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Posts Made By: Jeff Blazey

February 3, 2009 02:08 AM Forum: TeleVue

February 7, 2009 01:42 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Advice wanted on planetary cams

Posted By Jeff Blazey

This is a great thread as I'm considering some planetary photography myself after a 20 year break.

Can you use a camera with a color wheel with large achromats? Of course you would have to refocus for the different colors.


March 9, 2009 05:10 PM Forum: Refractors

What is "Research Grade Optic" ?

Posted By Jeff Blazey

I agree with Floyd. Marketing research grade BS.

After all Galileo did important research with an instrument that by todays standards would be considered a joke (that's because it didn't have FPL53 glass, which, of course, any SERIOUS refractor HAS to have).


March 28, 2009 11:55 AM Forum: Refractors

Meade 102ED (lens question)

Posted By Jeff Blazey

Make sure it has provisions to center the ED element. This consists of 3 tiny screws set in to deep holes evenly spaced around the OD of the cell, not to be confused with the standard sets of collimation screws on the front face of the cell.

Once the element was properly centered, mine was basically color free for visual use at any power I cared to choose, very sharp, no obvious zoning with a nicely defined airy disk. A high quality optic.

Regarding the centering, there are well published procedures for it. Some scopes seem to hold the centering adjustments well, others, like mine, needed a tweak from time to time, which was a simple smaaaaaaalllllll turn of one of the centering screws, usually the same one. Coma is the symptom of a mis-centered element.

I also found the stock focuser quite servicable when adjusted to my liking.

I'd say the weight without the stock cradle rings (which are heavy) was on the order of 5 pounds.



April 5, 2009 01:30 PM Forum: Refractors

11" Lens

Posted By Jeff Blazey

First Light!!


May 27, 2009 12:56 PM Forum: Audio

how to convince....

Posted By Jeff Blazey

What speakers do you have and how much do you want to spend? The recievers might have wattage in to 8 ohms but may also lack current delivery.


May 28, 2009 06:26 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

White Roofs

Posted By Jeff Blazey

Of course you could do what the farmers in the midwest do, use a silver/aluminum or gold metalic paint on a metal roof. both are much reflective than white. Of course wifey needs to agree smile

June 6, 2009 08:03 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Deep Sky


Posted By Jeff Blazey

Wow Roland, that's really, really nice. I find it amazing that you really advanced guys are putting out stuff now that put the old Hale images to shame.

Say, how about an image of that bad boy 206 EDF set up.


June 25, 2009 01:27 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

What is your dream scope?

Posted By Jeff Blazey

For me it would be a 10" F12 oil spaced triplet refractor with a classic straight OTA.

Years ago, as I recollect, Roland told me over the phone that he made such a beast using the famous NASA glass for someone, I believe, in Michigan.

I'd love to get my hands on that lens.


July 7, 2009 09:34 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Losmandy folding HD tripod

Posted By Jeff Blazey


As you can see by the photo, my Losmandy GM100 sits well on the GM8's tripod and supports the MN86 wonderfully. My G11 is quite comfortable on it as well. It's perfect for the MN86 as it puts the eyepiece at a nice height and is very, very stable when the legs are fully retracted.