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Posts Made By: Bruce Cutter

July 5, 2012 05:53 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

New Orion Sirius EQ-G Goto power failure

Posted By Bruce Cutter

Hey everybody..just received my new Orion ED80/Sirius EQ-G Goto combo. All went well, easy assembly but then the problem. Used their 12V cable with lighter socket end to plug into my 12v deep cycle battery. Battery has good charge. Power light went on when I switched the mount on and the hand controller lit up. I went to get the manual off the table to begin setting up the controller, when I got back the light was off the controller was still lit up but said "No Link with M.C. Stand Alone Mode". Oh oh..yeah no power to the mount. Controller was still functional regarding setup. I have used this battery setup on other scopes and accessories with no problems. Anyone ever have a similar issue? Is there a user remedy, like fuse or reset? I hate to send it back if I can avoid it


June 22, 2007 03:38 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Users charging to use Paypal - Against ToS

Posted By Bruce Cutter

I think it's simple. I don't charge the surcharge on items I sell with paypal. I buy and sell a lot on ebay and a little on here. If it's something really expensive I take a postal money order only. But that can bite you, as it did me on a $2700 sale where the money order was lost in the mail. Took 8 weeks to finally get paid. I DON'T BUY from people who charge a surcharge for paypal, as it's against my personal rules of doing business online. It IS the safest way to buy and has saved my butt on 2 really bad transactions. I wonder if any of the merchants on here charge a surcharge if you use a credit card to buy that $5000 scope or that $6000 CCD camera? I really doubt it..even though they are charged a surcharge by the credit card company.