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Posts Made By: Richard Davis

October 16, 2014 09:02 AM Forum: Politics

The Soft Tyranny of Liberals.

Posted By Richard Davis

I guess there is no freedom of speech, nor is there a right to privacy when it comes to the mind of a liberal. The mayor of Houston, Tx, who happens to be a proud lesbian apparently thinks she enjoys the power to trample on the rights of pastors and dictate that they will hand over their phone text messages and their sermons for approval by the state.

I can't imagine living under the tyrannical dictates of this type of government official. Hopefully, the ADF will succeed in shutting down this nonsense.

I can only assume that since these other power mad liberals see this President doing what he does and they see Eric Holder's Justice department obstructing justice, they don't have to be bothered by things such as the Bill of Rights. And why not, they see this President acting with impunity from all laws big and small and they see a corrupt atty. General giving his middle finger to Congress and subpoenas and figure, 'Hey, what the Hell, if the President and the AG can do this, why can't I"...

October 16, 2014 05:22 PM Forum: Politics

What a guy, what a great guy....

Posted By Richard Davis

Hunter Biden, discharged from the Navy for Cocaine use.

I'm sure he'll run for office as a Democrat, and I'm even more certain that Democrats will vote for him in overwhelming numbers.

October 22, 2014 07:28 AM Forum: Politics

Forget the facts, just go by your ideology.

Posted By Richard Davis

The socialist one that suggests the concept of supply and demand doesn't apply when you are a person with an agenda and that agenda is to elect Democrats.... at any cost.

Walter Williams's article concisely states the obvious. It is too bad that a guy like Krugman leads with his politics instead of his brain.

October 22, 2014 10:28 AM Forum: Politics

Democrats once again encouraging voter fraud

Posted By Richard Davis

This time in Colorado... well really if we're talking Democrats its pretty much in every state.

Just watch the video. They don't know they are being filmed. James O'Keefe, the filmographer was even offered a job to work for the Mark Udall campaign, after he told the gal his plan to commit voter fraud. Guess she thought that was a keen idea. Then again, they're liberal Democrats so why should we be surprised.

You might notice that not one single person working on the campaigns here, said a word to discourage this outright criminal activity. Of course they are liberal Democrats, and the mantra is going to be the same with every one of them, win at any cost, dishonest, criminal, doesn't matter.

October 23, 2014 09:57 AM Forum: Politics

Why I'm concerned about voter fraud.

Posted By Richard Davis

This story about the upcoming Colorado Election is one of the reasons,

because we have passed such wonderful laws in Colorado, given to us by the Democrats in the Colorado State Legislature which have abolished the idea of going to the polls to vote, and instead making all the ballots mail in. This is just inviting fraud, but hey, the Dems know that they will be the ones to most likely commit the fraud, so its fine with them. Further, they have now instituted same day registration, another method proven to invite fraud, as shown in other areas of the country, states such as MN.

And of course another is how Democrats honor those who are convicted of voter fraud. This is how principled some of them are.

The woman in question confessed to voting twice for Barack Obama, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison only to be let out early.

But don't worry, voter fraud doesn't occur around the country... :S

October 23, 2014 01:59 PM Forum: Politics

CNN Carol Costello The real War on Women

Posted By Richard Davis

It appears that earlier in the week, Carol Costello was allowed to put forth a news story about an attack on Bristol Palin, laughing about it right on the air. This was one despicable report, and appears to be typical of the leftists in the Television News genre. Is it any wonder that CNN is tanking and laying off many of its workers, when their professionalism extends to providing audio of Bristol Palin, speaking to Police after she was assaulted, and then this News 'anchor' employed by them laughs about it, and mocks Bristol Palin.

Where is the management of CNN to boot this lowlife from her position Immediately? They won't because in essence they sanction this crap, and they promote it.

The Democrat Left is truly the group engaging in a War on Women. Just watch the clips as Carol Costello says the audio is "the best 1 1/2 minutes of audio" she ever heard.

Mika Brezynski isn't much better. Take a look for yourself.

October 25, 2014 06:06 AM Forum: Politics

If you can't get a gun, a hatchet will do

Posted By Richard Davis

Glad to see good guys with a gun stopped a bad guy with a hatchet.

October 26, 2014 04:26 PM Forum: Politics

Election Fraud - Coming to a State near you.

Posted By Richard Davis

If any conservatives have an interest in seeing what can happen to the election laws when liberals are in charge, just keep an eye on Colorado this election cycle. I just watched a film titled "Rocky Mountain Heist" and it is eye opening. It should be req'd viewing for anyone who is concerned about the loss of Liberty and the Corruption coming from the Democrat side of the aisle.

If anyone is interested they can PM me and I'll direct them to how to get a copy of the film. It is worth watching and quite chilling to see how they are corrupting the election system, 1st here in Colorado, and next will be Texas. As Fred Barnes states in the video, if they succeed in Texas the way they have in Colorado, it is all over for Republicans.

October 28, 2014 06:46 AM Forum: Politics

Who creates the jobs? Just ask Hilary

Posted By Richard Davis

Because it is magic. According to her in her latest tirade, she said this: "Don't let anyone tell you that businesses and corporations create jobs"..

Really? Well who the heck does then you idiot? Does gov't create private sector jobs? We know that gov't creates gov't sector jobs that depend on taxpayers to pay their workers.

To any Hilary supporters out there, what is this fruitcake saying?

October 28, 2014 07:32 AM Forum: Politics

More disgusting antics coming from Universities

Posted By Richard Davis

who "claim" to be ALL for free speech. I guess now, even Bill Maher isn't permitted to say the truth about what is happening in the Middle East and all over the world.

When did Universities become stiflers of speech they don't agree with? I thought Socratic dialogue and debate was the CRUX and the REASON of having institutions of learning. I thought parents were sending their children to Colleges and Universities so that their minds COULD be filled with different philosophies so that they could make up their OWN minds about all aspects of life and living?

When is this going to stop? It used to be that guys like David Horowitz and women like Ann Coulter (Conservatives) were shouted down and were NOT permitted to speak on College campuses. Now Bill Maher isn't allowed either?

I have to wonder if these same students were asked "should a spokesperson.... OOPS, I mean spokes MAN for ISIS be allowed to come to Berkeley and speak about Islam", would they be ready to allow that? It wouldn't surprise me if these said "YES, we want to hear his side".