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Posts Made By: Raymond E Daniels Jr

April 11, 2009 05:08 PM Forum: Telescope Making

Perkin Elmer T5 Telephoto Lens

Posted By Raymond E Daniels Jr

Hello Tom,
About 20 years ago I bought two telephoto systems apparently identical to yours at a local military surplus auction. The label on one of them reads "DISTORTIONLESS TELEPHOTO AERO LENS 40 IN. (1016MM) F/5.0 T5-Y7-119 MADE IN THE U.S.A. BY THE PERKIN-ELMER CORPORATION, GLENBROOK, CONNECTICUT. (Note slight differences from your label.) They came with a lens cone for a type K-22 camera (the camera did not come with them). One of 4 metal labels indicates that the camera had a "9x9" plate. Telescope making and astronomy were my hobbies as a teenager and I couldn't let the opportunity to obtain two 8-inch objectives pass me by. Now, some 20 years later I have desided to create something useful with them. From your picture, it appears that you have. At this point I can't help you with any useful information since I have just started my search, but if I do I would be happy to share it with you.
Eddie Daniels