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3 new Apos from APM in 2010

Started by apmtelescopes, 10/07/2009 12:49PM
Posted 10/07/2009 12:49PM Opening Post
a small announcement to make you guys a bit nervous for 2010 :-)

we plan 3 new apo refractors for 2010

1, inexpensive 6"F/8 Doublet ED as replacement for Skywatcher, celestron, Meade 6"F/8 achromat lenses

2, new 4 element , double ED , 150 mm f/1000 ( F/6.67 )superapo that is fully diffraction limited from h line to r line (near infrared) and have a huge corrected flat field (60 mm)

3, new 4 element , double ED , 140 mm f/700 ( F/5 ) SuperEDapo that have a huge corrected flat field

All Optics will be made by LZOS in Russia . All Tubes for the 4 element apos will be designed with best focuse compensation and build in germany.We working with the lens designer, LZOS and tube designer hand in hand to prevent problems other companys having for alignment and focuse compensation.

So far we have the optical layouts. Next step is to get glas prices , then tube design with tube prices. Then we will go in production.

We will do changes and optimisations for each melting run to get out the maximum performance.

We will present a full documentation of the work which gets done .

Dont hurry , it will take time . We will make samples and do intensive imaging testings under diffrent conditions and temperatures.

We will enter the product to the market , when its perfect in all respects , not before.

We promisse the best Apo Astrograph on the market, or it will not be sold.

Give us the tiime, we keep you about each step informed.

thanks for your interest

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes