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Posts Made By: Markus Ludes

January 23, 2007 12:25 PM Forum: Eyepieces

What should it sell for?

Posted By Markus Ludes

Hi David

if your Nagler 9 mm would be indeet the Typ 1, I would buy it right out of your box , because they have been sharper then any type later ( am not talking about contrast , here the later one with better coating are better ), but your picture in the add show the Nagler 9 mm Typ II

The Type 1 did not have had any rubber and no eyerubber , see at Tele Vue Website the old Typ I here

and on attached image

best wishes

March 17, 2007 11:53 AM Forum: APM

Re: Aspheric Zeiss eps

Posted By Markus Ludes

Hi Scott

I am sorry, that my webdesigner did not take over all informations, here
from my old webside

16 mm versions

- 16 mm 62° 20 mm eye relief Focusing - 16 mm field stop 5-lens design,
orthoscopic with negative fieldlens and 1 cementing

- 16 mm 62° 20 mm eye relief - 16 mm field stop - 5-lens design, orthoscopic
with negative fieldlens and 1 cementing , special flatfielddesign

- 16 mm 62° 20 mm eye relief 5-lens aspheric design, orthoscopic aspheric
with negativ fieldflens , special flatfielddesign

- 10 mm 55° 10 mm eye relief Focusing - 10 mm field stop 6-lens design,
orthoscopic with negative fieldlens and 1 cementing

I hope that answeres your questions


March 20, 2007 09:23 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Look at the new ad and it all becomes very clear!

Posted By Markus Ludes

To understand that reason of my add , read what I wrote already at a diffrent place and I hope it explains all to you:

Before any speculation arise, let me make things clear from my position

1, I have no conflict with Thomas Back, we are still talking friendly together.And I am working on a deal which brings Thomas a lot of money in his pocket for his docters.
2, Thomas Back and me still doing business together on friendly base and against payment , he design for me and pay him , thats our agreement. And if Thomas ever recover , he can come back any time to sell his designed Apo's again.
3, Thomas Back works for a few companys , only 2 of them pay him, one is Astronomics and the other one is APM. The other 2 companys do not pay him. Thomas complained personaly to me that he does not get paid from those 2 companys.

Therefore , thats my personal believing , Thomas took eyepiece shipments he sold to me as payment for his work.

I introduced about 1 year ago this Burgess/TMB Planetary eyepieces to the german market with my dealer net, that including also TS.

Soon the shipment was sold out and we ordered more from TMB, that was about 1 year ago.

Since that 1 year Thomas was delayed by BB from 1 date to the next with reasons , you would maybe smile about.
Thomas simply could not get this eyepieces for me anymore , maybe because BB does not want to pay him ?

Anyway after 9 month waiting, seeing more and more reviews of the eyepieces , our german customers said, we also want them.

We could not get them, so TS , our european biggest China Importer easily found the manufactor of the eyepieces. TS asked if he can buy them, manufactor said yes, no problem, TS send money over and got the eyepieces.

At this time APM still did not bought that TS version , but hoped that BB keep his word. BB Promissed me personaly and via Tom Davis that I get the 1 year backordered eyepieces at WSP 2007 delivered.T. Davis even told me he cannot understand that I could not get the eyepieces , they are in stock at BB. I told T. D. call Thomas Back and tell him that , Thomas needet urgent the eyepiece money from me for his medicin, but without eyepieces in his hands Thomas back could not make a invoice to me.

I got there 2 pc 40 mm Paragon and nothing else.
After WSP I got from T. D. informed, that I get all my backorders by end of february 2007.

That date past again and silent came back.

Well my customers on the wait list have been extremly pashioned , but then TS started to announce he has the eyepieces under his name for sale from stock.

My long time waiting customers cancled the orders to me and bought them from TS.

Enough was enough.

From USA I got from the promissed shipments nothing , but here in Germany I could buy from TS what I need and wait 1 year for before.

I wrote 1 last email to BB telling him, if he has no eyepieces now for me , then I buy them from TS..

BB did not even replied my email, so well , time was over and I started to buy from TS and could finaly deliver to my customers.

TS itself never ever have had the idea to buy and sell this eyepieces under his own own.

But BB who did deliver nothing, forced TS to go his own way.

So BB never ever shall complain that TS now selling this eyepieces, this happened only due the fault of BB who could not or did not want to deliver this eyepieces for 1 year .

My personal thought on this case is, that BB simply did not want to handle over to Thomas back eyepieces , who could use them as payment for his job.

Now thats our storry , do you really complain now what TS is doing and I started to do ?

I believe we also have the fully moralic rights on our side. Thomas Back does not loose and not win any cent becuase he get not paid by BB for his works, thats the last words I heard from TMB. But BB who does not pay TMB loose profit .

so now sit down and read again our storry and tell me who is responser for all whats going on here


Markus Ludes

March 21, 2007 07:34 PM Forum: Eyepieces

A question for Markus

Posted By Markus Ludes


my Last email was exchanged today with Thomas Back. I talked to him about his health, how he is doing and if we meet at NEAF and informed him, that I have a payment for his last design , where I shall send it too and wished him best health.

He replied, he still feel very bad, must go again to Hospital and cannot visit NEAF and told me where to send my design payment and send me very best wishes

Thomas would speak diffrent to me, if he would be upset with me, but he does not, because in case he reads the things, he knows that I speak the thruth and he is the one who did not get the promissed payment for his work from the big crying mouth.

Thomas is getting money from sales of the signature series, but to my last knowledge nothing from eyepiece sales.

We both working on a big apo project where he make some good money for investing in his health.

I am very very sorry for Thomas, but not for his " partner" ????? who use him only


April 5, 2007 03:55 PM Forum: APM

6mm eyepiece

Posted By Markus Ludes

enjoy the first light :-)


April 9, 2007 02:58 PM Forum: Refractors

Re: Vignetted optics

Posted By Markus Ludes

I am or at least was a dealer for William Optics, even if I do not sell much of here stuff, due some special reasons, I could not name anybody and I tried not to name anybody.

So , I am very much surprised that Sky and Tel. does indeet mention it a very little bit. Now if S + T would have done a closer look, they would see that all 3 baffles in the M 90 has the same clear aperture and the front does not only vignete 3 mm, it vignetes 3 mm at each side :-(.

In a Refractor baffles shall start wide and get smaller in aperture as closer you go to focuse.

Why in the world William use in the M 90 , 3 same diameter baffles is extremly magic to me.

I reported that issue to William as a fault when I got the first M 90. They told me they will check and if I am right they will correct the problem. Later on I saw another newer M 90 , much later delivered and nothing was corrected.

My one showed with vigneting good optics and colorcorrection, way better then Sky 90, but the baffles are sitting on felt and anybody can simple replace them to correct position, but be carefull, if you correct the problem, your optics show visible more color then Sky 90 and worser spherical correction.

Sames happened to thr M 110F/7 triplet, when I saw and startested first I was surpricest to see a colorcorrection as good as in my russian TMB 115/7 triplet, but when I found here also the vigneting, and corrected it, the colorcorrection dropped below our russian TMB 105 F/6.2

All I found was reported to the manufactor, but nobody took care.

Now have a look in your new Meade 80 mm ED and look what you see from end of the focuser ? A baffle which vignetes the aperture to 60 mm is sitting in the focuser . This was reported to the Meade USA people and Meade Europe and both did not feel it necassary to correct that foolish fault. This year WSP I still saw that bad vigneting baffle.

To me above makes clear , that it is not a lazy assembly mistake, but a clear wanted vigneting.

Here in Germany recently a review in our big magazin was posted by a imager baout diffrent new asian 80 mm Apos. I got the review before printing for read and offer technical corrections . I told them what I know and told to the magazin people if they post this review this written way, then they will support manufactors to foolish customers. The review was printed with no change.
Last week the advertising boss of the magazin called meand asked me how I am doing and i told them i feel extremly dissapointed about the handling of my statement, that nothing was done against this foolish review from the magazin. The Boss told me I am right and he will talk strong words to the responser people and will inform me what he find out. I am waiting !

Now I go away , I do not want to geet the same attacks again as last time.

Reviewing telescopes with sich high pride in a magazin, by knowing such faults is a shame and in my opinion a support of the magazin to the manufactors to foolish the readers, customers.

I am sorry but I cannot understand all that anylonger . But the worsest of the worsest are customers who read all this and still support the manufactors who foolish customers this bad way.

bye byee


July 7, 2007 11:41 AM Forum: TeleVue

Televue 60

Posted By Markus Ludes

I know worlwide only 1 other 60 mm Apo matching the quality of the Tele Vue 60 mm Apo, and that other is the old discontinued Taskahashi FC 60/500.

The Tele Vue 60 is classes above any modern competition on the market and worth each penny it cost.

I have had first the Tele Vue 60 with 1.25" focuser and switched now to the 2" version which is just same good.

The Tele Vue 60 can be really called highest end quality APO

see my baby attached

my 2 cents

Markus Ludes

September 1, 2007 12:11 PM Forum: Refractors

How much better are apochromats than achromats?

Posted By Markus Ludes


you need to put the TV 60 to Pos.8, its easy equal to the douplet Fluorites.

From my memory the 52 Meade ED was very close to the FC 125 , so the Meade shall not be placest on that ba dposition


September 13, 2007 01:58 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Ethos real live images

Posted By Markus Ludes

enjoy the real Ethos


September 13, 2007 09:09 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

APM Giro-2: How can I mount DSCs to it?

Posted By Markus Ludes

The US company TECH 2000 offer such a as a kid, get in tech with them

around end of this year Tele Optics start offering a german made DSC +motordrive for the mount

Markus Ludes