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Re: SuperMono respect

Started by nils_schoultz, 09/30/2004 08:14PM
Posted 09/30/2004 08:14PM Opening Post
Thanks Mike, I've found it wierd that it hasn't sold, too. The supermonos are great - I'm keeping my pair of 8mms and one 10mm. The 6mm just doesn't have enough field of view for me to keep up in my nudge-nudge dob, so I don't use it much. It only gives 100x in my refractor, and this isn't really a planetary magnification I use much. I hope you're wrong about the S&T article. Maybe when the planets are back up at a reasonable hour, things will change. I consider the ones I bought a bargain, they give the sharpest planetary images I've ever seen, and I second what you say about their comfort in use. I am particularly sensitive to low eye-relief and have turned away from the 19mm Panoptic and the Nagler t6s because of it. The TMBs have been no problem and are a joy to use. I don't so much mind about not selling my 6mm - it looks nice with the other two - I just think it is a shame if what you think is happening is true.