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My new TMB 80/480

Started by davisek524, 09/08/2003 12:22PM
Posted 09/08/2003 12:22PM Opening Post
Received my new TMB 80 (aluminum tubes and Feathertouch focuser) a few weeks ago from Markus. P-t-V .15 wavelength and RMS wavefront error of .02 wavelenth. I have compared it to a Pentax SDHF 75, Pentax PF-80 spotting scope, 4.5 inch reflector, Celestron 4 and 5 inch Cats, Nikon 60 mm, and Brandon 80mm. When I conducted resolution tests with the USAF chart, it seemed only very slightly better than the Pentax, Nikon, and the Celestron 5 inch (usually only resolved the next smallest set of bars, but barely). BUT, when looking at birds far away, Mars, and other terrestrial and celestial objects, the TMB far surpassed all the others in sharpness, contrast, and, particularly, color. I attribute this to the excellent color correction and it makes a much bigger difference than I thought that pure resolution would indicate. My long search for the best small refractor is over. I can be content in my knowledge that if anything out there is as good, it is probably not any better. And, the TMB is a gorgeous instrument. Thanks, Markus.

Davis Blackwelder
126 Oakland Trace
Madison, Alabama 35758
Posted 09/11/2003 11:41AM #1
thanks to you, it nice to have a next happy customer


clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 10/06/2003 06:29PM #2
Could someone who already owns a TMB80 please compare and contrast the relative advantages and disadvantages of the 480 mm and 600 mm models? It's a difficult choice and at $2000 not one I would like to get wrong!