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Posts Made By: Denise and Dom Guglielmo

April 12, 2007 01:51 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

backing out of a deal

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

I'm a little frustrated how do I rate this. I responded to an ad for a canon Canon Eos external power supply. Within the ad listed a canon eos power grip. I said "I definately want the grip" in my answer to the ad. The guy replied with "Just make payment thru this e-mail address and I will ship.."
I replied saying I'd send over the payment later that night when I got out of work.
I sent over the payment, and waited a couple of days.
then went to find the ad. The ad was edited and removed the grip - so there is nobody can tell a grip was ever sold.
Then checked my paypal account and there was a refund and a note within paypal saying the grip was sold and I don't know why you sent payment.
Yea I was refunded, but a little ticked off that now I need to search for a grip again..

September 4, 2007 05:55 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Was this rude of me?

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

I know I have no ratings.
I am trying to sell a telescope and have had several responses inquiring and after answering all questions they just say no - with no reason...

One response said they were from one town over and said they'd like to see the telescope and possibly in operation... my reply was:

Actually that would be much better - so it doesn't have to be shipped.

We are not the original owners - bought it from someone in upstate New York about 2 years ago. We also have an etx125 and an 10" Lx200gps and now see no reason to keep this one as well.

Are you seriously insterested and if it performs to your liking, ready to purchase it? If so we can bring it over to your house (much darker than our back yard in Waterbury) - set it up, and if you like it, we don't have to pack it up again..

They never replied -- Am I just getting tire kickers - or tested because I have no ratings?

March 2, 2008 02:33 PM Forum: Meade

Meade facilities tour

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

I'm going to be in San Diego for a week.

Does Meade offer facilities tours?

Do they have a factory store?

Can I buy parts while there?

Any info would be appreciated!


May 9, 2008 04:49 PM Forum: Telescope Making

Nova Optical

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

Has anyone here delt with Nova Optical?

Posting in this forum - most logical to have experience with them...

I used them because they are sponsors here - now I am having second thoughts...

I called and spoke with Steve before shipping the mirrors. I asked how long it would take and he assured me only 2 or 3 days and even went into detail - he'd get them on Friday and they'd ship out on Wednesday or Thursday - I was impressed and thought the price was fantastic so decided to do it.

I packed up both the mirrors for the C14 and sent them - that was April 17 He got them on April 23. I called several times and each time he said he'd send me the total price including shipping.

I still don't have the price and he still hasn't coated the mirrors.

What should I do?


July 27, 2008 05:01 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

possible hijacked account?

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

look at ad 576567 - an lxd55 mount with 497 for $100 plus shipping (almost too good to be true the controllers go for 50-75 and the mounts for $100-200).
I responded when there were 21 hits on the ad - says I am 3rd to respond and shipping will be $40. no problem - sounds like a good deal - but no forum posts for 4 years, no ads or ratings for almost 2 years - and a damned good deal...

should I be concerned?

September 5, 2008 09:11 AM Forum: Telescope Making

Mirror Blank

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

Anyone know a source for a LOW COST mirror blank? I'm looking for 16-20".

Have porthole's gone way of the Dodo's? I can't seem to find anything!

Another possibility is maybe I'm just too cheap!! I know about inflation - but glass shouldn't go at the same rate as oil should it?

Any advice will be appreciated!

April 8, 2009 06:36 AM Forum: Camping and Outdoors

backpacking scope

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

Any backpackers out there that can recommend a backpacking scope (and not looking to spend a grand)?
Going on a 10 day trek this summer and would like to bring something other than binoculars.


July 9, 2010 08:49 AM Forum: Bad to the Bone Autos

Remember when?

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

The good ol days, when cars were build like tanks!

Can you guess the year make and model?

September 4, 2007 08:10 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Was this rude of me?

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

guess I over re-acted - about 40 minutes after the original post they responded that they are on the wall between a 10" dob on an eq mount with intelliscope or a used SCt goto.. quite different platforms...

April 9, 2009 06:31 AM Forum: Camping and Outdoors

backpacking scope

Posted By Denise and Dom Guglielmo

Thank you to all that responded -

I am going with 11 others on a 10 day hike covering about 85 miles in the darkest skies of my life (New Mexico). I can offload some gear to others to accommodate the weight of the scope. I like the aperture of the ST80, the price isn’t too bad and I can use it as a guide scope after the trip! I’m going to get to a store to check out the weight and size!