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New APM Project starts : 180 mm f/6 ED Apo

Started by apmtelescopes, 04/24/2007 05:26AM
Posted 04/24/2007 05:26AM Opening Post
Hello Friends,

We starting a new Deep Sky Refrac tor telescope project . Our 180 mm f/6 achromats reached slowy success, but finaly they found owners who love here performance. We have 1 last piece left in stock for sale. Quite a few the optics has been send back to our manufactor due non acceptable optical problems, so we have plenty tubes left and thought about what to do with the stocking tubes without Optics.

So we discussed the new project , a douplet refractor also usefull for planetary observing. To make it not to expensive we checked the cost for a FPL 51 version and our design comes out not to bad , on the free market such optics would be called ED Apo like you see in my headline, but I am realistic and this optics have nothing to do with apo , but they are between achro and apo, so we give him the right name and call it APM Deluxe Semi Apo.

We made tight specs and a good contract with the lens maker , so we have not to worry about quality issue, he pays all returns for bad samples.

To stop upfront any speculations, we make this lenses in China and nowhere else. Only there we can get such good price to give you a good product by hand.

The mechanics from China would be a idea, but the cost with shipping and dutie to us, comes out at a similar level as if we make them here in germany where we have full production controle, so we will do the mechanics here in germany. Only the focuser will be purchased from our great supplier Starlight Instruments in USA.

We want for each country the very best possible service before and after the sales, therefore this new Telescope will go to you through your local dealer and so we add local dealer profit.

The estimated retail price for this 180 mm f/6 Semiapo with CNC Tube, CNC Tuberings, 50 mm finder , Starlight focuser, dovetail rail will be about US $ 7,990. In Trade we promisse you top notch non compromissed quality.

The complete optical tube will have a weight of about 12 kg = 26 lbs and it will have a transporting length of about 920 mm = 36.22 inch.

The Synta EQ6 SynScan Goto Mount will handle this scope for visuel purposes very well

The manufactoring time for the first run will be about 4 month , if it pass our test , we start shipping , if not we delay shipping. But since we work with this optical company since some years and teached them to get better and better we are very optimistic to have from start on good results.

to see what you can expect , see here our spotdiagram of our 180 mm f/6 achromat and compare it against the spotdiagram of the 180 mm F/6 which you see attached. You read there 178/6, that was the first idea, but now we increased to 180/6

thanks for your interested in our new Deluxe Semi Apo Project


Markus Ludes

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Markus Ludes
Posted 04/24/2007 08:04AM #1
Exemplary information, Markus! 8)

Posted 04/24/2007 08:31AM #2
It is indeed great to see the continued growth of the company and your willingness to keep investing in the hobby particularly when it comes to your refractors. Where else can anyone find the variety of scopes and price points and quality that APM is providing. No big wait times and world class performance. All we have to do is spend the money-smile. This is good news and we thank you for keeping us informed and up to date on the APM offerings.

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum
Posted 04/24/2007 09:42AM #3
Markus, this sounds like a wonderfull project you have here. Good luck with it! One question, will the final testing and inspection actually be done at APM in Germany?
David E
Posted 04/24/2007 10:48AM #4

I hereby volunteer for beta testing of all models and prototypes.

I won't charge much....Oh shoot, I'll do it for free. smile


"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" 8O