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Eyepieces for TMB80/600

Started by AllsWell, 11/15/2004 06:05PM
Posted 11/15/2004 06:05PM Opening Post
I've just received a TMB80/600!!! This is one SOLID wee telescope with Feathertouch focuser. I've only had it out once and already I just LOVE it!!! (I've posted some quick notes on DSO and Doubles Forums)

If you have the same scope I would like to hear about which eyepieces work particularly well. I'm interested in most areas - double stars, DSOs, planetary and moon. I will be using both alt-az and motorised GEM.

Example. Since I have a motorised GEM I don't have a need for wide angle EP for viewing faint fuzzies. But what EP works best with this telescope to make these objects visible?

Posted 11/16/2004 06:19AM #1
Hi Anthony,
I'm glad to hear you've liked the TMB, it is sorely missed. There are some nights when what you really want is a small refractor - a dob or cat just won't do. I second Mark's recommendation of the 17mm, it does not perform nearly as well in my f4.7 dob and I imagine it misses the TMB as much as I do. From my bright driveway, however, this wasn't quite enough magnification for galaxies and faint open clusters. Most often the 12mm t4 or the 10mm Pentax xw made dso's stand out better against the background sky. Depends on your site, obviously. I'm sure an ortho/plossl/monocentric would be just as good, but I like a lot of framing room and eye relief so always used widefields in this focal length.
Just got news that my new TMB shipped yesterday, some weeks later than expected, but such is the way of things. Thanks for the observing reports - it is great to imagine the scope I know so well seeing all those great southern hemisphere sights I've only seen in pictures.
Posted 11/16/2004 12:29PM #2
Mark, Nils, Markus

Many thanks for all the suggestions!!! I'll be following up on this and will post here from time to time.