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Posts Made By: Sonya Ward

April 4, 2002 04:41 PM Forum: Film Astrophotography - Imaging and Processing

Any experience with the Stiletto focus aid ?

Posted By Sonya Ward

Hi astrofriends,
any experience with the stiletto series lll focus aid? does it really work? I am really tired of out of focus shots if you know what I mean.
~~I want picture like Maurice Clark's keyhole nebula !!!.
Clear skies~~Sonya~~

April 21, 2002 12:28 PM Forum: Home Observatories

Cement pier

Posted By Sonya Ward

Hey Friends,
I have a an obeservatory now but I want to add a cement pier. (My tripod takes a lot of room.) Now if I decide to do this, is it better square or round? and what about the mount hardware since it is a permanent thing I can make the mount for my C8 at 30 degrees Or am I missing something?
Any ideas? I like to keep it simple.
Clear skies ~~ Sonya~~

June 7, 2002 03:54 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Hey "jhapeman"

Posted By Sonya Ward

Hey J,
Where you been lately? I miss your images! Got any new one this week?

June 9, 2002 12:33 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

I found a new use for my planisphere !

Posted By Sonya Ward

It make a good fan while observing !
Clear skies ~~Sonya~~

June 10, 2002 04:50 PM Forum: Telescope Making


Posted By Sonya Ward

Hello friends,
Well I got my Mirror-O-Matic building plans today! This book is so neat. Everything is written and illistrated so well even I think I can do it. I will keep you all posted. Off to the hardware store I go!
Clear skies ~~ Sonya~~

June 11, 2002 04:55 PM Forum: Telescope Making


Posted By Sonya Ward

Hello friends,
Anybody know where I can find a spherometer? No too expensive please. Thanks ~~Sonya~~

June 20, 2002 04:23 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Asteroid 2002NM

Posted By Sonya Ward

We almost got hit by this asteroid and I didn't even get to see it. How could we have missed it ! Could we see it in our scopes?
Clear skies ~~Sonya~~

June 20, 2002 05:32 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

Any Stargate fans here?

Posted By Sonya Ward

Any stargate friends in these forums? They moved the series to Friday nights on the Sci-fi channel.

June 24, 2002 04:08 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Telescope on the moon

Posted By Sonya Ward

Does anybody here know anybody at NASA? (The presidents line was busy) Tell them we want a telescope on the moon it would be great I don't think there is a atmosphere to deal with. Yep I had rather search for new planets with my tax dollars .~~Sonya~~

June 24, 2002 04:17 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions


Posted By Sonya Ward

Hi All,
I went to the Texas Star Party and attended several talks ALL the speaker keep saying get young people interested in astronomy. But heres the question how could they say that since the party was in MAY and kids are in school ! People with kids can't take family vacation till late June.
There were appx 700 people at this party I only saw 5 children.
~~Sonya~~ PS:I feel better now smile