortfall. Raise taxes, spend more than you're getting, growing the deficit while actual revenues decline as more people and businesses leave.

Passage of Proposition 30 set off euphoria and expectations of higher spending for public employees. The California Teachers’ Association (CTA) trumpeted: "California students and working families won a clear victory today as voters clearly demonstrated their willingness to invest in our public schools and colleges and also rejected a deceptive ballot measure aimed at silencing educators, other workers and their unions.�

State bureaucrats immediately ramped up deficit spending far beyond the state's $6 billion annual tax increase, with the Departments of Health Services and Developmental Services increasing this month’s spending by over $1 billion versus last year. The lower tax collection and higher spending drove the State’s deficit after the tax increase to $2.7 billion for the first 5 months of this fiscal year. State Controller John Chiang reported:

November's disappointing revenues stand in stark contrast to recent news that California is leading the nation in job growth, has significantly improved its cash liquidity to pay bills, and even long-distressed home values are starting to inch upward... This serves as a sobering reminder that, while the economy is expanding, it is doing so at a slow and uneven pace that will require the State to exercise care and discipline in how its fiscal affairs are managed in the coming year.

The improved “cash liquidity� Chiang referred to turns out to be $24.9 billion of debt.

About that so-called nation-leading job growth: It isn't coming from actual tax-paying private industry, it's coming from tax-eating government job growth.


Hopefully, he'll pull a "Chavez" sooner rather than later

December 18, 2012 06:33 PM Forum: Politics

Oh oh - now what?

Posted By Dave Wagner

Herb York said:

A shopping mall - 2 dead - 1 POS dead

A school of 6 years olds "protected" by well meaning brave women without weapons - 26 people and one POS dead

Same assholes shooting - 2 totally different results

Inconvenient facts to liberals are like garlic to vampires, Herb! wink

December 18, 2012 06:34 PM Forum: Politics

And now a word from the Mayor of the safest city .

Posted By Dave Wagner

Herb York said:

.... in the USA

They have the strongest gun controls in the USA

The mayor doesn't go anywhere without well armed guards including assault rifles but YOU don't need any.

And more have died in gun violence in the last few weeks there than all in that school in Connecticut... and more the weeks before that, and before that...

December 18, 2012 06:34 PM Forum: Politics

Australia's Success from Banning Assault Weapons

Posted By Dave Wagner

Alan French said:

Note that Australia's response to a mass shooting was a much stricter ban on assault weapons than we had here from 1994 to 2004. It also worked.

Clear skies, Alan

We don't live in Australia. Have you considered emigration?