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March 15, 2010 04:26 PM Forum: Polls

Health Care

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George Blahun said:

While I disagree with you almost entirely, I just don't understand this intolerant rhetoric. It would never occur to me to suggest someone I disagree with should leave the country. Your position is why very little is getting done. Unless you can speak with civility and respect there is absolutely no hope for compromise. The one thing both sides in this or any debate need to recognize is both sides care about this country, they only differ in what they feel is best. In the 60's the intolerant cry was "My country, love it or leave it" but my mantra has always been, "My country, love it or change it".
As much as I empathize with your loss, there are many people on both sides who have suffered first hand and second hand due to this crisis. Reacting emotionally will never accomplish anything worthwhile.

Read my post again. There was NOTHING emotional about it whatsoever. I believe that the changes that are being advocated under the rubric of the so called "Healthcare crisis" will destroy what is left of the US. There was NOTHING in my post that was not civil whatsoever, NOTHING. I merely pointed out that for Luca (and possibly you, since you seem to disagree with me almost entirely) there exist alternatives that do NOT REQUIRE forcing changes on me - at the point of a gun - that I don't wish and that I don't believe are in the best interest of our country.

You all want socialized, government controlled healthcare. Go live somewhere where it already exists! Don't force it HERE. If you all do succeed in forcing it here, don't be surprised when many who feel like I do, and who are PAYING THE BILLS for more than 1/2 the country already - LEAVE.

Then you're well and truly... ahem, screwed. Can you say "Cuba?", or "Greece"?...

This "crisis" was CAUSED by the government in the first place. Go study what has happened with healthcare system, access, and costs starting with the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid...

The government created this whole mess, and ENABLED the insurance companies to become the powers they have (while simultaneously taking their bribes)...

the answer isn't yet more government... it is NO GOVERNMENT (in Healthcare).

March 15, 2010 04:04 PM Forum: Polls

Health Care

Posted By Dave Wagner

Luca Grella said:

I am the one who has been probably insulted the most, here.

BZZZT. Nice try and thanks for playing, Luca...

I think your calling ME a Racist for my initial response takes the "insult" prize...

September 28, 2010 06:21 PM Forum: Polls

Rahm Emanuel Quits

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The rats know the ship is sinking... wink

January 14, 2011 07:25 PM Forum: Polls

2011 SuperBowl Champions

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Jeffrey Counsil said:

You betcha Norm! Although NE gave the Steelers a throbbing headache in the regular season, I would be very surprised if it happened again. It should be close. But I can't say that about the Jets.. shocked

The Ravens? Well something might be in store for them after breaking Ben's nose. 8O

Norm Peer said:

I actually think NE will win, but I could never root against the mighty Steelers. Still, somehow, I think they may pull off another Super Bowl Win. Can never have enough. Love how the ravens have one vote.

Don't forget, the road to the AFC championship goes through Foxborough, as long as the Pats win, they're at home...

when WAS the last time someone beat the Pats at home in the Playoffs??? hmmmmmm... I can't remember wink