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Re: TMB 100/800 Vixen question

Started by mclemens, 06/06/2002 11:58PM
Posted 06/06/2002 11:58PM Opening Post
I had my TMB Vixen listed for a few days, I pulled the ad tonight since I dont have time to respond to peoples emails for a couple days.

The focuser and tube quality is best called "OK" -- it doesnt play in the same league as the TMB CNC tubes, (or the AP tubes or Takahashi tubes). But, it's definitely better constructed than the cheap Chinese Synta scopes.

I think the Vixen tube is closest in design to a "cheap-Takahashi-clone": 1) it has a threaded lens ring which screws onto the OTA tube 2)the dew shield threads onto the lens ring, 3) the focuser is cast aluminum. However, the Takahashi tubes are executed much finer, and have a definitive sense of high quality about them.

Basically, you buy the Vixen based TMB to save a bundle of money, but still get the killer optics in an OK tube.

I have owned a CNC TMB, and I've owned an AP130 f/6, and I can say those tube assemblies are great, you can be proud of them. But this Vixen tubed TMB has always pleased me as well, as its cost-to-performance ratio is the best I've found.