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Posts Made By: William Paolini

July 19, 2011 05:32 PM Forum: Religion

Why 2 or 3? Why not 1?

Posted By William Paolini

Matthew 18:20 - "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

A well known verse. But why do you think it is two or three and not just one??

July 24, 2011 08:54 AM Forum: Religion

Re: Real Religion?

Posted By William Paolini


Hello. What an excellent post! While I certainly can see why anyone could be dismayed as a Christian by some of the postings in forums here, all you have to do is remember that the extreme negativism by the several here that herald this talk are nothing more than what it is, a group of statistically insignificant outliers of the normal population voicing the extreme opinions. So nothing to take to heart. As you well know, there is an enormous amount more of good that has resulted from people following and practicing their faiths than any of the negative aspects that are often overly focused on in discussions here. And as you pointed out, so timely in a way given the awful events in Norway, that there are many heroes and role models from the past that we should strive to not lose sight of in our every day walk through life.

From the poem you linked, two things ring out for me, first how he revealed that the basics of the world as perceived in those times (earth, air, water, fire) are simply "sisters" of something greater. And second, the phrase "Happy those who endure in peace" because it points out that peace is not yet a natural state for humans, and that those who strive to practice it will find that road difficult and trying in this world.

Again, thanks for the great reminder of such a great person. Something we need and need often. As I mentioned, this post is appropriate for today, letting us know we need to bring these examples of living more to the forefronts of our lives rather than keeping them hidden and all but forgotten. We see this today, as in Norway, a nation by all accounts (surveys) is more secular than religious with the vast majority of its peoples having moved faith to that all but forgotten place in their lives. Yet today, when faced with the meaningless violence they are enduring, their churches this day which are usually quite empty are overflowing. So St. Francis of Assisi was and continues to teach us a valuable lesson that we have yet to learn, which is that if we stop having our primary focus on ourselves, or on the negative as we often do here, and instead make our primary focus service to others and the society at large, peace will be something not to endure in this world, but something that is natural, desired more than the self, and practiced fervently every day instead of only being highlighted after tragedy.

Thanks for the reminder of this wonderful person, and they heartfelt words he left us smile

August 8, 2011 10:05 AM Forum: Religion

Welcome Back...

Posted By William Paolini

Welcome back from Forum Vacation. Hope everyone managed to survive ;->

August 21, 2011 02:21 PM Forum: Religion

Majority want a president that is religious...

Posted By William Paolini

In a recent poll (, a majority (56%) of the public said it is important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs, regardless of whether those beliefs are the same as their own.

I find it interesting that for the American public the response was so close to even. Why do you think most people feel it is important for a president to be religious? And why do you think for so many it is not a factor?

The original survey question can be found here -

August 26, 2011 11:09 AM Forum: Religion

What biases your impression of another's religious

Posted By William Paolini

Would any profession or other similar activity that a person does in their life, automatically bias your impression of their religious sincerity or religius practice? So as example, if a person was a physist or plumber or politician or policeman (I'm picking on the "p" professions), would that for any reason bias you into thinking that because they are in that profession, that they then are probably better or worse Christians?

Just wondering how much cross-over bias (predjudice) you may think is common in this particular direction, as it is evident to me that many hold cross-over biases in the other direction. In examining my thinking on the matter, I don't perceive that I have any, and usually make assessments on a person's activities relative to specific endeavors they may do. Only exception type I can think of are when we start talking criminal or unethical behaviors as these probably cross over into all activities, or are at least more prone to I would think.

So can anyone think of a particular profession, idiology, or non-criminal activity that if a person does that or believes that, then it certainly must taint their Christianity (or whatever other religion they believe in).

September 25, 2011 03:19 PM Forum: Religion

Judaism without God?

Posted By William Paolini

Judaism without God? Seriously? Sounds like the sin of the Golden Calf (egel maseikhah) all over again sad

September 27, 2011 07:31 AM Forum: SCI-FI

Terra Nova

Posted By William Paolini

Thoughts? I enjoyed it, lots of sub plot that actually got resolved so action was well paced. Was nice to see for a 2 hour premier that the commercial breaks were short (unlike Falling Skies where the commercials seemed to add up to more time than the show).

My wife came in after it started and asked what happened. I replied that: "In the future, big business led by the Republicans destroyed the Earth's environment forcing humankind to seek refuge in the past." Felt this pretty much summed up the whys. ;->

November 24, 2011 01:00 PM Forum: Religion


Posted By William Paolini

To all (based on an Emerson poem):

For Your light with each new morning,
For Your peace with each sheltering night,
For Your blessings of health and food,
For Your love through family and friends,
For everything our God's goodness sends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

June 6, 2006 06:55 AM Forum: Eyepieces

....What is so grand about a NAGLER eyepiece

Posted By William Paolini


Hello. Read some of the comments in all these threads. Here's my frugal 2 cents...

What's so great about the Naglers...several things:
1. Very wide and well corrected afov
2. Very forgiving in any scope and f-ratio
3. They were the 1st production ep that started somewhat of a revolution.

So is all that worth it?? To some yes, to some no. I kind of view them as BMW cars. The look great, perform well, high quality, and certainly make a statement. Are they the best? No! Are they very good? Yes! Are they worth the price (and size)? No! They are great EPs...and I would love to have a set as much as I'd like to have a good BMW. But practically I can't afford them. Perhaps if they were $175 each, then I'd say they were worth their money. But at $300+, you are definitely paying for the name as well as the quality.

For high power work, they are wonderful due to their afov. I had a Dob and under high power the wide fov makes it quite easy to track when viewing stars or other objects with no background references close by. For things like the Moon and Jupiter, I find the afov doesn't matter that much.

I guess the bottom line is if I had $1000 to spend on an ep collection, I would definitely go with something other than 3 Naglers. UD HDs, Siebert Star Splitters, for the high power work are more reasonable price and better performing in terms of sharpness and contrast. For the lower powers for more rich field work, other designs don't seem to work as well in fast scopes since they don't correct as well in the outter half of the afov. Naglers do quite well all across the field. But still, the old UO Super Erfles stand up just as good as the older TV Wide Fields for much less cost. Actually they are a tad better in field correction and contrast and much better in field flatness.

I myself am not much of a fan of 2" eps, just too big and bulk and not any quantum leap in performance over a good 1.25, not for the price anyway.

I myself have 2 Naglers, the original 4.8mm and 7mm. I love them both and would not get rid of them. If I had the cash I'd get the entire line. If I had the cash I'd get a boat and a plane too. The reality is however that I can get better sharpness and conreast with other designs for $100, just having to settle for less afov (40 thru 60 degrees), and correction that falls off in the last 20% of the afov. Not much of a trade off for 1/3 the price for sure, especially when finest image detail is my goal.

Happy Observing,

June 6, 2006 12:38 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Please recommend eyepieces for my Astroscan

Posted By William Paolini

Hi Brian.

I have the complete line of RKE eps as well as the TeleVue (TV) Plossls. Quite frankly, visually they are quite comparable and compete head-to-head in my 10" f/5 scope. The TVs are also about $30 more each than the RKEs. So between those 2 lines, I'd choose the RKEs. The RKEs run about $55 each and give you a 45 deg afov. The TV plossls give a 50 deg afov and run about $85 each. However I find the RKEs are closer to 50 than 45 degrees.

If you wanted to go a step up in performance, apparent field of view (afov) performance, and quality, and price, perhaps the Orion Stratus but they are $119 each with 68 deg afov!! Would be definite keepers if you move up in scopes.

Be warned though that the very fast optics on the Astroscan, and it being a beginner scope, means you will see star images around the outside of the afov that are blurred or streaked in appearance. So don't break the bank on eyepieces unless you plan on getting other scopes.

So basically, at the $50 price point, I'd say the RKEs are fine for you, just supplement your 28mm with the two others you mentioned.

If you want a lot more afov, the Orion Stratus would be great, although a bit large in size for your scope and also a lot more money at $119 each. But good performers.

But since you are just starting, maybe you should just get an economy plossl and get your skills and interest up, then move up to the Stratus. In that case, University Optics makes a 52deg afov plossl for $29. Hard to go wrong for $100 you can get 3 new eps to compliment the 28mm RKE you have on hand.

It's a complicated eyepiece world...but fun smile