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New Riccardi Apo Reducer/Flattener 0.75 x for LZOS

Started by apmtelescopes, 10/20/2011 08:34PM
Posted 10/20/2011 08:34PM Opening Post
Hi Everybody,

the famous optical designer from Italy , Massimo Riccardi designed for APM-Telescopes a universal Reducer/Flattener , which is supplied with diffrent settings as a universal reducer for russian made TMB-APM-LZOS Apos, but with resetting also working same good with the new Synta/Celestron 120 mm F/7 and 150 mm F/7 FLP 53 triplet apos and also with APM and Astrotech Apos and United Optics triplets. They might also work on many other apos, but w ehave no zemax datas to guarantee that.

several infos you can find on our new webside at this link

one of the first images we got from a combo Skywatcher 120/7 + Rediccardi Reducer , see here

A friend have tested the large once with a full format camera and also got perfect stars in center and at the edge, but he still working on his image restauration, before publishing

we have shipped out last week many more and expecting soon many images from users.

Please allow me to post this news here at this group, because its a breakthrough many owners of apos have been waiting for it for very many years and the TMB Yahoo group is to my knowledge almost dead.

we have for LZOS apos 3 models, all using the same lenses, but diffrent airgaps for optimisation

Set 1 is for LZOS 152/1200
Set 2 is for LZOS 203/1420
Set 3 is for all other lZOS apos with diffrent backfocuse setting.

the image circle covered is 52 mm with very low edge vigneting.

we have a second modell with smaller lenses same perfect for 42 mm image circle, but still working with a 52 mm image circle if you can live with a larger edge vigneting of about 35 %

we supply matched camera adapters on request and focuser adapters.

The revolution here is the superb performance, the very low edge vigneting and only about half or less price then any available today from other companys for such big image circle.

In total we have sold last 12 years thousands of TMB-APM-LZOS Apos where maybe one or the other wants such a reducer flattener

get in touch with me if you want one and post your imaging results here at the frefractor group, that other learning > its available now

clear skies

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes