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Posts Made By: David Goldman

July 9, 2014 06:48 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Baked potato on the Moon

Posted By David Goldman

Did you use el Fracsissimo o Maksissimo for this shot?.

November 28, 2014 06:36 PM Forum: Reflectors

December 19, 2014 04:32 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

Gas Price in Baton Rouge

Posted By David Goldman

Was $2.07, was $1.99, now $1.87 in Valparaiso, Indiana.


January 25, 2015 11:01 AM Forum: Reflectors

Parallax Instruments

Posted By David Goldman

I know of one scope that is extremely portable, easy to use and delivers fantastic views of the planets. It's advertised here in the catadioptric section as: Vega 6"F/4 Mak/Newt.

June 1, 2015 03:31 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Saturn 31 May 2015

Posted By David Goldman

Beautifull!, you can see the hexagon shape of the pole.

June 16, 2015 04:42 PM Forum: Astro Binoculars

Monopod and binoculars.

Posted By David Goldman

I like using my uni-pod with my 15x60 binox. I even use them when i'm seated in a chair.

June 19, 2015 08:12 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Deep Sky

M13 with the TEC 140 and Quad TCC

Posted By David Goldman

You may get better results if you use a 5.6 SF with a Quack TLC, 14x349 hour Luminadi, 2x78 sec BGR with nano resolution diluted in D-19.

June 25, 2015 04:05 PM Forum: Refractors


Posted By David Goldman

I prefer the term "semi-achromatic"

September 11, 2015 09:58 AM Forum: Refractors

AP130 GT and flared stars....

Posted By David Goldman

Next time you see the flaring event, try testing your scope straight thru without the diagonal.

September 11, 2015 10:07 AM Forum: Lost Contacts and Personal Messages

how do I e-mail astromart ???

Posted By David Goldman

You can reduce the size of your pics by using photobucket.
(600x450 size).
You can also E-mail your pics to someone, then have them E-mailed back to you. The pics will then fit in your ad.