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Posts Made By: John Meiners

April 3, 2002 09:20 AM Forum: TeleVue

Posted By John Meiners

Why isn't there a TASCO discussion group?

April 14, 2002 10:36 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing


Posted By John Meiners

Myself & a fellow observer the other night had our scopes set-up at the "Astor Column" a high hill overlooking the mouth of the Mighty Columbia river, while observing Jon mentioned several times, " there goes another one of those damm Satellites!" He was right, we both, during the course of 2 hours must have spotted a dozen or so , zipping along
silently through space. I guess what amazed me was the actual number we viewed through our EP's ! I really didn't mind them intruding into my AFV ,in fact I kind of looked forward to them, oh well, " to each is own" I guess, John M

April 25, 2002 10:31 PM Forum: Lost Contacts and Personal Messages

Dave Wilton

Posted By John Meiners

I lost ad # for deal on Bino's do not have any e-mail record

May 9, 2002 01:39 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Meade 14mm. UWA

Posted By John Meiners

After a little over a year of observing ( TV 102 ) I finally picked up a well cared for 14mm. Ultra Wide Angle EP. as you know it is a Meade 4000 series 8 element, 84 degree Apparent field. With the 880mm focal length my refractor offers me, this EP cranks out 63x now I am not a salesman for Meade by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to share with my up and coming Gazers... what an exceptional Optic this EP is.
It will remain as a "keeper" until they pry it from my cold clenched fist, my other hand of course will be on the focus

May 12, 2002 12:45 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Starry Night Backyard Itinerary

Posted By John Meiners

Finding or discovering something really convenient & readily adaptable to you favorite pastime is to share with others; Last summer 01/ I purchased the Starry Night Backyard program at Costco for $39.95 I believe, anyway I have learned so much & have accelerate my observing to where I am not wasting precious time fumbling with my red
flashlite, trying to locate old favorites or searching aimlessly for that elusive "Ring" or "Sombrero" I sit down at my desk top and go over what is up tonight, jot down my
"itinerary" ( or click PRINT ) and go out back with a planned session. If the clouds come in I return to the warmth of my Den & resume viewing... OUT BACK John.

May 22, 2002 04:45 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

EQ for "dummies" guide book

Posted By John Meiners

Are there any self-help web sites to help someone with the ins and outs of setting up, aligning, tracking, adjusting weights, gears, polar axis scopes , and so forth ? just got
a Synta G5 EQ mount , used no directions, maybe if someone had an old manual... the gentleman I bought the mount from sent some essential info with some pictures but I need more imput.. thanks.. JM

June 27, 2002 07:10 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Extra Parts??

Posted By John Meiners

I remember when I tore my first carburetor apart, (Ford Holly) that after I had put it back together there were a few items still on my work bench, a small spring, 1 bb size ball-bearing... where did these come from? well just recently had a similar experience.. I was attempting to clean the Optics in one of my EP's. a Meade 8.8mm UWA. "kids don't try this at home by yourselves !" There are 8 elements within this little beauty, they dis-assemble rather easily, but putting them back in their proper alignment sequence is quite a different story.. Maybe some of you have already experienced what I am talking about.. anyway, a word to the wise.. If you are thinking about taking an EP apart, be sure to not only lay out the pieces in the exact way they came out, but also note what direction the elements were facing, ( con-cave, con-vex ) Good luck, there is a good recipe for cleaning EP optics at: Todd Gross web site. click to Astro-product review, oddly enough titled Equipment talk. scan down to " cleaning Optics"
John Meiners

June 30, 2002 12:29 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

What kind of light??

Posted By John Meiners

Is anyone out there other than myself, not familiar with the Astronomical term: "Zodical Light" ? I found this remarkable Photo in the Nov. 2001 issue of "Astronomy" in the Hot Shots section pg. 117. taken by Jerry Schad (24mm lens at f/1.7,Ektachrome P1600 film at ISO 5000, 60-sec ex.
taked June 21, 2001, from Morombe,Madagascar
I get the same Phenomenon here in Astoria, OR. from the NW. but it origins are a result of Fred Meyer's Parking Lot lights.. John M

July 9, 2002 07:59 PM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By John Meiners

Somewhere I read where you can remove the four screws (Allan type)from the body of a star diagonal and thus
have access to the mirror for " proper cleaning " proper, that is the operative word here.. with the exotic coatings now used I am not sure what agents should be used. Has anyone had an AP Maxi-Bright apart, that could give his/her
testimony to the plausibility of such a venture? thanks for the much needed help.. John

July 23, 2002 10:33 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing


Posted By John Meiners

Thought it would be fun to chat with some Astro-Members that may be headed to the "Oregon Star Party". Last year there were 800 folks up there. The dates are Aug. 8-11.
At Indian Trail Spring, Ochoco National Forrest. 5000' elv.
clear transparent skies. ( We hope ) find out more info on registering on Astro-Mart's Home Page, under sponsors "Oregon Star Party". I will be there with my Tele
Vue 102, EQ mount, star chart and EP case. Hope to meet some of you there. drop a note on this thread.. regards, John Meiners, Astoria, OR.