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Posts Made By: Fred Dase

December 16, 2012 09:29 PM Forum: Politics

Gun Control

Posted By Fred Dase

Patrick, I don't think any type of gun control would work, even a outright ban. People will still get them.
Guns will never and should never be banned. I guess the Supreme's could "re-define" the Constitution but I don't see that happening.
Since Congress is so prone to knee-jerk reactions I can see them trying to make a show of it by offering some BS bill.
They would have to amend the Constitution and get it ratified. That will never happen.

I don't mean to sound heartless, and I really do fell for those that lost anyone to ANY senseless shooting. Recently those being children is even more heart wrenching. I think the possibility of this happening is part of the price of our freedoms.

Fred Dase

December 22, 2012 01:58 AM Forum: Politics

At The Cliff

Posted By Fred Dase

Rod, This is a case of the House Republicans cutting off their nose to spite their face's.
Since they rejected Boehner's Plan B, which would not have passed the Senate anyway, there's now NO chance of them actually
compromising and avoiding the Fiscal cliff.
Even Grover Norquist blessed Boehner's plan. He's intelligent enough to call it an end of a tax rate reduction and not a tax
rate increase. Not doing so would have just quickened his irrelevancy.
I like how Boehner stated that President Obama wanted to keep 98% of Americans from losing the tax rate reduction.
While his plan keeps 99.81% of Americans from losing it. I noticed that he gave NO figures on how much it would increase revenue.
Since ending it for the top 2% would only raise $85 billion I can't imagine how much ending it for the top .19% would raise.
President Obama has shown he's willing to compromise. He's upped the ceiling to $400k, agreed to reduce spending on Medicare
AND Social Security. Boehner's attempt to pass the blame to the Democrats is nothing more than a desperate effort to save the
Republican majority in 2014. He should realize that in this matter the American people are not quite that stupid.

Fred Dase

December 24, 2012 03:05 AM Forum: Politics

He REALLY Didn't Want The Presidency

Posted By Fred Dase

Rod, I had already read that article and about fell out of my seat laughing.
Just another example of the Right trying to rewrite history.

Fred Dase

December 24, 2012 11:26 PM Forum: Politics

Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plan To Raise Spending 55%

Posted By Fred Dase

Dave, First let me say that I would rather have an estimate from the CBO rather than the Republican-side of the Budget Committee.
Then I would say that President Obama has already taken care of those (according to the Republicans) supposed increases.
The end of the temporary tax rate reductions on the top 2% will net $85 billion a year in increased revenue. That's $850 billion
over the next 10 years.

Fred Dase

January 26, 2013 02:43 AM Forum: Politics

Wheels are slow

Posted By Fred Dase

Greg, Your link fails to mention that the 3 judges on the appeals court are all Republicans.

In their 46 page ruling the court acknowledged that the ruling conflicts with what some other federal appeals courts have
held about when recess appointments are valid.

Under the court's decision, 285 recess appointments made by presidents between 1867 and 2004 would be invalid.

The SCOTUS will have the final say

Fred Dase

March 6, 2013 01:43 AM Forum: Politics

Napolitano Caught Lying About Sequester

Posted By Fred Dase

So ... When someone says there are longer lines at airports, what they REALLY mean is that flights are being delayed and cancelled.
I see that your alternate reality is still working well for you.

Fred Dase

May 16, 2013 02:34 AM Forum: Politics

Another Shoe About To Drop On Obama

Posted By Fred Dase

From your posting "All together, roughly one-third of House committees are engaged in investigating some aspect of the Obama administration."

Really ??? one-third of ALL the House Committees !!!

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats. When the Democrats took control of the House in 2006 there was no wholesale inquisition
into the Bush Administration. Yes the invasion of Iraq was investigated (as it should have been IMO), Also the firing of all those attorneys solely
for political reasons. The Democrats at NO time expended anywhere near the resources as the Republicans have now according to your posting.

Bottom line is that President Obama made you Republicans look quite foolish last November and 75% of these "so called" investigations are simply
trying to make the Obama Administration look bad so those Republicans can save a little face. Come on ... 5 separate investigations into the Benghazi

Here I thought you Republicans were all about creating jobs and getting the economy on track. Those are the promises I heard last fall before the
elections. I guess that's not a priority anymore. But spending millions of taxpayer money on frivolous investigations is.

Fred Dase

July 6, 2013 09:08 PM Forum: Politics

Only 47% of Adults Have Full-Time Job

Posted By Fred Dase

Dave, I'm going to have to call BS on this one. Yet another example of the alternate reality you wingers live in.

"Of the 144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-
time. Friday's report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was
working last month. Only 47% of Americans, however, had a full-time job."

The first sentence - "Of the 144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-time."
In reality it's simple math. 116 million working full time out of 144 million employed = 80.5% working full-time.

The second sentence - "Friday's report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was working last month"
Here the author uses "Civilian Adult Population". This is misleading on several levels. First an "Adult" is anyone over 18 years old.
This includes the younger adults still in school, those already retired, and yes those that are unemployed. It excludes EVERYONE in
the military. I can only assume that in the authors opinion being in the military does not count as a full-time job.

According to the report the author cites there are only 2.6 million people who could only find part-time work last year.
Again doing simple math. 144 million employed minus the 116 million working full-time = 28 million working part-time.
more simple math. 2.6 million working part-time because that's all they could find out of 28 million working part-time = 9.2%

In the authors view it's fine to use two different subsets of numbers to support your own "alternate reality of numbers"

Fred Dase

August 10, 2013 06:48 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Fred Dase

I guess that Fred does not understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.
Just to clear things up the USA is a Republic.

Fred Dase

October 23, 2013 08:40 PM Forum: Politics

Americans Not Working Hits Record 90 Million

Posted By Fred Dase

From the article you linked ...

"The number of people actually employed increased by 133,000 last month, climbing from 144,170,000 in August to 144,303,000 in September. When Obama took office in January 2009, there were 142,153,000 Americans employed--meaning the number has increased by 2,150,000 over the past 57 months."

Once again you seem to have a problem with simple math.

Fred Dase