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Posts Made By: Russ Carroll

November 17, 2022 06:50 PM Forum: Politics

Ominous news

Posted By Russ Carroll

Mel wasn't as hard-core as his posts. His ire got up a little, which pushed him into more extreme posts than he really believed himself.

November 18, 2022 10:25 PM Forum: Politics

Great News! Lauren Boebert won in Colorado

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis
She won.  And so its a DONE deal.  Lauren Boebert will sit in a seat in the new Legislature for the next session in what is called the US House of Representatives.

The idea that her win pisses you off royally is just a big bonus for sure!  smile

Richard, Democratic leaders pray every day that Boebert, MTG, and their ilk stay in Congress. It is their best hope of Democratic victories in '24. BTW, I think they even secretly pray Walker wins in GA for the same reason. In fact, they would fundraise for Trump to get him the nomination.

November 19, 2022 02:31 PM Forum: Politics

Great News! Lauren Boebert won in Colorado

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

You see, I vote for the person who is going to be the lesser of 2 evils.

I'm not in it for my ego and my pettiness against someone's personality, I'm not voting for people based on their personality.  

Let me use this comment to address both you and Rod on an issue:

I did the same thing that you claim you did in bold - I voted for the lesser evil. We simply don't agree on who that was.

Donald Trump is a singularity in American Presidential politics, at least in my adult life. He is a sociopath and a narcissist at such a deep level that he cannot be trusted with the Presidency under any circumstance because of the great damage that is possible to our country. I reluctantly voted for Clinton, someone that I hold little in common with politically, because I knew bad policies are easier to correct down the road than evil-doing. You don't agree with me, but you mischaracterize my motives.

Now to Rod. You ask a great question: How in the world can I vote for DeSantis given his behavior. Simple - I have zero evidence that he is either a sociopath or a narcissist, particularly to the criminal level of a Donald Trump. He's just a skilled politician IMO that sees the numbers inside the current GOP and he realizes he isn't going anywhere by pissing off Trump voters. I can overlook a lot of his flaws as a candidate that bother me because he isn't crazy or a criminal. 

If Donald Trump runs and is nominated, I will again go to war against him. Everything he has done since becoming President has only reinforced the concerns I had in 2016 and more,  but make no mistake - I am at war with Trump, not conservative principles.  Trump is a very dangerous psychopath. Ron DeSantis is not. I may cringe on occasion but I would happily support DeSantis.

November 19, 2022 05:23 PM Forum: Politics

Great News! Lauren Boebert won in Colorado

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman

I understand what you're saying and it makes sense. However, there isn't as much daylight between Trump and DeSantis' ACTIONS that has me concerned, and obviously more so than yourself. While I agree he's not the psychopath and criminal that Trump is, his creation of issues like the "don't say gay bill", anti-transgender laws, and the chastisement of children wearing masks during the epidemic concurrent with his state administration of masking covid deaths in Florida prove he is dangerous. And that's not to mention his silence on Nazis protesting on overpasses, bridges and at Disneyland in Florida along with his cries of being politically victimized for failing to condemn it. His silence may not be as overt as Trump telling the proud boys to "stand back and stand by" but it sends the same kind of message.  In other words, he is as despicable, in his own way, as Trump is in his. And that is not the kind of man we should have as the president of the United States.

Rod, the left has lost people like Bill Maher on some of these issues, let alone an evangelical conservative like myself. I am opposed to letting public schools teach moral principles to K-6 graders that are not shared by everyone. My solution has been private schools, but many can't afford that and are stuck with the public school system.

For example, I would be opposed to teaching k-6th graders in public schools that sex outside of marriage is ok. It is a sin against God and destructive to people IMO. I don't think it is at all a criminal act or worthy of any discrimination (and I would be opposed to forcing teachers to say that it is wrong)  but I don't want the state contradicting what I teach my own children on topics like this, at least to very young student. Frankly, I agree with Bill Maher - these topics are not appropriate for elementary school kids and they shouldn't be broached at all.

I know Richard often ignores my insistence that I am an evangelical Christian, but what is less obvious to me is how people I have allied with against Trump may have ignored it as well.

November 19, 2022 07:08 PM Forum: Politics

Great News! Lauren Boebert won in Colorado

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

However, I can make this statement about your motives.  You don't like Trump and much of what you are worried about, his "danger to the country" is unfounded in his past record of achievement.

Aside from your hysterics about Jan 6th., which are in my opinion exaggerated beyond all reality by the crazy, unhinged leftists out there, Donald Trump is no danger to the country.    

I don't like DeSantis, but I would fully support him. I hate Ted Cruz, but I'd likely vote for him. Thank God I won't have to.

November 21, 2022 04:57 PM Forum: Politics

Great News! Lauren Boebert won in Colorado

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman

Another person who doesn't see that DeSantis is Trump by a different name...

Rod, the GOP platform in 2020 was literally whatever Tump says. Literally. Even if Ron DeSantis desired himself to be the platform, which he wouldn’t, he couldn’t get it approved.

PS Thanks, Jim.

November 21, 2022 08:30 PM Forum: Politics

Elon Musk is the Best!

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by Greg Shaffer
Elon definitely has a sense of humor......and cut CBS's virtue signaling off real quick lol

Why did Mr Free Speech have to take a poll to decide whether to to restore Trump's account or not???

And this:

November 29, 2022 02:48 AM Forum: Politics

Elon Musk decides that Twitter's censorship of speech will not stand.

Posted By Russ Carroll

Originally Posted by James Brown

Michigan is a force of nature, that is for sure.  I graduated from Purdue in '83 - care to make a wager on this Saturday's championship game?  I'm in, if you'll spot me 65 points!  ermm

I have been a Michigan fan my whole life. This was the biggest win in my memory bar none. For those that don't know, back in the day of the Rose Bowl being Big 10 vs Pac 10, we only cared about beating OSU the game before. Winning in the Rose Bowl was not that big of a deal and just a vacation in SOCAL for the team for waxing Ohio State, at least to a true Michigan fan.

November 30, 2022 04:25 AM Forum: Politics

A life well lived

Posted By Russ Carroll

That's funny grin

December 6, 2022 07:30 PM Forum: Politics

Posted this is the Complete and Utter Silence thread but then got complete and utter silence by the righty forum guy

Posted By Russ Carroll

Free WSJ Link

from OpEd

"Truth in advertising, though. Mr. Trump is giving Republicans a taste of what they’re in for if they nominate him again in 2024. His presidential campaign is less than a month old. Already Mr. Trump has dined with anti-Semites and a white nationalist, while calling for himself to be reinstated as President, even if this requires the “termination” of whatever in the Constitution stands in the way. What he’ll really terminate is the GOP."