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Posts Made By: randy cordell

June 7, 2002 02:26 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

SCT and Barlows?

Posted By randy cordell

I just spent my first evening with my new (pre-owned) Celestron 9.25" SCT under a beautiful Milkyway at the DAS darksky site outside of Denver. One thing I quickly learned is that my Meade 2-3X barlow don't work too dang good with this scope. I cannot bring my TV 15 and 20mm occulars to focus. Can someone tell me what's up and what I need to look for in a barlow?

June 9, 2002 12:22 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

A finder question

Posted By randy cordell

I had a 6x30 on my first scope a 6" dobs. I got really good at being able to use the finder with both eyes open and bring the two images together. This works sweet. Then, my next scope - a refractor - had a 7x50 finder and I could not do this because it was too large in diameter and so my unaided eye couldn't see the target whilst the other could. So when I got my NEXT scope a C9.25 I sez to myself, "Self: You know those 6x30 finders are CHEAP and they're everywhere!! What a deal. Just what I want!" So I bought a LER (Long Eye Relief) one made by Celestron - more because of price than any other consideration. Perfect, right? No. What I find now is that when I get the cross hairs in the finder exactly on the image I see with my unaided eye, what I want to target isn't in the middle of the finder. It's halfway or better to the edge of the field of view. This is baffling. It isn't workable for me. Is this because it's a LER or is it somehow defective?

Perplexed in Aurora. Thanks,


June 9, 2002 12:24 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

question for the optical guru's out there

Posted By randy cordell

I prefer using binoculars without my glasses. Every pair I have though, I have to unscrew the right primary tube a couple turns in order that the dual images I see otherwise will merge into one. What property of my vision deficiency causes this and are there binoculars that are built to compensate for it? I don't like having to tweak the optics, one cause then they are screwed up for anyone else and two cause it leaves a path for dirt to get in.

Thanks in advance.


June 12, 2002 06:12 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

What filter for galaxies, nebulae?

Posted By randy cordell

What kind of filter will help bring out the sublties of galaxies for visual observing? How about for nebulae?


June 15, 2002 11:12 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Anyone's comments on THEIR LASIK correction?

Posted By randy cordell

Just wondering about Lasik and how it affects looking into the eyepiece. I've heard that close up vision can suffer from the procedure. But there always are variables. Any experiences shared are greatly appreciated, both good and bad.


June 18, 2002 11:27 PM Forum: Celestron

What is Starbright and what is my diagonal?

Posted By randy cordell

I have tried to figure this out on Celestron's web site but I can't seem to find detailed answers to questions like: What is the percent reflectivity of my c9.25 mirrors that have Starbright coatings. Same question with the 1.25" diagonal (94115-a).

The main thing I want to understand is if the diagonal is a weak point optically. Anybody know?


June 24, 2002 12:04 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Dielectric vs non-dielectric diagonals

Posted By randy cordell

Can someone give me a rundown on what the various trade names are of 2" dielectric diagonals. I think I can infer from the "enhanced alum vs dielect..." thread that the TV everbrite and Mead UHTC coatings are dieletric. Is this right? Does celestron have one? Anyone know the part number?

June 24, 2002 12:16 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Cleaning EP's and ever popular lens cleaning pen

Posted By randy cordell

Once upon a time in a not so distant time I was trying to learn how to clean my EP's. I searched the net high and low but never found the answer I needed. All I could find was "use canned air and a camel hair brush". Right. That finger print that I inadvertently put smack in the middle of that one there just isn't yealding to canned air. Recently I found the EXCELLENT description of the right way to do it on Al Nagler's televue site. Thanks thousands Al...

Now here is my question: Remember back at "once upon a time in a not so distant..." I landed on the "Lens Cleaning Pen" of manufacturer I cannot recall, sometime before they started showing up in every astro rag's advertisement pages, with a gleaming astro-specific name. Are these things really recommended? Have I ruined my two Teleview Plossls. I don't see any sleeks but will this device leave microscopic ones that eventually ruin the eyepiece? They seem to work okay but I'm still relatively new to this astronmy thing and I'm always looking to fine tune my observing. That being so, I'm wondering if my use of this pen is self defeating in that respect?

Comments? (please don't filet me too badly)


June 26, 2002 02:36 PM Forum: Celestron

mounting both a Telrad and finder on c9.25, ideas?

Posted By randy cordell

I have a c9.25 on a GM-8 attached with Ken Dauzat Rings. I have a celstron dovetail 50mm finder mount attached to the OTA via existing mounting holes. I have purchased a Telrad and have realized it won't bolt up to the other set of existing holes very well. Have others of you out there solved this and if so how?


June 29, 2002 10:15 PM Forum: Celestron

Celstron Sails on unhendered

Posted By randy cordell

A link from the Equipment Talk forum.