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Riccardi Apo Reducer 0.75x

Started by apmtelescopes, 09/18/2011 02:20PM
Posted 09/18/2011 02:20PM Opening Post

Massimo Riccardi, famous optical Designer from Italy, designed for APM-Telescopes a new 3 element ( with ED Glas) 0.75 x Apo-Reducer/Flattener Corrector for all TMB-APM-LZOS Apochromatic Telescopes. First Tests show that it also works on Apos from other manufacturers very well

The corrector was designed to work with most diffrent telescopes, by changing little the backfocuse only.

The Coating of the corrector is optimized for modern CCD Camera spectral range.

The correctors performance was designed to have very zero to very low edge vigneting, tight spots nd a large corrected image circle

We choosed in the design 2 diffrent size of reducers

Model 1, small version has at both ends standart Metric M63 x 1 thread for which many adapters available off the shelf. It screws straight into the 2.5" Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser and new APM 2.5" Focuser

This small version has a corrected image circle up to 52 mm for the APM Triplets 80/500 and 80/480 and corrected image circle of 40 mm for all APM/LZOS Apos 100 mm up to 152 mm and a backfocuse from corrector mechanics to CCD chip, little above 70 mm

This smaller version works perfect with our Apo Telescopes from 80 mm up to 152 mm diameter with 2.5" focusers

Model 2,big version has a corrected image circle up to 52 mm and a backfocuse from corrector mechanics to CCD chips, little above 75 mm. The big version has at both ends a metric M82 x1 thread and works perfect with 3", 3.5" and 4" focusers. Here also many adapters available off the shelf.

our own Maschine shop can and will make you any necassary adapter for perfect spacing and your focuser.

The big corrector is optimized for all TMB-APM-LZOS Apos 100 mm up to 254 mm diameter , plus APM Apo 107/700 and works also well on some chinese Apos with similar sizes and f-ratios

Riccardi - Reducer / Flattener Adjustment Flange large

For our new Riccardi Reducer / Flattener we can offer you additional for the exact adjustment at tilting this new adjustment flange. With three screws it is possible to adjust the reducer exactly straight to get the maximum sharpness over the whole field.

each corrector comes with both ends screw on metal covers.

The details for spot and vigneting can be found on our new webside , or drop us a email and we send you links

Prices :

- small M63 apo reducer Euro 504 ( about $ 715 )
- big M82 apo reducer Euro 546 ( about $ 775)
- push pull optical axis adjusting flange Euro 66 ( about $ 94 )
- adapters for your focuser and your cameras on request

Delivery time :
- the small M63 version we have in quantity in stock
- the big M82 version , first run is now sold out and we start second run , go on the wait list now

it took us nearly 1 year from the design to delivery of the first run, but now we have what you waited for for very long time

Reduction Info of the Apo with this new reducer corrector
- APM 80 mm f/6 > f/4.5
- APM 80 mm f/6.25 > f/4.68
- APM 107 mm f/6.5 > f/4.87
- APM/LZOS 100 mm f/8 > f/6
- APM/LZOS 105 mm f/6.2 > f/4.65
- APM/LZOS 115 mm f/7 > f/5.25
- APM/LZOS 130 mm f/6 > f/4.5
- APM/LZOS 130 mm f/9.25 > f/6.9
- APM/LZOS 152 mm f/7.9 > f/5.9
- APM/LZOS 175 mm f/8 > f/6
- APM/LZOS 203 mm f/6.9 > f/5.17
- APM/LZOS 203 mm f/9 > f/6.75
- APM/LZOS 228 mm f/9 > f/6.75
- APM/LZOS 254 mm f/9 > f/6.75

there is no similar ED Reducer on the market with such great performance and such low price.

This Reducer will also work on the Stellarvue and Astrotech Triplet Apos very well

drop us a email and we send you all infos about polychromatic spotsize and vigneting infos

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes