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October 8, 2006 03:13 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

meade issues

Posted By Mike Baron

hello i bought a used meade 7 mak gps and i cannot figure out how to work the gps i go through all the finding the 2 stars and btw the stars are not close to the ep. question do i have to reset the time every time i start up the autostar since the time is 800 even though it isnt my cpc 8 seems alot easier to align am i missing some thing the scope knows my location has changed,but thats about it i couldent even get the fulll moon so i must be missing something thank you for any help pls call my cell if any one has any answers 414-232-7990 smile

October 8, 2006 04:57 PM Forum: Meade

gps alignment problems

Posted By Mike Baron

[COLOR="Maroon"][/COLOR]hello i just bought a used meade 7 mak LX-200 GPS and i cannot figure how to align and use the go to ,ive read the manual and i let the scope do its leveling thing and i go to the 2 stars, and its not real close to the 2 stars, so i go to the 2 brightese stars in the area and the scope says ok so i try to goto the moon and its not even close ...I also noticed the time says 800 every time i turn the scope on ,even thouh its not 800 i have a 8 cpc celestron and i aligned it in 10 mins 4 hours with the meade and nothing .Any help would be appreciated ,im shure its some thing minor ..pls calll or msg Mike 414-232-7990

October 14, 2006 12:38 AM Forum: Eyepieces

eyepice opinion

Posted By Mike Baron

hello i just bought a meade 7 mak and im looking at the meade uwa eyepices im looking at the 18mm and the 14 is that a good choice ,i already have a 22mm vixen 68mm ep .and would the 8.8 uw be pushing the scopes limits , the dealer in chicago claims the 6.7 would be a good choice but i feel that would be too much well thanks for the input i know i dont punchuate very well (lol) well clear skies and may the force be with you 8)

October 15, 2006 07:46 PM Forum: Maksutovs

eypices for 7 meade mak

Posted By Mike Baron

hello i just traded a 8 cpc ceelstron for a 7 lx-200 7inch mak i hope this was a good trade ... what are good eyepices i have a 22m vixen 68 foov and a william optics 15 70 fov and a plossel 32 mm are there any recommandations for other eyepices ie. meade uwa or ? i look to look at planets and the ring and dumbell swan nebula so any suggestions would be appreacated and whats the big difference between the f/15 and an f/10 scope thank you clear skies Mike Baron 8)

August 23, 2007 09:51 PM Forum: Binoviewers

What the--where is everybody?

Posted By Mike Baron

im here with my denk2s and D21s in my 7 LX-200 MCT and lovin the binos actually thinking about getting a mallin cam