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Posts Made By: Thomas Marshall

December 8, 2014 01:00 AM Forum: Solar System Observing

Ritchey Chretien for Planets

Posted By Thomas Marshall

I am seeing some AT6RC or equivalent Ritchey Chretien scopes with incredibly fine photo's at really nice prices. Everything I read about these scopes sounds good, BUT they stress that these are designed for astrophotography. The resolution I see in photo's amazes me and my Question is does this fine performance of resolution and color fidelity translate across the board to planetary/terrestrial/VISUAL use?? I am considering purchase, but I only do visual work, and don't want to purchase something that is weak in this regard. Thanks Thomas Marshall

February 11, 2015 09:16 PM Forum: After Dark

"What's Up" - now

Posted By Thomas Marshall

Mayer AZ. Naked eye could see easily all main stars in little dipper. Used Barska 15X70 binocs for quick look around. Comet Lovejoy showed good. M31 is amazing in binocs, M33 easily found-double cluster-wow, - checked out pleides-hyades-Orion Neb., ALL impressive. Found M65/66 In Leo, - the four moons of Jupiter, - M41, M44, - M46, - M47, both M81 and M82 were very good. Other stuff too. I've spent a LOT of $$ over the years on astro-stuff, and I still get excited looking thru these $50(on sale) binocs I got at big 5 years back. Pin Point stars, good resolution, enough power to make a difference. I have to keep a finger near the center focus to keep focus tweaked because my eyes move the eyepieces, but it's an easy thing to get used to. I feel a little sorry for some of you guys that have 8ft. of snow in your driveway, and/or have to look out through double pane windows, to get your astro-fix. Spring is right around the corner. smile Two days ago I got the best views of Jupiter I've ever had, using my C8, but I don't know if I should attribute it to my new WO 11/4" dielectric diagonal/improved collimation/ or that Jupiter is at opposition. Maybe all 3. Thomas Marshall

February 12, 2015 03:52 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

"Let's cut the UFO crap" can of worms

Posted By Thomas Marshall

March 2015 "Astronomy" magazine article by David J. Eicher. This guy seriously thinks he and his mag. the final mediator on the issue of alien life visiting earth?? Billions of galaxies each with billions of stars/planets and he thinks the powers that be made it a stagnate still life?? Sure, it's a big universe - 2 hundred years ago it would have been "impossible" to believe there was so much out there. Does Eicher think he has exhausted and finalized all knowledge/understanding of time/space/light?? Perhaps it is as U2 says, - something that "has to be believed - to be seen". Proofs have been made, and truths disavowed. I never heard of any of the twelve Apostles denying the twelve "walkers" on the moon. Some astronauts share names with some of them. Though these Apostles had no college educations and certificates or scientific knowledge, - they were NOT as modern science would have it, - "twelve monkeys". A "once upon a time" friend that is high in spiritual circles, once described himself as others had described him, as "a beam of light". He passed every test I could think of, even though our friendship went south. If as the "Moody Blues" said, "there's life in other worlds, - maybe they'll come to earth, - helping men to find a way", - it seems the time around WWII would have been better than most for them to show up for work. There should maybe be a theorem like "Occam's Razor OR "Murphy's Law", to apply to modern intellectuals/astronomers etc. How about - Scientist's/Astronomers understanding of the light they see, - diminishes in direct proportion to the increasing amount of light made visible to them. wink Thomas Marshall

July 8, 2015 07:36 PM Forum: Insects - Flowers and Other Small Stuff - Photos

Image of the day

Posted By Thomas Marshall

"Odd Butterfly" is a "Hairstreak", but I can't be more accurate as regional variations and similar hairstreaks make it too much for me. Good Pic though. Thomas M. smile

July 13, 2015 02:18 AM Forum: Eyepieces

zoom eyepieces

Posted By Thomas Marshall

Zoom eyepieces that advertise for 2" AND 11/4"barrels combined, - Do they perform better in 2" mode or is it just mechanical adaption? I guess what I'm asking is if I bought one of these, would I get bigger fields and brighter than the LV8-24mm 11/4" zoom I couple with my C8 now, for jumping around at globs and and star fields?? Thanks Thomas M.

January 15, 2016 10:26 PM Forum: Solar System Observing


Posted By Thomas Marshall

The best images of Saturn I have ever seen, - at 8O 8O Thomas M.

February 19, 2016 03:52 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Meade Super Plossl

Posted By Thomas Marshall

Are the Meade Super Plossl's that are selling at $25.00- $35.00 online today the same as the Meade's that I bought in the 1990's?? It seems I always paid around $79.00 then, and I am matching some pairs for my binoviewer. So the 26mm I just ordered should match exactly with my old 26mm?? Thanks - Thomas M.

April 5, 2016 10:41 PM Forum: Astro Binoculars


Posted By Thomas Marshall

I bought "as is" used bino's on e-bay/PayPal. Labeled 30X50 and touted as "High Power" bino's. Now I am in quarrel with seller who is complicating the "return" of item. Bad collimation that I adjusted 90% better, but gave up finishing the tweaking of them when I realized they are not actually 30X, but rather show exact FOV and image size as my 7X50 bino's and no amount of tweaking could fix that. He wants me to pay return shipping and hold refund till a camera shop verifies they are not 30X50 as labled. How do you calculate exact power of bino's?? I have the 50mm part, but eyepieces are not labeled like telescope eyepieces, - 12mm/25mm etc. I told him the difference between 7X bino's and 30X bino's is the difference between Saturn looking like a star and looking like the ringed planet it really is. No possible way bino's that are supposed to be over 4 X the power of 7X50's could have exact FOV and image size -- Right?? Thomas M. :S

May 6, 2016 04:47 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

Star Wars

Posted By Thomas Marshall

I watched the new Star Wars movie yesterday, and the girl "Rey" says to Ford "Han" upon learning the ship she just commandeered is the Millenium Falcon, and he the famous Han Solo, - "The same ship/pilot that did the ----? loop in just 14 parsecs?? Ford answers no, - I did it in 12. Then mumbles more about 14/12 and she amazed at 12 parsecs looks at him like Mount Rushmore is alive in the flesh before her. So I'm thinking this doesn't sound right and google parsec which says a parsec is a measurement of "distance" equal to 3.26 light years or 19 Trillion miles, - but their usage is as though it is a measurement of time, like - I ran the 100 meters in 10 seconds, and he corrects her and says - no, - I ran it in 8 seconds. So I am wondering, - did a franchise like Star Wars make such a superficial error, - or is it a trick reference to baffle the nerd/fans, and there is some way to shorten 14 parsecs to just 12 parsecs?? - I KNOW since I semi-retired I have WAY much time on my hands, - but I'm thinking after 6 or 7 Star War movies, they would have this kind of thing down by now?? - Right?? wink Thomas M.

May 26, 2016 03:41 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

tripod locking screws

Posted By Thomas Marshall

Does anyone know the diameter and thread count on the Celestron Nexstar SE8 tripod leg locking screws/knobs?? Trying to tighten one of the legs tonight, - it snapped the plastic thumb portion into pieces. I couldn't find this part at any of the sites I checked, but I see all kinds of thumb screws for sale on e-bay at prices that I can buy by the dozen if I know the size. Thanks Thomas M.