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New Carbon Fiber Tube 152

Started by kidrock, 08/09/2005 03:12AM
Posted 08/09/2005 03:12AM Opening Post
I saw the APM ad on astromart for the new TMB 152 carbon fiber tube. Looks great and several color choices to boot. Anyone have experience with a carbon fiber tube on a refractor. I know there are SCTs out there that work fine. Just curious if there are any other pros and cons or just pros and pros. Maybe Markus could tell us the options available (if different from cncII and color choices). Thanks

Steve Vaughn
Posted 08/09/2005 02:07PM #1
Hi Steve

Carbonfiber tubes is a bit magic name like Fluorite. It looks nice and sounds nice. By using carbonfiber you safe very little weight and loose in trade again a bit balansing.

thats all of the magic.

From fit and finish and used technics of build quality I still recomment very much our CNC tubes, the carbon fiber does not reach that maschining level quality

BUT, I offer it, because some customers likes it and the customer is the king

best wishes


clear skies

Markus Ludes