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Posts Made By: Jagatguru Khalsa

June 1, 2015 07:29 PM Forum: Religion

The Science of God

Posted By Jagatguru Khalsa

Science teaches us that in order for it to be science we must be able to achieve results that are reproducible and therefore predictable. Thus science attempts to eliminate the problems that arise from beliefs. The problems with beliefs can be demonstrated using belief in God as an example. Whatever the belief in God is, the reality is beyond whatever the belief is because of the infinity of God. Whatever our concept of our universe is it is too small, and this can be applied to every belief.

The reality of whatever our belief is is more complex than whatever concept that we are holding onto as our belief.

This does not mean that because we cannot wrap our minds around it that the universe does not exist, or quantum physics, or anything else including God.
If we define God very broadly, not as a Someone, but as infinite creativity, then we can ask ourselves do we have any personal experience of infinite creativity. And the answer is absolutely, we all do. Every moment contains the unexpected, if you distrust this just make a plan, or believe that things are exactly the way that you think they are, and what we discover is that reality is infinitely more creative than our expectation was or what we thought we knew. It has always been this way for every person that has ever been born for all of their lives, and the prediction is that it will be the experience of every person that will ever be born for all of their lives.

Reproducible results that are predictable, we just didn't consider it was an experience of God because our concept of God was too small.

July 30, 2015 08:19 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Neptune from 8 inch

Posted By Jagatguru Khalsa

I am stunned. Really really well done.
Thank you.