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Maybe a new 6" ED below $ 5,000 from APM ??

Started by apmtelescopes, 04/06/2008 06:44AM
Posted 04/06/2008 06:44AM Opening Post

Some of you know we working on a 180 mm F/6 ED Doublet for under $ 8,000. We
are delayed again, 20 pc Ohara blanks turned out beeing not of good enough
quality, but Ohara inspector promissed to fix the problem and send now good
enough quality blanks, so we hope to see first good sample after 2 month.

In the mean time we will design this week a new modell 152 mm F/7 doublet ED
with matched flattner fully covering STL11000 chip format.

The optical design will be made in Germany by Astroooptik Philipp Keller,
our optical designer expert.

For this project Starlight Instruments designed exclusiv for APM a new 2.5"
size Feather Touch Focuser which we will use for this project and telescope.

We will sell matched systems only, that means the ED Lens will be matched
with the flattner as 1 optical set and sold as those. You will use the ED
for visuel purposes without the flattner and for imaging purpose the
flatttner . The lens and flattner will have engraved serial numbers.

Yes the optics will be made in China, we will use the same small company
which makes our well known quality achromatic telescopes 8". We trust them !

Yes the tube mechanics will be made in China first ! , with mechanical
auto-cad drawings made by my german engineer. I have the idea and dream to
open next year in Tucson, Arizona a own maschine shop where we create
working places for american workers and maschine all our self. Saving import
dutie and shipping, shall allow us the beat up the growing china prices,
which are not that cheap if you ask real quality and tolerance keeping work.

Yes the focuser will be USA made by Starlight Instruments.

The present calculation say , we shall be able to sell you the 6"F/7 doulet
ED with matched STL11000 fflattner, 2.5" Starlight focuser, set of CNC
Tuberings, 50 mm iluminated finder for less then $ 5,000 > about $ 4,990.

Me and my US dealers will start a interest list and when we finished first
samples which past our controle with success, we will start serial
production with 4 to 6 weeks delivery time maximum.

Detlef and Brigitte from Starlight try here best that i can show the new
2.5" focuser at NEAF.

At NEAF my dealers will show you also the Optical Layout and spotdiagrams as
a kind of Grand Information !

thanks for your interest

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 04/06/2008 08:53AM #1

Thanks for the update,new products and your honesty.

So what's the possibility of 200 to 250 MM F12-15 ED doublets for us who have larger refractors in a permanent installation?


"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" 8O
Posted 04/06/2008 10:46PM #2

Do you know how the colour correction on this 6" ED f/7 would compare with the correction on the 180mm f/6 ED if the 180 ED was stopped down to 152mm (making it f/7.1)? In other words, would buying a 180 f/6 ED would also get me a 152 f/7.1 ED - two scopes for the price of one! smile

Ian Gibbs