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Posts Made By: Richard Davis

January 11, 2015 10:59 AM Forum: Politics

Summit to stop 'workplace violence' worldwide.

Posted By Richard Davis

I'm sure he has all the answers........

January 16, 2015 10:52 AM Forum: Politics

Why even work?

Posted By Richard Davis

Federal employees have it so tough these days they needed a break.

So now, the emperor on high has decreed it, paid leave to take care of sick children. This should make the Federal workplace just MUCH more efficient.

Yes, if you are a Federal worker, all you need do is call your employer and tell him "little Johnny is sick today and I'd like to stay home and 'bond' with him, so I won't be coming to work today". "P.S. don't charge me a sick day either Boss, because even though I don't have any accumulated time off, the President says I'm entitled to 1.5 MONTHS per year in order to stabilize my family".

I wonder how many Federal workers will now call in sick, get paid by John Q. Taxpayer in order to work on their yards, go to a ballgame, have a nice lunch with friends, and lie to their bosses, saying that their child, wife, or husband is sick and they can't come to work?

NAH, that'll never happen, things at the Federal Level will probably become MORE productive, right?

Isn't it great to live in the land of Ameritopia???

January 18, 2015 03:25 PM Forum: Sports

Football Rules, while Soccer Sucks.

Posted By Richard Davis

As evidenced in the NFC Championship Game today.

Another exciting overtime Game, 22-22 so far.

Soccer would be 1-0 or perhaps 2-0, maybe 2-1.

What kind of sport is that, watching men run around the field kicking a ball, scoring no points.... Sorry, no contest, American Football wins hands down!

January 19, 2015 03:27 PM Forum: Politics

What Happened to our Country, Our Freedom??

Posted By Richard Davis

This is not the country I remember, and its taken a GIGANTIC turn for the worse since this Marxist President stepped into office.

Now he cannot get enough of other people's money. Let's just face it, he and his wife have hated the basic foundation of this country ever since he and she became of age. They told us so. This man is the most destructive individual that the Socialist Democrats have ever supported in his and their corruption.

It is truly sickening to watch this guy and the Democrat Party systematically destroy the middle class in this country..

January 20, 2015 07:26 AM Forum: Politics

Walking on Eggshells with 2 Billion Followers

Posted By Richard Davis

Apparently now, everything needs to be scrutinized before it is put forth publicly. This German company was afraid of insulting some Radical Muslims some way, somehow, and so they pulled the bottles off the shelf. I guess better to spend a few more dollars on repackaging than having to worry about your executives having their heads taken off at the neck by an upset customer.


If you decide to satirize, get yourself a good set of bodyguards armed to the hilt if possible. Might I suggest some sort of cloaking device, because baby they're coming after you.

January 21, 2015 04:53 AM Forum: Politics

State of the Union Address...

Posted By Richard Davis

Did anyone listen to it? I caught about 10 minutes of it and I had to turn the radio dial because I was driving at the time and didn't have a vomit bag with me. When he came to the point where he implied that his diplomacy around the globe was working, speaking of Iran, I nearly drove off the road. Apparently, he believes he can "work" with Iran? According to what I heard, if the Congress votes for Sanctions against Iran, he's going to Veto that move? Really? So is his plan to sit back and LET them get a Nuclear Weapon? It sure seems like it is. After all, what has this "leader" done to stop it?

He sure has had such wonderful success in picking cabinet dep't leaders also. I mean we had Hilary Clinton show us her Foreign Policy Expertise when it came to Russia. That 'reset button' sure stopped Putin in his tracks didn't it? That Crimean Peninsula is shaping up well. Next we had Defense Sec'y Chuck Hagel who was SO instrumental in stopping ISIS and just look at the Middle East Now, its a wonderful place to be, IF you are a radical Muslim who wants to live under Sharia Law. Yes, thanks Obama. Then we have John Kerry who takes James Taylor over to France to sing them songs, with a broken Microphone. Oh in case the Parisians missed it because of a blown fuse in the Amp section, they sung "You've got a Friend".. Yes, that is fine and dandy diplomacy. Give them a Hug Johnny, I'm sure they are just beaming now.

And the Obama economy? Where does one even begin...

January 21, 2015 06:45 AM Forum: Politics

Who will pay for the FREE Community College?

Posted By Richard Davis

Any ideas? Does Obama have any, or is he just planning to tax the 'rich' to give to Community College Students?
Yes, we not only have Pinocchio in the White House, we have Robin Hood...

January 25, 2015 05:39 AM Forum: Politics

When will they learn

Posted By Richard Davis

I guess though when you live in a state of delusion whereby you think your "diplomacy" has worked in Syria, when you think your "diplomacy" has worked in "Egypt", and when you think your "diplomacy" has worked in Russia, why is there any surprise.

Leaders around the globe such as Obama and Cameron will be scratching their heads, puzzled as to how exactly Iran ended up getting nuclear ICBMs as they leave office. Its a simple progression of logic, Obama was in office, Obama did NOTHING, as he never does. He is a monumental disgrace as the Commander in Chief of American Armed Forces and he should be held accountable for the reason Israel has to go it alone and take on Iran.

Perhaps there is something seriously wrong with this man's brain, if he really believes he has done anything to stabilize the Middle East. Perhaps he needs psychiatric treatment for his mental illness. It may be the only explanation as to his delusional state of mind.

Then again Russia is now talking of establishing a naval base in Cuba, but hey don't tell any of his pathetic supporters here on AMart, they don't want to hear the facts of the world. Instead Obama sent Hilary over to meet and give a Reset button to Vladimir Putin. This is what this President considers brilliant foreign Policy, a reset button. We are being led militarily by people who live in a elementary school level of intellect and gullability. Could there be anything more absurd or asinine? Yes, there can, the apologists who believe anything this man says or does is providing any safety to our country and our world.

It would be laughable however Obama is not laughable, he is dangerous...

January 25, 2015 06:01 AM Forum: Politics

And now for something completely predictable

Posted By Richard Davis

The fact that Obama has been so out to lunch with respect to the Russian march to gain the ground that another President caused them to lose. One President wins the cold war, and Obama puts Russia back on the playing board, with his apathetic and non-existent foreign policies.

It looks as if contrary to those who mocked Mitt Romney, laughing about his statement that Russia was the biggest geopolitical foe, Romney turned out to be right and Obama was wrong. Its shocking to think that Obama was wrong. So wrong that his policy was to give a reset button as 'diplomacy'.

I wonder what John F. Kennedy would think..

January 26, 2015 09:24 AM Forum: Politics

Maybe Walker would be good.

Posted By Richard Davis

He seems to have done pretty good things in Wisconsin, including turning around their deficit spending.

Plus, liberals hate him, which is always a good sign.