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Posts Made By: Markus Ludes

February 28, 2005 11:57 AM Forum: Refractors

Re: Question for Markus -- New Vixen Refractors

Posted By Markus Ludes

Hi Bill,

I am hereover a Vixen dealer, but do not sell much of them. They are just to expensive sold here. So I have looked onto them , but never through, sorry

bets wishes

March 15, 2005 07:04 AM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

Solarmax 60 Binocular with Kowa Highlander

Posted By Markus Ludes

here 2 images showing my new Coronado Toy, a Kowa 82 mm Highlander Fluorite Binocular with 2 matched SM 60 installed in Front.
thanks to Bill from Coronado for making this fabulous H-alpha Bino


March 18, 2005 04:12 AM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

March 24, 2005 03:18 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

also good for Chinese Exporters ?

Posted By Markus Ludes

Hi Herb,

Importers means, dealers in USA who importing chinese Optics. But hey I am in Germany, so selling to USA means I am a chinese (im-)exporter.

Does this name change now means I can speak here about products, announced by importers , who took deposits but not delivered due unknow reasons, which we carry and sell from stock most times ?

If that is allowed here , would be real nice.

there are so many new products available from china, where many US customers dont know , like new apos, apo spottingscopes, new widefield eyepieces etc.

thanks for clarification what I am as an exporter permited to speak here about


April 13, 2005 08:53 AM Forum: APM

New TMB 130F/9.25 Super Planetary Triplet Apo

Posted By Markus Ludes

today new Lightweight Tubes arrived, so we could fix the final specs now, see below

Markus Ludes

New TMB 130f/9.25 Light weight Super Planetary Apo ( CNC-LW & LW )
After the great success of our new light weight tubes for the TMB 105/6.2 and TMB 115F/7 Apo's we start now to follow the request of our international customers and create a new TMB 130F/9.25 LW Tube version. Here we doing 2 diffrent modells: 1, a upscaled 1:1 version of our known smaller TMB LW Tubes with retractable dew shield, 50 mm finderbracket , set of tuberings, GP-Mountrail, movable quickfocuse drawtube with attached 2" Starlight instruments Feather Touch foc user. The expected final weight of this version will be about 18 pound.
Its mainly designed to work with CCD Cameras and 35 mm SLR Cameras and for binoviewing without barlowlenes/optical pathcorrector 2, this second version is almost identical with the first version, excapt that the new 3.5" Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser replace the 2" focuser with its drawtube.
The expect weight is in the 20 pound. Its mainly designed for customers who thinking about medium format imaging

Technical Specification Value
- Clear Aperature 130 mm
- Focallength 1202 mm
- Triplet airspacest fully multicoated Super Planetary Apo
- F-ratio F/9.25
- Tubeweight with 3.5" focuser 9 kg (= 19.8 Lbs)
- Tubeweight with 2" focuser 7 kg ( 15.4 lbs)
- Shortest possible tubelength for transport 1040 mm ( 40.95 inch )
- tubelength with extendet dew shield 1200 mm ( 47.24 inch)
- Observing Lenght with 2" stardiagonal to end of focuser 1300 mm ( 51.18 inch )
- Focusersize for CNC-LW Version 3.5" Starlight Feathertouch , 360° rotatable
- Focusersize for LW Version 2" Starlight Feather Touch, 360° rotatable with sliding drawtube
- Weight of tubering set 1 kg ( = 2.2 lbs)
- Adapters include down to 1.25"
- Finder non ( optional )
- Focusertravel for CNC-LW Version with 3.5" focuser 113 mm ( 4.45 inch)
- Focusertravel for CNC-LW Version with 2" focuser 165 mm
( 6.5 inch)
- Backfocuse maximum : 220 mm ( 8.66 inch )
- Tubediameter for LW Version 145 mm ( 5.7 inch )
- Dewshield diameter for LW Version 175 mm ( 6.9 inch )


TMB 130 f/9.25 LW Version with rings, rail, finderbracket, adapter 2"/1.25"

for European Buyers incl. 16% VAT Euro 4.795

for oversea customers , Export Price US $ 4,990

TMB 130 f/9.25 CNC-LW Version with CNC Rings, Adapters down to 1.25", finderbracket

for European Buyers incl. 16% VAT Euro 5.590

for oversea customers , Export Price US $ 5,990

Delivery time for each Modell about 3 month from date of Order

Image show the 130F/9.25 and the 130F/6 side by side

April 28, 2005 10:59 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Privat APM Backyard Roll Off Observatory

Posted By Markus Ludes

here some images of my personal place to observe the stars, 5 meter wide x 9 meter long using a swimming pool roll off :-)

clear skies
Markus Ludes

April 30, 2005 04:36 PM Forum: Astro Binoculars

Kowa Highlä#nder Prominar 82 mm Fluorite prooved a

Posted By Markus Ludes

another night of observing

Kowa Highländer Prominar 82 mm Fluorite Binocular with
interchangable eyepieces. I modified some Meade 4.7 mm UWA to get 95
power. Oh Boy Epsilon Lyra Pair splittet into 2 clean douples. I
didn't know that this was possible in a binocular, but the Kowa, in
my opinion the worldbest large Binocular did it suprising easy.Also with that power it resolved easily this night M13 and showed surprising high end Jupiter imager with great Details

A friend told me that with old Meade UWA and old nagler Typ 2 , shortening them I get focuse, so I did it and it works superlativ good.

If you want the worldbest douplet Fluorite Bino 82 mm, the Highländer is your first and best choice

clear skies

May 10, 2005 07:50 AM Forum: APM

New Generation TMB Apo's info

Posted By Markus Ludes

some more new latest Telescopes have been finished and shipped out last days. Here I want to give some input about them with technical specs and images.

TMB 115mm F/805 mm CNC-LW II Modell
Tubediameter 136 mm = 5.35 inch
Dewshield diameter 152 mm = 6.0 inch
Dewshield outer lenght : 230 mm = 9.0 inch
tubeweight with optics, 3.5" focuser, finderbracket : 7.05 kg = 15.51 lbs
tubeweight with optics, 3.5" focuser, finderbracket, tuberings : 8.05 kg = 17.71 lbs
Transportlenght: dewshield retracted, focuser in position: 650 mm = 25.59 inch
Observinglenght: dewshield extendet, focuser in position : 760 mm = 29.92 inch

increased baffle system ( more baffles then before due thinner tube)

Images follow


August 26, 2005 09:40 AM Forum: APM

Warning ! TMB Apo 8"F/9 Ser. Nr. 030 , read

Posted By Markus Ludes

APM-Telescopes has recently discovered that a TMB 8"F/9 APO bearing Serial
No. 030 that which is subject to APM-Telescopes's purchase money security
interest is being offered for sale by its current owner without
APM-Telescopes's express permission. This sale is contrary to
APM-Telescopes's express sales agreement with the current owner.

This telescope was purchased on an "installment basis" by its current owner
and is subject to APM-Telescopes's purchase money security interest and
claim. Any purchaser of this scope without APM-Telescopes's express
written permission will not be a bone fide purchaser, will be buying this
scope without warranty and may be subject to an action at law or equity by

If you have any interest in acquiring TMB 8"F/9 APO bearing Serial No. 030,
please contact me directly.

Markus Ludes

August 31, 2005 08:46 AM Forum: APM

TMB/Zeiss 25 mm aspheric Ortho Info

Posted By Markus Ludes

Hi Guys,

this superb longer focallenght 3 -element aspheric orthos , optics made by CARL ZEISS was some time ago discontinued, due to small demand for starting a new production again.
However , since some more wanted to have this glas, we offered the original Zeiss Version with high eyeguard and same FOV for only $ 250 , available from stock.

Everything is Identical to the TMB/Zeiss , excapt the eyepiece housing and engraving. If you want one of such superb reviewed eyepiece, we accept orders

thanks for listening

Markus Ludes