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Posts Made By: Lou Occhipinti

May 28, 2008 02:21 PM Forum: Politics

Anything wrong with this picture?

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

publicly reaffirmed anti-American statements by the same candidate's mentor demonstrate exactly where the democrat party has moved - to the extreme left. How sad.

Would it be also fair to encapsulate the republican party and where it has moved to by looking at Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. Of course not! They are called fringe extremist for a very good reason; they do not speak for the majority nor are they barometers for their parties. Between these two guys alone you could fill volumes of hateful and vile words against everyone and everything. Jews, gays, muslims, catholics, America, single parents, unwed mothers, feminism, capitalism,I could type all day at not finish listing all the groups that they've denigrated or blamed for all of the worlds suffering.

So maybe, just maybe, Wright does NOT reflect the whole democrats party.

Always a pleasure arguing with you Jim.

May 28, 2008 09:27 PM Forum: Politics

We're Saved!

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

At least he has started a conversation on reducing run away spending. The President and the democrat controlled congress are out of control. If the dems were serious about getting out of Iraq, they long ago could have cut spending for the war. They have not even sent a budget to the President that has it cut. To the dem congress the war is a tool that is used to keep their extremist lib constituency in line while at the same time using it to beat the President over the head. The fact that McCain made the proposal he made that includes cutting expense, yet continues the war will not hurt him with the electorate. Your post is the type of statement that is expected from the defeat invested left.

I was with ya all the way Jim, up till the point where you dove off the deep end.
We were in agreements till about half way through and you blamed the democrats congress for over spending. You failed to mention the reps were the party in power for the last 6 yrs and the dems for a short time and that the top 3 biggest pork spenders are republican.
So much for fiscal conservatives.

I think both sides have veered way off course but at least I'm not looking at it with one eye closed. wink wink


May 29, 2008 01:40 PM Forum: Politics

Stop the Speculation on Oil

Posted By Lou Occhipinti

Jim Babcock said:

How? All speculators are not in the US. There is not A government that can regulate them. It is in the best interest of Iran, Venezuela and other countries that would like to stick it to the industrialized west for oil prices to be as high as possible. The environmentalists believe that high prices are good for the environment. Just who and how exactly would you "stop the speculation on oil"?

The problem is the commodity exchange markets. Speculators buy futures contracts on products they have no intention of taking delivery of unlike equity stocks and debt bonds where you do. Unless they want a tanker pulling up to their house and dumping 1000 barrels of oil or bushels of corn on their front yard.

How about classifying strategic commodities such as food, metals, and oil and reduce its' trading only to those who actually use the product thereby removing all speculative trading.
How it would work from an economics standpoint I will leave to smarter minds than mine.