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Posts Made By: Lou Occhipinti

May 10, 2008 04:42 PM Forum: Religion

Is not knowing an excuse ?

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

I remember reading some stats that about 90% of all children follow in their parents beliefs. So, what you believe is dependent on where and what you were born into.

If you happened to be born in the middle east there's a good chance you would be Muslim or if in India a Hindu and so on etc etc. Being indoctrinated in such a way with little or no exposure to other beliefs leaves little room for choice.

Should such a person be punished for eternity for having the misfortune of being born in the wrong place. Is it fair to condemn a person for not knowing any better ?. Is there any wiggle room here ?

May 17, 2008 04:54 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Hyper Sensitive Cry Baby

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

Obama is either paranoid, has a guilty conscience or just acting like a cry baby to get attention when he complains about the President calling appeasers what they are.

The funniest part of the article is this statement:

"...taunchly defending his national security credentials..."

Can you believe this statement was made in reference to Obama? What a joke this guy and those that support him are. What credentials? He has no credentials...oops I forgot, he said earlier in the campaign that his going to elementary school for 4 years was his best credentials. 8O

You seem to have forgotten the GW was a governor who never served in congress or the senate and had ZERO foreign policy experience also, unless you count partying on daddy's money, and he turned out to be a disaster.

Experience has never been a good litmus test. We have had many great leaders and also complete incompetents from both sides ranging the full experience scale.

So then, what is your argument ?


May 20, 2008 09:36 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Click those heals when you solute

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Yea your right Jim, leaving something for the children and grandchildren seem oh silly now.
I see the light and it is gorge-ous.


May 24, 2008 03:26 AM Forum: Politics

Re: Hypersensitive concern about assassination

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

Hilary made a statement about the Robert Kennedy assassination, and the hypersensitive once again read more IMO into it than was intended.

Which do you think is more likely:

a) The Clinton Machine is signaling to their dirty trick squad operatives to kill Obama.
b) Hillary is hoping that there are a lot of wacky racists out there, and she is staying in the race hoping that with a little nudge one of them will kill her political opponent.
c) The hypersensitive racist left once again is playing the race card by twisting Hillary's words hoping that people are stupid enough to fall for yet another one of the victimization campaigns.

Anything anyone says can be be twisted beyond intention, anyone who is married knows that.
If you look for malice you will find malice.


May 29, 2008 05:27 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Falicy of high oil prices

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

Do you remember when gasoline cost less than a dollar a gallon? I am sure that you do because it was not long ago. Do you remember those who said that if only gas cost more then other forms of energy would be viable. Back then in books and speeches it was said that gasoline only needed to be about $.50 per gallon more. We are now approaching $4 per gallon in the US. I just got a message from a colleague in London who is on his way to the middle east and he reported that petrol there is $9.65 per gallon (converted to US dollar). The high prices have not magically created the promised results. We will still have global warming, and there will still be pain.

IMO we are in for high energy prices for a very long time to come. Individuals are adjusting their habits. Not surprising elected idiots in some quarters are pushing for even higher taxes on fuel (because revenue for roads is down due to less consumption). Many families and businesses are hurting. The global economy is in trouble. This winter is going to be deadly. Having high energy prices is not a solution to environmental issues. High prices only create an environment where innovation can begin. It is going to take time for inventors to create actual viable products, test them, bring them to market and for the marketplace to choose the winners.

An interesting aspect is the tax aspect. If/when an alternative to gasoline is found and accepted by the market (my favorite is the plug in electric car), and the tax base from gasoline dries up, then what will be the mechanism that the politicians use for taxes to maintain the roads? Will government be able to break its dependence on oil? This is similar to the charade about smoking (no I have not ever been a smoker), where they demonize it but refuse to ban it.

What are your thoughts?

I agree with you Jim. Since Oil is finite I really have to blame our do nothing congress for not having an energy policy to eliminate/lessen our dependence. And it's not like they didn't see it coming; gas shortages of the 70's and 80's and now the 00's along with the bad foreign policy decisions it caused and the unsavory govts we've had to get in bed with.

We need to do with the energy program what JFK did with the space program. We were way over our heads technologically but we overcame with leadership, money, and American ingenuity.
Let their oil rot in the ground and turn them back into 3rd world countries.


November 30, 2008 03:00 PM Forum: Religion

I Feel Like Rip Van Winkle

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

I wake up and the entire landscape has changed. Lurking won't be the same although I must admit one thing, their attacks on each other was like not wanting to watch a train wreck but unable to avert my eyes.

Arguments between extreme points of view rarely are productive nor provide any insight but god are they fun to watch.

Lou still lurking O

March 6, 2004 05:19 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

"You Could Pay 5-10 Times As Much"

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

And could have 100X the delays, bad service, and broken least for some. I just happen to be one of the unfortunate ones.


May 23, 2008 03:19 AM Forum: Politics

Who Repudiates Better?

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Rod Kaufman said:

Who repudiates better? McCain or Obama?
Now that both candidates have repudiated their endorsements from pastors, who has the qualifications to do the better job? Take McCain, for example, since he's obviously got the experience now that his camp has seen the passing of six advisers and everything that goes with it. The initial joy of support and hope, dashed by the reality of shame and apology plus the endorsements of two pastors with one equating the holocaust with God's will and the other throwing lightening bolts at Islam.
I ask you, is that an experience or what?
Then there's the new kid on the block. Obama, brash, skinny, articulative and married by a weirdo! The joy of it all, eliminated in fleeting seconds of a You tube rant!
Who has the better experience at repudiation? McCain or Obama!?

A lot like asking which is the weirdest freak at the carny side show.

I liked McCain in 2004, back then he said the religious right has hijacked the republican party calling it evil and intolerant. Fast forward to 2008, after realizing he can't win without them is now sniffing their behind like a dog in heat.
The ends justifies the means....lost all respect for him since.

As for which backpeddles best...I give 50 points to McCain for experience and 50 points to Obama for eloquence.


May 24, 2008 04:35 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Michael Koons said:

Which one of the candidates is discussing the comming change from a high consumption(partially fueled by loose credit, easy money policy and a host of other shams) economy to a conservation economy........... With no discretionary bucks in a lot of households left, and no savings, we had better start. I'll vote for that candidate

Guess you'll be staying home on election day then.


May 27, 2008 09:21 PM Forum: Politics

What kind of warmonger is this guy?

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Lee Spain said:

McCain supports slashing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, working on nonproliferation issues with the U.N., and improved relations with Russia. I'm not so sure he's the warmonger and loose cannon that he's made out to be.

I suspect if we put all partisan politics aside we would find that none of the candidates are what they are made out to be by their opponents. But then again that's their strategy, to spin and confuse, to keep each side off balance and on the defensive. And based on what I've seen and read it's working