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The Eagle Nebula from the Copernicus Observatory in SW Utah

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Posts Made By: Jeff Blazey

September 14, 2015 02:53 AM Forum: APM

APM 350 mm F/12 Apo finally in use in South Koread

Posted By Jeff Blazey

Really cool Markus. How was first light?

How big are the "finders"? 152MM?

Who designed and made the mounting?


November 6, 2015 04:27 PM Forum: Binoviewers

Denk II vs. Binotron-27

Posted By Jeff Blazey

Optically, no differences I can see.



1. Lighter in weight than Denk II's, less torque on visual back, diagonal and tube assembly
2. Slightly better SCD than DII's. When focusing each, they stay centered
3. Nice construction/build quality. I love the rubber coating.
4. Self-collimation feature. Easy to do and allows those who have had trouble merging images a MUCH better shot at using bino-viewers.


1. Longer light path (~5/8") relative to Denk II's due to the self-collimation feature
2. Self-collimation feature. Collimation may not stay put, requiring adjustment from time to time (but super easy to do).
3. Not quite backward compatible with older power/filter switches and nose pieces. Older accessories may not screw into B27's all the way and B27 accessories may be a loose fit into the DII's.
4. Requires more intrusion into a newt's light path at low power relative to DII's (using same power OCS, 1.2X or 1.4X).

I've got both.

I use the DII's with the newts and those refractors I've not cut back (TEC 200 & 140ED and TMB 152 F8) to reach focus sans OCS. I can reach focus with these refractors with the DII's but not the B27's as long as I use the Denk dovetail diagonal. I also use the DII's with my MCT's as they have the shorter light path. Also, also, I use the DII's with my newts for Con # 4 above.

I use the B27's with all of the refractors that I've cut back as I've typically left ~1.0" -1.5" of in-travel with the DenkII's which is more than enough to handle the extra 5/8" of light path the B27's have relative to the DII's.

Hope this helps.


February 26, 2017 01:54 PM Forum: Refractors

TEC200ED Owners

Posted By Jeff Blazey

Larry, as it's been a little while, I'm curious as to your impressions of the scope.