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Posts Made By: George Prentice

March 17, 2009 07:27 PM Forum: Eyepieces

12mm Nagler T2 vs 12mm Nagler T4

Posted By George Prentice

Does anyone have experience with both 12mm Naglers? Can anyone contrast their performance?



March 17, 2009 07:41 PM Forum: Takahashi

FS-128 on a

Posted By George Prentice

I have a Sky-90 on a Williams Ezy Touch mount and a FS-128 on an EM-200. I love both. Perfect combo of grab and go and heavy artillery. But to get more use out of my FS-128 I was thinking of the following long-termed changes. I do not do astrophotography.

1) Use the FS-128 with or without my Sky 90 on the Williams Alt-Azmuth. The FS-128 is about 16lbs, proably 18 or so with finder and clam. So technically this would work... top weight is 22 per side on the Williams, but technically and works well are frequenetly different.

2) Then get an FS-152 for my EM-200. I think the weight limit for the EMM is around 45Lbs and the 152 is about 28 lbs with clam. So since I don't load it with lots of cameras an piggy back scopes, this sounds like a great combo.

My FS-128 becomes a grab and go. And when the weather clears (Washington state... not often). I can haul out the big gun... a bigger one then now.

So, is this likely to work wonderfully, or have I not thought of something?


September 19, 2009 03:52 PM Forum: Takahashi

Sky 90 - Flattening

Posted By George Prentice

I have had my Sky 90 for a year. At first I was surprised at how out of focus the stars were off axis. I had inquired about it, I think the dealer said, that's normal, but wasn't sure it was correctable with a flattner / reducer, for visual... or something like that. I also have a FS128, which, of course does not suffer the same issue. Anyone out there have a flattener reducer, does this fix the problem and allow for edge to edge sharpness? Any other side effects. Any input welcome. I think I would really appreciate viewing with edge to edge clarity. Thanks, George

March 17, 2009 07:49 PM Forum: Takahashi

Forum Silence

Posted By George Prentice

I just found it. There are a lot of different forums here. I'll certainly be posing some questions.


September 23, 2009 04:07 PM Forum: Takahashi

Sky 90 - Flattening

Posted By George Prentice

I have mostly Naglers 31, 22, 16, 12... etc to 2.5. and a couple of Televue 62 degree ones... forgot which line. So your saying Panoptic's wouldn't do this?