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Reviews of TMB 80?

Started by DavidLP, 04/25/2003 02:44PM
Posted 04/25/2003 02:44PM Opening Post
Are there any reviews of the 80mm triplet available anywhere? I havent seen any on the review sites. I have a Tak FS 78, which is a marvelous scope, but I would be interested in a more portable scope and would like to know how the 80mm would compare optically with the Takahashi..thanks...David

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Posted 04/26/2003 08:50AM #1
sales in germany and Korea and UK are going well for the 80 mm TMB, but in USA slowly, why I dont know


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Markus Ludes
Posted 05/08/2003 07:58AM #2
Last January I purchased a TMB lens in cell from Markus and had a machine shop adapt the cell to my U.O. 80mm refractor. The lens is optically perfect, period. No color on anything, perfect star images, etc. If I didn't already have a tube assembly for the lens, I would have opted for a light tube version, as the lens plus cell is much heavier than the achromat lens + cell it replaced. You really can't go wrong with a TMB lens. Comparisons to AP or Tak or TV are really pointless in my opinion. They all make lenses that are, from a practical standpoint, perfect. Go with what is available and affordble. For me it was the TMB lens in cell.