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Posts Made By: Richard Davis

June 23, 2019 09:24 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

Just Checked That Other Website...

Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck
Well, Dickie, you just got a new nickname too. Dick fits you so well.
P.S.  Take a chill pill Jim and get over it.  You might feel better.  wink

June 24, 2019 02:41 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

CNN Presentation: Apollo 11 Moon Landing In HD

Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman
Wow! CNN got a hold of original film footage of the Apollo 11 moon-mission that had been in cold storage for 50 years and brought it up to date with today's specs and you just have to see it to believe it. Looks even better than Ron Howard's film, "Apollo 13",plus it's real footage. What a masterpiece...
Do you have a link Rod?  That would be cool to see.  

June 24, 2019 03:09 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

CNN Presentation: Apollo 11 Moon Landing In HD

Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman

I just finished watching it on CNN cable news as a special presentation. They'll probably have an encore presentation but I don't know when. It's awesome...
Ok, thanks Rod.  

June 28, 2019 10:02 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Greg Shaffer
SNORT!!.....I needed a good belly laugh this morning! Thanks James smile
You're not kidding. Two of the descriptors of her had me laughing out loud, eloquent and ethical.

That woman has to rank right up there as the rudest member of Congress out there.  As for her ethics, I watched a video of her being interviewed, where she admits to having smoked pot on numerous occasions, then she puts people in jail for possession of pot.

So much for her stellar ethics!  

I don't even need to go into the other adjectives to describe her.  They are just as funny.  

BTW, is it just me or does she laugh hysterically more than any other candidate on the Democrat stage.  Things that aren't even funny but just weird, send her into odd fits of hysterics.

It is truly bizarroworld with that freak  grin

June 29, 2019 03:33 AM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman

Yeah, she sure did a Bone Tomahawk on Biden yesterday. Of course, compared to it is truly bizarroworld with that freak Trump, the guy's a saint...
The woman is a piece of work, that's for sure. 

I surely don't know what is ethical about her as claimed earlier.  When a prosecutor commits the same crime that she imprisons others for doing, that is an indicator of ethics??  

What kind of ethics does that speak?  

I guess for some the bar is pretty low.  

Then while on stage she says that in her healthcare plan, she would do away with private insurance completely.  That was her statement.

The very next morning when called on it, and asked about it, she changes her tune and says "oh, I was only saying that I personally was willing to give up my private insurance.  I never stated that I called for all private insurance to be eliminated by the gov't".  

Well, all one has to do is play the response she gave in the debate, and her speeches all over the place, as well as interviews where she says that her healthcare plan would call for the elimination of private insurance to see what an unethical lying sack she really is.

The thought of that woman in power is scary.  

June 29, 2019 07:38 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Darian Rachal

Richard, she'll get about as close to the White House as you(or me for that matter) are going to get.silly
Thankfully, you're right Darian.  It is 15 months before the election and if history is any indicator, she'll be in the back of the pack by November of 2020.  

The irony and the stupidity of leftists like her is staggering.  

Here she is complaining about racism and Jim Crow laws as well as the treatment of Blacks since their arrival in this country and she belongs to the party that was the culprit for all of it, including the rise of the KKK.

Another Irony is that she's calling out Biden for even associating with the Senators whom she feels were racist back then, and guess what party they belonged to?

Yep, the historically racist Democrat party, which was the cause of the suffering of Neroes back in the 1800s and the suffering of today's blacks and yet not ONE commentator on that stage, Rachel Maddow, or Chuck Todd mentioned that little factoid.

One other thing Darian to notice during that Debate.

Not once did the subject of reparations come up, aside from when one of the Democrats happened to mention it for a microsecond and it was completely ignored by the leftists in charge of the debate.

Gee, I wonder why that was???  

Joe Biden is toast IMO.

Larry Elder talked about it on his show yesterday and he stated that Biden is a dead man walking.  

He dropped 10 points in the polls, and Bernie is now at 17.3%.  

It'll go back and forth for the next 15 months but I think most people can see through Kamala Harris for the fraud she truly is.  

June 29, 2019 08:14 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Mel Maki

Maybe I'm just missing the coverage that is fair to Biden. What I see is non-stop MSNBC anti-Biden coverage from people that want the guy to step aside. I don't think he can overcome this.
I think you're right Mel.  

He can't overcome a biased media that wants the most progressive candidate they can possibly get.  

Not that Biden is any sort of Jewel.  Hardly the case, but he's not a raging Socialist/Communist the way most of the Democrat candidates seem to be lining up.

He can't compete with all of these loony tunes candidates trying to outdo the other to see who can be more RADICAL PROGRESSIVE psycho leftists than the other candidates on that stage.

So far what we can say is that all of these candidates are for OPEN borders with no consequences for breaking the law.

They all put the health and welfare of illegal aliens ABOVE the health and welfare of taxpaying citizens.

They want to saddle the taxpaying US CITIZEN with the debt and costs of paying for Illegal aliens healthcare, while trying to destroy the healthcare system of this nation in the meantime.

They are Anti- US Constitution, Anti- Bill of Rights, Anti - US Citizen, PRO Illegal alien, Confiscate your guns, Decriminalize coming into this nation Illegally, Anti - American, PRO European Union, PRO INCREASED Taxes on US Citizen, FREE stuff for Illegal aliens, and they are PRO ABORTION UP UNTIL THE 9TH MONTH, PRO Hamas, Pro Hezbollah, Anti - Israel, and Anti - Semitic to boot.

They are generally a radical left party that no longer believes that they work for the people, but that the people exist to serve their radical interests.  

And the leftists here on this forum are happy to oblige them as the sheep that the Democrat politicians realize they are, period.  

June 29, 2019 08:17 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Darian Rachal

Mel, I'm not fan of Biden, but I think the best thing can do is to ignore the criticisms of the leftist vermin in the media, push on, and say to hell with the consequences.
My Guess Darian, is that Biden will be worn out, and put away wet by the end of the year.  

I think he'll drop out.  

Why should he bother being savaged by a hypocrite leftist like Kamala Harris?

Unless he's a masochist, he's going to say why bother, who needs it.

Just retire and go away.  

Not to mention, you've got the most sanctimonious son of a bitch giving it to him from the other side and that is Pete Buttigeig.

That clown is a real tool of the left.  He's the perfect Christian standing in judgement of other Imperfect Christians who apparently don't have the right to wear the Christianity logo on their sleeve if they don't agree with him 100% on his holier than thou views of how Christians should act.

June 29, 2019 08:50 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Richard Davis

Originally Posted by Darian Rachal

Rich, your and Mel's thoughts on what Biden will do are probably more likely than what I wish he would do. I just wish he'd hang in there to annoy the rest of the Democrat clowns.
I just don't think he will.  He's too much of a wimp to stand up to the rest of the crowd.  They already have had him apologizing all over the place for his past deeds, or should I say misdeeds.  

He's an old school Democrat.  He doesn't fit in with the New Democrat party, the radical leftist one.  

His era was more reasonable.  

Today's Democrats aren't even liberal, they are FAR left, and they hate this country the way it is.  They want to re-imagine it, in their socialist utopian view.

Biden just doesn't fit in.  

And he has the leftist media 100% against him.  They want him out, and the sooner the better.  

It is sad.  

June 29, 2019 09:11 PM Forum: Politics

Candice Owens has the liberals pegged perfectly

Posted By Richard Davis

55 seconds of utter truth.