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Posts Made By: Richard Davis

November 3, 2014 03:59 PM Forum: Politics

Nobody's saying it, so I will.......

Posted By Richard Davis

Republicans are going to take back the Senate. B'Bye, Harry Reid...

November 4, 2014 08:11 PM Forum: Politics

B'bye Harry, don't let the door hit ya' in the bac

Posted By Richard Davis

Looks like its over for the Democrat party this go round.. The Republicans have 50 seats and Landrieu is getting all of 38% right now down in Louisiana which means that the runoff in Dec. will see her get the boot. Plus, there might just be a few more seats that the Repubs pick up in a few other states. Hopefully, IA will head for Ernst and Kay Hagan is in the fight of her life down in NC. There is a possibility that VA will swing for the huge Underdog Ed Gillespie. Wouldn't that just shock the heck out of Ol' Harry?

Wow, is this a complete slap in the face to the policies of Barack Obama or what! I can't wait to see the face on that guy tomorrow morning. Democrats deserve everything they are getting and more. Maybe now we can get this country back on track.

November 4, 2014 08:33 PM Forum: Politics

Landrieu getting stomped in La.

Posted By Richard Davis

This is what the voters think of Obamacare. Landrieu didn't want to distance herself from it and it ended up killing her Senate career. Glad to see that.

From the article:
CBS News exit polls show Landrieu is getting very strong support from African-Americans (93 percent) but is running very poorly among white voters (22 percent). She is also getting only 35 percent of the votes among independents.

Landrieu is also suffering from the strongly negative views of Louisiana voter about the direction of the country and Obamacare.

Overall, Louisiana voters are very unhappy with the way things are going in the U.S. -- 70 percent say things are seriously off on the wrong track. Landrieu gets only 29 percent of these voters. Forty-nine percent are very worried about the direction of the economy, and Landrieu again gets only 29 percent of these voters. Forty-one percent think the economy is getting worse, and Landrieu wins a mere 19 percent of their votes

So, I guess in Dec. we'll see another seat for the Repubs, which makes 53 Seats to 45, because Ia just went Red for Ernst and North Carolina for Tillis. So long Kay Hagan.

Wow, this really turned into a massive rout, didn't it?


November 4, 2014 08:47 PM Forum: Politics

Is Texas poised to turn to a blue state?

Posted By Richard Davis

Thankfully, it doesn't look like it:;_ylt=A0SO81ESqVlUQFwAlEFXNyoA

Wendy Davis was roundly stomped into the Texas dirt by Greg Abbott. It wasn't even close.

I guess her support of late term abortions didn't sit well with the folks down there. A total of 38% of the vote is about as pathetic a showing as it gets. So long Wendy, have a nice life...

November 5, 2014 06:20 AM Forum: Politics

Let's see if Republicans will do what they say...

Posted By Richard Davis

The Establishment ones like Mitch McConnell. I'll be contacting his office later today to Congratulate him and the first question I ask will be "When are you going to repeal Obamacare"?

November 7, 2014 09:19 AM Forum: Politics

The Tea Party

Posted By Richard Davis

Ok, so I'm pretty happy about the election, even though I had to pull and cheer for people to win that I'm not a fan of very much. These would be guys like Boehner, McConnell, and a number of others who are in the Republican Party, but in my view aren't conservative at all. In fact they strike me as big gov't liberal Republicans. Even though I think they need to go and be replaced by actual conservatives, similar to people like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, and others whom I'm fans of, I'll still cheer for them against their Democrat opposition, as the Democrats all over the nation are comprised of Radical leftists like Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, and Obama.

This is my take on the Tea Party. The Tea Party is for smaller gov't, in the way of less intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans. The members are for fewer taxes, and less taken from hard working Americans by the Federal Gov't in General. They are for the Bill of Rights including a strong support of the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment, and all the other Amendments in the document, as well as supporting the 10th Amendment, which at this point I have no idea why it even is there, as it seems to me, it is ignored on a regular basis by both parties in their support of regulatory commissions throughout the land, and most times the Supreme Court of the land. After all, what does Federalism encompass?

The Tea Partiers as I can tell, believe in the Constitutional provision of Separation of Powers. The Tea Party groups think that some portions of the Federal gov't have become too big for their britches to coin a phrase. I'm certainly in that group. I think that the rampant spending and the debt that this gov't has run up in the last 2 decades is not only disgraceful, but frightening. I see both parties at fault, and there really is no need for the debt ceiling vote with respect to either party as they don't bother to heed their own advice for living within their means.

Now, having said all that, I ask this: What exactly is evil in the philosophies above? The Tea Party is regularly compared to crazy loons, radicals, extremists and the like.

So I'll ask anyone out there, where is the lunacy in believing that our Federal gov't should live within its means, and that they should try not to tax the people beyond their means, and that gov't should stay out of the way of business in getting people to work. What authority does a non-elected bunch like the EPA have to tell a business that unless they comport with the nonsense that said EPA decides is 'correct' and 'proper' conduct, the EPA has the power to shut that business down? What is the recourse when an out of control IRS decides it will play God and choose which businesses will be allowed the protection of Non-profit status, based upon political affiliation?

Anyone care to comment on this? Jim, as a lawyer, I'd say that you've probably forgotten more about the Constitution than a layperson like myself will ever know, so what say you on my commentary above?

I'd submit that the more power that is appropriated to the Federal Gov't, the less liberty the individual has to live and pursue happiness.

November 8, 2014 06:07 AM Forum: Politics

The latest lefty trend open dating w/ "Uncoupling"

Posted By Richard Davis

They don't have to get divorced, they just "Consciously Un-couple", maybe on the beach in a ceremony where they give their rings back, and then they live together and date other people. This way they can raise their son together and they don't have to worry about money issues. Its kind of neat, like a big commune. How cool is that! grin

“For couples who have an option relationship, both partners have to totally agree to it, or it won’t work, and that requires communication,” Taylor said. “In some cases, it may involve a third party, a counselor where you draw up rules. But if one person feels like the other one is pushing them into that situation, it won’t work.”

Clark admitted it’s been hard to describe his non-traditional marriage to potential dates.

The biggest hurdle that women have is they can’t see where they fit into my world, and they don’t understand how I can still be close with Val and close with them,” he said

California, the trend setting State in the West!

November 14, 2014 10:05 AM Forum: Politics

The Gigantic LIE about Obamacare.

Posted By Richard Davis

Well now, it has been at least 3 days since this story broke. It is a Massive story about the Obama administration and the complete and total deception that was cooked up by the architect of this plan known as Obamacare or the "Affordable Care Act".

It was all a complete lie, from the get-go, designed to fool the people and designed to be the most covered up, non transparent bill ever laid upon the American People.

John Gruber the MIT professor who was paid $400,000 by the Obama administration to lie to the American people and to the CBO, in order to get the monstrosity legislation passed. It was so "convoluted" according to Gruber that the CBO wouldn't be able to score it as a tax. This was the plan all along, LIE through their teeth to the American people and to the CBO in order to get this bill passed because they couldn't do it any other way. According to Gruber, 'if they were transparent the bill would never pass'.

Nancy Pelosi, idiot extraordinaire that she is, yet one of the Brighter Democrats up on Capitol Hill, says she doesn't know who Gruber is and that he didn't have anything to do with it.

This is just how stupid she is, and yet as I said, she is one of the more intelligent Democrats, which is telling about the leaders of that party in General.

On Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked about Gruber's remarks. "I don't know who he is," she said. "He didn't help write our bill." A Washington Post story noted that Pelosi in 2009 cited Gruber's work approvingly

Is she senile, a liar, or just demented?

No, this story has been around for nearly a week now and yet the liberal media is all but ignoring it. If Jake Tapper didn't work for CNN, they would still be silent. This might be one of the biggest stories in the last 6 years, and yet not a peep from ABC, CBS, NBC, regarding the architect of Obama's signature legislation lying through his teeth to get the bill passed. The Dems must be scrambling like Rats on a sinking ship, thinking of ways to spin the lies and complete deception. Doesn't surprise me that not one liberal here has dared to touch this story in the last 3 days. I'm sure even they had to hear about it.

So, what else is new with the liberal liars in this nation. Anything to win, right guys...

November 14, 2014 10:57 AM Forum: No Holds Barred

She was cold and wanted some hot tea..

Posted By Richard Davis

After she woke up from her pronounced death...

Poor lady, I hope they gave her lots of hot tea, and an Egg McMuffin. wink

November 14, 2014 12:53 PM Forum: Politics

I was asked a simple question today...

Posted By Richard Davis

by a Democrat here on the forum I consider a friend. It was this question: Rich can you tell me anything Republicans have done for you or Americans. He stated that he asked 4 of his family members to name 4 things and they couldn't name one, and asked me if I could.

My response to him in PM form was this and I thought I'd share:

Hi Brian,

Good to hear from you mate! grin I'll attempt to give a few things Repubs have done. Are you looking for recently or in years past? I'll try recently, although with Harry Reid in the Senate, he has blocked LOTS of legislation that the House passed. Having said that though, I'd point out that what you would consider positive legislation or action, I would probably consider a detriment and stifling of our freedoms in this country. The fact is that I don't want to be a socialist nation like Britain or Canada. I'd prefer to be MUCH more like the old Hong Kong was, probably the free-est market in the world before it was handed back over to the Chinese in '97.

I can tell you what legislation that the House DID pass that Harry Reid blocked. One was the more legislation tied to the Debbie Smith Act which would give more leeway to law enforcement in prosecuting rapists. Harry Reid didn't want to hear it, even though John Cornyn had it ready to go. Reid wanted to wait until a broader Justice for All act was passed, even though the House hadn't brought it up for review yet. So Reid blocked the Act in session, which would have speeded up the DNA testing that is backlogged all over the country. It would have provided some grants which would have enabled law enforcement to make Positive IDs for the perpetrators of Rape. But hey, the Repubs have a War on Women, right? wink

There was also House Resolution 910, which passed overwhelmingly in the House, but blocked by Reid. It was the legislation that would have stopped the EPA from being able to unilaterally making up rules for CO2 dispersion in the environment through unlawful, unchecked regulations. The EPA is killing small business because of their rules and regulations that small business must comply with. This agency has almost NO oversight Brian, and does what it may. They have people there who are UNelected, and even some who were appointed by Obama in his UnConstitutional filling of the open seats when Congress was in session. He put in radicals, and the Supreme Court slapped him down saying that his recess appointments WERE UnConstitutional. Yet, they continue on, with their radical rules and regs.

Then of course we have HR. 2273, the Coal Residual Reuse Management Act, which would stop the EPA from instituting NEW regulations on the disposition of coal ash. The EPA Brian, in all its wisdom has decided that Burnt coal ash, is now TOXIC. Really? It's toxic. I used to actually burn coal in my fireplace when I was a kid. I know what the ash looks like. The States should have the power to decide what they want to do with their coal ash, NOT some unaccountable Agency that has unelected radical loons who run it.

Next let's try the H.R. 1229, the Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act, which would reverse all the damage that Obama did with his moratorium (illegal I might add) to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama's administration CANCELLED all offshore leases in the Gulf after the spill by BP. There are 1000's of jobs to be had, but HE won't allow it. Nor will Harry Reid. It passed in the House and Reid shelved it. The CBO said this bill would make the Interior Dep't put leases available within 30 days of passage so that literally 10s of THOUSANDS of Jobs would be created down there, but Obama and Reid are blocking it. Great Huh?

How about H.R. 2250, the EPA Regulatory Relief Act, passed in the House, BLOCKED by Reid and Obama, which would remove the MACT regulations on the construction of boilers and incinerators. The Council of Industrial Boiler owners say that the Regulations are killing their businesses because of the idiotic IPCC Climate Change Crap, where the EPA has decided that CO2 is a Toxic chemical, and so 250,000 jobs are being delayed and or stopped because they've decided that the way boilers are made is causing climate change. So we're losing jobs which provide revenue to the Feds and the States, because Reid is a obstacle in place a puppet for Obama.

Need more Brian? How about H.R. 2021, the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act of 2011? This was passed in the House 3 years ago. It would force the EPA to quit stalling on their exploratory air permits in the Alaska area. They play this little game up there, where they allow the permit, then a few weeks later they rescind them. They are delaying and delaying energy production because of the GREEN movement. It is sickening. This bill would have forced the EPA to shit or get off the pot. It would have limited their involvement to 6 months and that would be it. We would already have Oil moving out of there if not for their interference. 3 years now Bri and still the EPA is playing its little games.

Want more? How about the act HJRes 37 to Prohibit the FCC Net Neutrality Regulations?

You can read about it there.

I could give you a hundred more, these are JOB creating legislation acts which would put people to work in this country, but Obama has an agenda and he won't be stopped, to hell with the positive results. He is despicable IMO, but hey that's just me Bri.

As for what the Repubs have done over the century and a half since they existed. How about Brown vs. Board of Education which ended segregation in the schools in the south, that Dems were against? The Majority Decision was written by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1954, a Republican.

Then there were 2 Civil rights acts, first in 1957 and 2nd in 1964, which were passed because Republicans fought for them both. Everitt Dirkson R-Il was the one who broke the DEMOCRAT filibuster in the '64 Legislation. Thank you Repubs for standing up for blacks.

And who could forget a little thing called the Emancipation Proclamation by the Republican President Abe Lincoln back in 1863 during the middle of a small conflict called the United States Civil War. Hmm... what a shock, a Republican ended slavery in this country.

How about the 1st woman on the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor, appointed by none other than Ronald Reagan, a Republican. How about that? wink

But the assistance and support of women and their issues don't stop there Brian, because we know who gave women the right to vote back then in 1919, it was the Republican controlled 66th Congress that passed the 19th amendment guaranteeing the right of women to vote. What a shock eh, from the party who hates women and has a War going on with them.

Don't forget about Native Americans Bri, because in 1924, the 68th Congress controlled by Repubs gave the Native Americans citizenship, under the auspices of a Republican President Calvin Coolidge, a guy I really like who doesn't get much credit for doing a pretty good job.

One last thing Brian, don't forget how in 1928, the 1st Hispanic/Latino was sworn into Congress in New Mexico. Can you guess what party to which he belonged? I'll give you a hint, it starts with an "R".

I nearly forgot about Margaret Chase Smith who in '49 became the 1st woman to be elected to the House and Senate. She was a Demo.... NOPE just kidding, she was a Republican. wink

So, I hope that helps in your question, what have Repubs done. Maybe you can tell your Repub friends and they can pass these tidbits along.

I realize that Democrats though, have a woman's best interests at heart because they tell us so often that there is a War on women by Repubs. Why? Because we don't want to pay for their condoms... Wow, what a disgusting Party eh? And we don't want to allow them to kill babies after 20 weeks of gestation. Yeah, we're really mean in that way.

And of course Democrats have done SO much for native Americans haven't they, they are petitioning the Washington Redskins to change their name, because Racist Repubs believe that a person has a right to own a sports team that liberals think is racist. Wow, Dems sure are doing such Great things for the native born aren't they?? shocked

Forgive my sarcasm Brian, but those are just a few things off the top of my head that Republicans have done for the average American. I know that couldn't possibly compete with all the things Dems have done, like all the Welfare Programs, Food Stamps, and Projects that lifted Minorities out of poverty, but then, we're just a bunch of hateful, racist, bigots, and sexists over here. We've really never done anything for the average American...

Talk to you later Bud! grin


Any Democrats can feel free to comment.

I'd love to hear you, especially in light of the recent developments regarding the deception from on high coming from the President on down.