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New Riccardi designed APM/LZOS 6"F/8 Doublet Super

Started by apmtelescopes, 10/20/2011 01:35PM
Posted 10/20/2011 01:35PM Opening Post
APM/LZOS Telescope Refractor 2-lens Super ED Apo 152 mm f/1200 mm 2.5" ZTA

The new 2-lens Super ED Apo has been developed from the best known optical
designer Massimo Riccardi. The optics will be produced by the company LZOS in
Russia with the same high quality as the 3-lens LZOS Apochromats. The choosed
glass material combination is OK4 (Super ED) and OF1 (Russian equivalent to
Schott KzFSN2). This combination reaches the best possible colorcorrection for
such a large and fast 2-lens Apochromat. This optics is a airspaced Apochromat
and all 4 optical surfaces are broadband multicoated. Each optics has an serial
number and will be delivered with an interferometrical test report.

The dew cap and the main tube are made from Kruppax 50, all other parts are made
from high quality aluminium, CNC turned and milled. Tube and dew cap are
lacquered with RAL 9001 creme white, the aluminium parts are painted matt black.
The dew cap is screwed and retractable to get a shorter transportation length
and has an shade at the front end which holds back dew from the lens for a
longer time.

The focuser is our new 2.5" APM rack and pinion focuser. This includes a sturdy
holder for 50 mm viewfinder with quick changing bracket which is made so prezise
that you can change the finder many times and it´s always well adjusted.

The tuberings are made from black powdercoated CNC machined aluminium and comes
with a flat base and top wih a central 1/4" thread and 2 outer 1/4" threads with
60mm center to center space (Astrophysics Norm).

For the most an 152 mm f/8 is the largest transportable High End Apochromat. You
can use it with binoviewer and it is also a perfect astrograph with our new
Riccardi Reducer.

Optional this telescopes can be attached with a Starlight Feather Touch Focuser
from 2" to 3.5". Please call us for prices!
Optional this telescopes can be equipped with an retracting tube between focuser
and tube end flange. Please call us for prices!

Delivery contains:

Optical CNC-Lightweight Tube with retractable dew cap
Set of CNC Tuberings
2.5" APM Rack and Pinion Focuser
Holder with Bracket for 50 mm Viewfinder
Adapter M63 to 2" with new comprehensive Eyepiece Clamp
2" / 1 1/4" Adapter with Brass Eyepiece Clamp
2" Extensiontube 80 mm
Test Report
2 Dustcaps

Spot an LA Graphics >

Imagers may want to see the photographic spo and vigneting of this new apo with
also new Riccardi 0.75 x reducer/flattener, see here >

The first shipment of apo lenses is promissed by LZOS before Christmas 2011

Interested ?
Get in touch now with me

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes