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Posts Made By: Merlin Raymond

April 16, 2010 03:55 PM Forum: Home Observatories

I'm Back

Posted By Merlin Raymond

Well guys, after a some what long time out, I have made it back. My old account doesn't work and I had to pay for this one but I don't mind; I find it worth it. Herb please delete what may be left of my old account under Merlin Raymond to save hard drive space but if you could transfer my old ratings I would appreciate it. Now with many upgrades and plans for SSMO maybe I can breed a little life back into this thread. It seems to have been quiet for a while. New solar panels, new mount, new wind generator, and new dome automation should keep my spring and early summer busy. Those of you that have purchased a Explora-Dome Observatory, I may be able to help with some of your problems. I have extensive knowledge of them.

To all my old friends still hanging around on the thread; I have missed you and am glad to be back 8) ! grin ! smile !

Merlin J Raymond
AKA Magic Man
Star Shooter Mobile Observatory {SSMO}

April 16, 2010 01:48 PM Forum: Home Observatories

ExploraDome progress

Posted By Merlin Raymond

Steve Adjust the horizontal wheels so the dome does not rub the ring. Do not adjust them so they all touch. The secrete to an easy turning dome is the less that touches it the better. This changes some if you are going to motorize it but for turn ing it by hand less is better.
Magic Man

April 18, 2010 03:25 PM Forum: ASTRONOMY


Posted By Merlin Raymond

I'm not from Bend but from Hillsboro but I know some of the skies. They are some of the best in the Nation!!! Several locations available around 5-7k feet with nice dark skies. To the south is Sun-river where there is a small public outreach observatory. Bob and Larry run it and you could not ask for better guys. If you want specific locations for viewing E-mail them at the Sun-river Nature Center. They can give you the hot spots.

Clear Dark Skies
Magic Man

June 8, 2010 05:49 AM Forum: Guns and Hunting Optics

Armed while observing at dark sites

Posted By Merlin Raymond

Louis Busby said:

Anyone here take telescope protection while observing at dark sites.

I live in Northern VA and have to go to remote dark sites to observe/image. I usually always have a pistol with me since I am out in the dark alone with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I have a concealed carry permit and usually wear the pistol concealed. Also in some areas I go there are bears

The exception to that is if I am at a star party with lots of kids. I lock the pistol in the truck just to be safe and to keep the little ones from freaking if they spot it accidentally.

Jus wonderin.

I have read threw this thread lmao. But on the other hand I always carry. If the city because we have predators. In the field because we have Mt lion, black bears, and now they have reported a pack of wolves have moved in from Id. In the city it's the 9mm or 45. In the field it's the 44mag or the 45-70. I always say it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. JM2C

Magic Man

June 17, 2010 04:56 AM Forum: Guns and Hunting Optics

If I did carry...

Posted By Merlin Raymond

What no Auto Mag? Think American made. If you want big try my TC 45-70 with a sixteen inch barrel. Possibly the biggest hand gun you can buy.
Magic Man