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Posts Made By: Russ Carroll

August 19, 2022 08:39 PM Forum: Politics

Then there's Fauci.......

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Moral of this story:   Get all the fun in while you have the chance and live life to the fullest. 

I just got the call last night at 7PM that a fairly good friend, came home to find her husband dead on the floor.  He was stone cold by the time she arrived home.  In his early 40s.

Her father and I are very, very good friends and I know her well.  

She just got married, a little over 1 year ago as well.  

So her life just turned upside down in an instant.  They haven't contacted me back as to the cause of death but my buddy Mike (the deceased's father in law) said that he and his son in law were golfing on Saturday and he became violently ill on the course and had to stop playing after 9 holes.  

He told Mike that if he didn't feel better he was going to the emergency room Monday morning.  

Don't know if he ever did, but it is too late now.  

The terrible thing for her is that she was the one who found her mother (Mike's 1st wife) dead on the bathroom floor while Mike was on a business trip.

And his wife was an avid runner of marathons like you were.

Bad luck seems to follow them around.  shocked

What a shame.

Very sad. Make peace with God while you can.

August 20, 2022 09:31 PM Forum: Politics

Then there's Fauci.......

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

He had a massive heart attack. That was ruled the cause and it was his first, which is the cause of death in roughly 1/3 of all 1st time heart attacks.

So there was nothing he could have done because it was his first heart attack and he was home alone.  Therefore it was a sad situation of there wouldn't have been a thing he could have done about it.  Nothing.

I'm going to be serious for once. Your friend and I were probably in nearly identical situations. The symptoms prior to having a "widow-maker" heart attack that your friend had and that I narrowly avoided would be easy to overlook. I almost did myself.

I had angina and did not know what it was for about a month. Nothing that serious, but I felt almost an electrical vibration in the center of my chest when I exerted myself. It would stop when I rested. I woke up one night with that sensation again, and I thought this can't be right, and I'm already resting.

I had 100% blockage in 3 arteries in the heart and 90% blockage in three others. I had emergency bypass surgery, and I was not even allowed to sit up to go to the bathroom before the procedure, fearing the onset of a heart-attack that they could not save me from.

I felt silly calling for an ambulance in the middle of the night, but the Lord must have caused me to be alarmed enough to call 911. I likely would not have survived one more ordinary day without intervention.

Don't ignore symptoms, especially cardiac ones.

August 25, 2022 12:04 AM Forum: Politics

Let's make those who DIDN'T go to college PAY the tuition of the well off who did. Dictator Joe UPDATED!

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis
I guess Joe Biden thinks he can wave his hand and $10,000 of student debt incurred by the spoiled, selfish, entitled children we now have in society, is magically gone.

These are the entitled kids who went to Harvard and Yale, ran up massive debt for their student loans, and then whined about it. 

Therefore now those who were responsible and paid off their student loans with no help from Big Gov't Mommy get to fork over their hard earned dollars to pay the student debt of the entitled in society. 

I paid my loans off early and I could only defer them for 6 months after I graduated.  I surely didn't ask anyone else to pay my bills.  I didn't expect the gov't to charge someone else to pay my bills.

Now those who got out of high school, went to work immediately, paid taxes on the money they got from their job where they worked for years, while the entitled children went to college for 4, 5,.... 7 years in some instances, those who didn't go to college get to pay the tuition bills of the entitled whining children.

And its all to BUY votes.  That's all the Dems know how to do is to take money from one group and give it to another group so that those groups will vote for them.

Yeah folks they are socialists and they are proud to take your money, the money YOU earned from your sweat and give that to some entitled child.

Luckily for us, Dictators like Joe Biden can't just wave his hand and wipe out debt.

Update:   The story appears to be that he's going to add to his illegal act here and wave off $20,000 of the debt to those who rec'd PELL Grants.  So if you got free money from the gov't before, you'll be getting $20,000.

Thanks to all the Plumbers, construction workers, janitors, street workers, and others who didn't go to college.

You just get to pay the bill for the other people who did. 

All courtesy of Dictator Joe and the Marxist Democrat party.  smile

Lawsuits will be flying, that's a certainty.  He's not Dictator Joe, he's Senile Joe.

I always knew Richard secretly had a thing for Nancy Pelosi

August 26, 2022 09:44 PM Forum: Politics

Third World Tactics of a Banana Republic

Posted By Russ Carroll

I’m guessing there isn’t a hotel room the Trumps have ever stayed in that wasn’t missing every robe, slipper, ashtray, towel and nicknack that was in it. He can’t help himself.

August 29, 2022 09:14 PM Forum: Politics

Another Boring Ho Hum Post For Jim Brown

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Steven Moore

No Rod you are the never ending person that posts crap on here forever and a day!

At least your meme has the decency to name it the Democratic Party. Every time I hear/see someone refer to the DNC as the "Democrat" party, I think 'retard alert'

August 29, 2022 09:24 PM Forum: Politics

Another Boring Ho Hum Post For Jim Brown

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Uh oh, you must be a hater to use that filthy word.  Don't you know how these Democrats will clutch their pearls and refer to you as an evil person who uses offensive language to describe people who are differently abled?  

Oh wait, darn it, I almost forgot that you're now a Democrat so you get a pass.  

Sorry, my mistake.  wink

Well, I actually have enough gray matter to articulate what policies I think are terrible coming out of the DNC without having to call them child-eating pedo's or some other idiotic pejorative that is both stale and churlish 

August 29, 2022 09:27 PM Forum: Politics

You thought to yourself "Good Grief, these People Can't spend enough of My Money"

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

No, sadly you have it backwards.  Here's one that you've been dodging for years.

I've asked it numerous times.

Name the conservative policies that Trump pushed forward and the agenda that he got through the Congress that you disagreed with.

I think its about 2 years now... Hmm.... maybe longer that you've dodged that one?  

You can try to list them since you never have.  wink

Dude, Trump has no policies, he only has one thing - a mirror he adoringly gazes into day and night asking who is the fairest one of all.

August 29, 2022 10:14 PM Forum: Politics

Another Boring Ho Hum Post For Jim Brown

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Darian Rachal

Russ, what is it about the term "Democrat Party" that you find so offensive? 
It's the user, not the usage, and it amuses me. This dates back as far as my memory goes when some in the GOP called them the Democrat party, as if it would tweak Dems by mispronouncing their party affiliation. It did irk some in the DNC back in the day, but that's ancient history, and mostly inside-baseball IMO.

Skip ahead to today and I would bet that most that use this "pejorative" are not even aware they are even misusing the term, let alone why it allegedly tweeks Dems. It just sounds stupid to me, especially coming out of a genius like Jr.

PS I'm guessing the similarity between Democrat and Bureaucrat was the intended zinger at the time, but don't quote me on that

August 29, 2022 10:18 PM Forum: Politics

You thought to yourself "Good Grief, these People Can't spend enough of My Money"

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Oh, so nothing got done under Trump?  

C'mon Russ, you're not an idiot.  Did you enjoy your tax rate cut, or are you one of the amazing people who didn't get a tax cut when virtually everyone else did?


My taxes went up, not down. The Democrat party certainly has dirt on their bib on this one as well.

August 29, 2022 11:32 PM Forum: Politics

Another Boring Ho Hum Post For Jim Brown

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by James Brown

I'm calling BS on this.  You may be crass and churlish Richard, but there is no way I believe you would call an actual learning-impaired child a retard.  Either to his or her face, or when in a serious conversation about the child, or within ear shot of the child's mother. 

Even you recognize that this word, like so many others from our youth, has evolved out of polite discourse.  Jim 

Finally someone took the bait on this term, albeit a friend and decent guy. 

I have been lectured before about using this term by a friend (and decent person) who objected to my usage of the term retard. NOBODY today would call a mentally disabled person a "retard" for the very reason that it is used as a pejorative, and only a pejorative, The term has been 100% appropriated by modern culture as meaning a hopelessly clueless person. I see no reason to stop using it since it has been purged as a medical term long ago. How does this demean someone with a disability then. How am I wrong here?

BTW, if we shame-ban the word retard at this point, teenage boys will just use the current term for a mentally disabled person as a new pejorative and it will stick. I'm guessing they already do. Let's just stick with retard since it is never used as a medical term anymore and in the common vernacular. 

I'm sorry, but especially today, we need a stinging label for an idiot and this has been used by my generation forever. Give me a good reason to stop using it and I will.