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Posts Made By: Joe Baldwin

January 11, 2005 08:24 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Saturn - Clear skies in east TN.!

Posted By Joe Baldwin

Acquired this 1/8/05 after Machholz had sunk below tree line. C9.25 with 2.5X powermate, Toucam Pro, stacked using Registax 3.

January 11, 2005 09:26 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Machholz - short stack

Posted By Joe Baldwin

This was taken 1/8/05 under unusually good conditions. Machholz was an easy naked-eye object on this night. This is a quick stack of 4 images.

ST80 piggy-backed on C9.25/CI-700. Canon 20D set at ISO 3200. 30 second unguided exposures with dark noise reduction turned on.

January 11, 2005 12:09 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Macholz or Machholz ??

Posted By Joe Baldwin

I've seen it both ways

January 14, 2005 07:36 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Pleiades - one shot

Posted By Joe Baldwin

single 30 sec. exposure using Canon 20D / ST80. I really like what this camera can do

February 3, 2005 06:29 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Re: Saturn, January 31st, 2005

Posted By Joe Baldwin

Outstanding detail and color! Send some good seeing down south please.

February 4, 2005 07:24 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Re: new webpage created with Saturn/ Jupiter image

Posted By Joe Baldwin

Very nice work Eric. Thanks for going to the trouble of setting up a website to share your work.

February 8, 2005 12:24 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Gigapixel Camera

Posted By Joe Baldwin

Some of the images are amazing

April 6, 2005 10:19 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Re: Clear CCD condensation upon cooling

Posted By Joe Baldwin

The old cookbook cameras used a simple trick, the ccd and peltier are enclosed in an airtight chamber with an optical window and the cold finger was designed so that the moisture in the air collected and froze there first so that the air was below the dewpoint at the ccd.

April 29, 2005 10:41 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

80mm APO vs C8

Posted By Joe Baldwin

There is an article describing first light with an 80mm Megrez APO in the reviews sections and the author maintains that the more planetary details was visible in the 80mm than an 8"SCT. While I've never actually looked through that scope, it seems strange that it could compete with even an average quality 8" scope. Anybody have a similar experience?

May 13, 2005 06:17 AM Forum: Bad to the Bone Autos

Re: If you could restore...

Posted By Joe Baldwin

1930 Fleetwood Cadillac V16 - if money was no object