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Posts Made By: Kay Howard

September 17, 2010 03:29 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Problems w/ reflector on goto mount

Posted By Kay Howard

I was very excited to get my 8" f/5.9 reflector on an Orion Atlas EQG mount but after using it a few time soon found that I was chasing the eyepiece and RA finder all over with a change of target object. While looking at Capella I am comfortably standing next to the scope looking straight thru the eyepiece. But key in Vega next and I'm all of a sudden having to sit on a chair under the scope and look straight up to see into the eyepiece. What's wrong with this picture? Can one loosen the tube rings and rotate the telescope to be able to see in the eyepiece and finder without becoming a contortionist??? Help appreciated. P.S. You have my permission to laugh at the thought of me practically standing on my head to see Vega. I'm just glad I was by myself!