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80/480 and 80/600 LOMO triplets to be available ag

Started by ryderc1, 02/04/2008 06:52AM
Posted 02/04/2008 06:52AM Opening Post
I just saw on the APM web site a return of listings for 80mm f/6 and f/7.5 triplets in William Optics, APM/TMB, and carbon fiber tubes to be available again starting in April. The description of the William Optics tube 80/480 version mentions Russian made optics and specifically states that a LOMO lens will be used.

My understanding was that LOMO 80mm lenses would not be made available any longer. Has there been a changee in plans such that LOMO 80/480 and 80/600 triplet-based scopes WILL be available again? And, if so, are the lens specifications the same as before?

This woould be great news, as I know from past experience that the LOMO 80mm triplet lenses are superb performers.
Posted 02/04/2008 09:15AM #1
I know that it was said there were just a few remaining objectives available, not sure if that has changed.
I have one of these WO 80mm f/6 LOMO base objectives and it is a great lens.

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Posted 02/06/2008 08:00AM #2
The LOMO lens use OK-4 ED from LZOS company. LZOS increased the prices for here glas very much for LOMO and the weak Rubel/$Ratio was another reason for increaing the prices and inflation in Russia. The new final price LOMO gave me last year was to high in my opinion so I saw no chance for future sales against cheap chinese and taiwanese competition.

Well, but to many people still asking for the LOMO apos, so I decited against the trent and do the same as I did with the TMB 100/800 apo when it was discontinued and people started to ask again for it.

I agreed with new higher LOMO prices and we do for 2008 a new production.

When we did this with the TMB 100/800 and the lenses became available , nobody wanted them anymore. if the same will happen with the LOMO , then I will simply discontinue them again.

At APM we have the power and resources to bring back discontinued products if the market agree on new prices.

And yes, the LOMO lenses will be the same design and same quality as before.

Another reason for me to bring them back is that I stock 70 pc tubes without opttics , to get this stock sold I need lenses

so welcome back LOMO Super Apo


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