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Posts Made By: Paul Wehr

January 18, 2003 07:48 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

I need a good wide field scope.

Posted By Paul Wehr


I see no one has mentioned a TMB 80/480 or 600, maybe a Tak sky-90
Both of these scopes will give very wide field views and still be very impressive for planetary observing with a good Barlow. These can double as fantastic day scopes!


March 12, 2003 05:01 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Eye Pain

Posted By Paul Wehr


Were you observing the moon by any chance with out a filter? When I got my first scope a Meade ETX 90 I looked at the waxing second quarter moon the next day I thought my eye would never be the same.


April 19, 2003 04:46 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

How many Iraqi casualties

Posted By Paul Wehr


I was speaking of fatalities. I know their can not be exact numbers, but the military can have rough estimates of possible Iraqi dead. These if, in the tens of thousands of fatalities, are they lying in the desert? Are mass graves being built/dug?

I find it amazing how proud I feel as do other Americans of our military and is awesome capabilities. But after the worry of winning is over I can’t help but think about all the dead who had no chance of survival and how many were like sitting ducks in a pond. In the hundreds or even thousands, its mind boggling.

Have a happy Easter everyone!


May 7, 2003 07:29 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Apochromatic and Achromatic... ???

Posted By Paul Wehr

Hello James,

There was a post last May that I think you may be interested in reading the threads. Go to search forums and search for RECIPE FOR PRODUCING A 102MM SEMI-APO

The thread covered allot about what defines the apo and achromatic refractors. I hope this helps.


September 19, 2003 04:58 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

One telescope for a year.

Posted By Paul Wehr

Zeiss APQ150 and AP900 GTO mount.


October 19, 2003 01:05 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

An opinion is just that.

Posted By Paul Wehr


Myself, and I am sure others know that the post about TV copied Meade and which is better was not the motive for the post. It was to get people’s dander up, to incite argument and bring out the antagonists in our mists for good verbal sparring for a few rounds. But then it just keeps running on due to a hand full of the regulars who are always willing to spar at anytime on any forum. Certainly it belonged in the off topic forum or maybe some new forum that we could figure a clever name for. But of course we all know it would not incite the riot that it does on the most popular forum. So please remember that the whole post was meant to offend somebody so others will put the gloves on.

Now back to equipment :-) As far as Naglers, Panoptics and Radians being some of the best, that is only true in a narrow defined definition. Wide field viewing with fast scopes. They are good with slow scopes to but so are good Erfles. It all depends on what you want to observe and taking into consideration what instrument you are using. A good Zeiss or Pentax ortho {or any good ortho for that matter} will surpass any of the Naglers and Panoptics on Lunar and planetary viewing every time. So I agree with you, a lesser eyepiece {lesser elements but still good quality glass and coatings} are better. IMHO.

Be well

January 17, 2004 03:28 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Meade 32mm 4000 VS Televue 32mm Plossl

Posted By Paul Wehr


The Meade 4000 super plossl and the TV plossl’s are equivalent, I have them both and use them in 4” apo’s and an 8 “ dob. I cannot see a quality difference. Make sure the Meade is made in Japan, the newer made in china Meade’s are not as good.


December 4, 2004 08:07 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Adapting FeatherTouch Focuser to Orion 80ED

Posted By Paul Wehr

Hello Raymond,

I seen an ad on Astromart not long ago and I saved a picture. Kens rings was selling this, maybe it will help you.


May 31, 2004 09:46 AM Forum: Polls

Best President Since WWII BEGAN

Posted By Paul Wehr


I felt the same way!
When Clinton was elected a second term.

It is very difficult when partisan ship gets in the way of seeing when either side does good.


June 1, 2004 06:24 PM Forum: Polls

Best President Since WWII BEGAN

Posted By Paul Wehr

I suppose the democrats have none of those faults.

I agree with the twenty years or so, it will just be allot shorter time line with the Clintons, Gores and Kerry’s and maybe we could throw in a Daschle or two. :-)

You seriously don’t think either side would do a much better job! If it’s the republicans and the fall of our great democracy, then you can be sure the democrats will get us their just as fast.

Come on guys, I think most of us in the middle, not the radical left and right and the partisan brain washed believe that both candidates and parties mean well for the country and the parties have much more in common than their differences, so if those who truly believe we will fall in twenty years should start packing some stuff away because it’s going to happen regardless of your choice of political party.

We can always read the newspapers to wallow in all the bad and there will always be bad, but considering the circumstances there is allot of good changes that will a cure from where we are now.

Ya know when the Clintons had the white house there was allot of hootin and hollerin just like there is now, but mostly all that was from the far left and right. The rest said let them do there job.

Just a different take on things.

Best wishes,